Chapter III

Make Me Believe


She is greeted by a flower on her desk as soon as she reached her office. Jessica inspected it by she sees no note as to whom it came from. She looked around her surrounding but sees no one that she could suspect of putting it there. She was about to shrug it off when Yoona came out out of nowhere.


"Oooh~ who could this be from?" Yoona snapped the boquet of flowers from her hand. "It's beautiful!"


"I don't know." Jessica blankly answered as she sit on her chair.


"Really?! A suitor?"


"I said I don't know."


Yoona pouted. She feel like Jessica is not telling her something. "Soo! Come here!"


SooYoung quickly joined them from the other side of the floor. She is already smiling widely upon noticing the flower that Yoona is waiving.


"Some lucky guy finally got our Jessica?" she asked.


"I don't do guys."


"Right! How can I forget?" SooYoung face palmed herself. "So.. who's the lucky girl?"


"I said, I don't even know where that came from. What 'lucky girl' are you talking about."


"Someone's trying to court you then."


"That's right unnie! Who could this be? Did you meet anyone yesterday by chance?"


"You're smart Yoona! That's right Sica! You must have meet someone at the bar yesterday. You were out of our sight the whole time anyway."


Jessica thought of the suggestion. Her brows met by thinking if that could be the case. She remembered meeting Yuri again. Could she be the one who sent the flowers? Jessica and Yuri wasn't really able to catch up for her to say where is working for Yuri to send the flowers here. Or could it be.. her? No. That's not possible. She dismissed that thought right away.


"I don't know. Don't mind it. Come on guys, we need to work." She stated to dismiss her ever curious friends. "Come on. Come on."


SooYoung and Yoona wanted to pester their friend more but its clear that the other girl doesn't want to be bothered so they went away both looking at each other. Intrigued. Who wouldn't be? Jessica doesn't fall short of people sending her flowers or chocolates or anything that could win her over from guys that fancies her. But it never happened before that someone did not introduce himself. This is definitely interesting for them.




"Miss President, the IT department is asking more time. They have been doing everything they can to trace this blogger but they really need more time." Secretary Lee complimented herself on not stuttering with this request.






"I said, okay Ms. Lee."


"Really?" Kim Taeyeon stared her Secretary in annoyance. What is hard to understand with the word okay? "I mean.. yesterday you were saying.. Never mind Young Miss. I'll let them know right away and they'll work on this right away."


"They better be." The young president commented sternly. "Have you done what I asked you to do earlier?"


"Yes Miss. The flowers have been sent." Secretary Lee smiled. She handed a small brown envelope to her boss that the latter opened right away. Taeyeon smiled upon seeing the pictures. This girl is really beyond gorgeous. "Jessica Jung. 25yrs old. She works at a small publication company. She's Korean but she is reall from the states and just here for work and she lives alone."


"Alone? She's single?"


"Our PI didn't find anything that may be related to her being in a relationship at the moment."




"Miss President, would you mind if I ask a question?" Taeyeon shook her head. "Who is she?"








"My puzzle."


"I'm sorry?"


Taeyeon laughed which made her Secretary feel uneasy.


"Nothing Miss Lee." She regained her composure. "Let's get back to work. I have a meeting today right?"


"Oh. Yes, Miss President. Your meeting will start in 30mins with Mr. Liu, one of our investors."


"Okay. Give me all the documents I need. Have the board room ready for me."





The day ended like any ordinary day. She was busy doing the files that her boss are making her compile. She is still just a junior writer after all. She was organizing her things when she again noticed the boquet of flowers at the far end of it. Right, this day was far from ordinary because of this. How could someone forget to put a note on such a lovely gift? Not that she is interested in the person itself but she fancies beautiful things like these white roses.


She was taken back of her trance when she heard noises on the floor. Was it that about?


She then realized what the commotion is about when the gorgeous and commanding aura of a President Kim Taeyeon showed up in front of her. She wore a simple black jeans and a beautiful blue blouse under her black winter coat with  boots and a smile that is melting everyone on her office.


She stood frozen. What is she doing here?


"Good evening Miss Jung." She widen her smile more. Jessica is confused if she is seeing an angel or just a human. This look is far from being human. "I can see you received the flowers. Did you like it?"




Taeyeon diverted her eyes to the white roses which Jessica quickly followed.


"These were from you?"




"What for?"


"I don't know." Taeyeon shrug it off. Jessica is way beyond confused by the situation. Why is this MultiMillionaire in her office right now?


"Fine. What are you doing here?" She said while putting her things on her bag.


"I'm thinking you might be done for he day."




"Let's have dinner." She smiled. "I'll wait on my car outside. Don't take too long." Taeyeon commanded before getting out of Jessica's office elegantly.


"What?" Jessica was about to retaliate but she found the President nowhere out of sight.


"Kyaaaaaah!" Yoona and SooYoung eventually where on her side screaming like crazy upon witnessing the scenario.


"OMG! Is that President Kim Taeyeon?"


"Gosh! She's hot!"


"Unnie! Where did you two meet? So the flowers are from her? You guys are an item?? She's gay? OMG! I didn't know?"


Jessica glared at her friends.


"We're not an item! We're.." Well, what are they? "I met her yesterday. She's my friend. Stop spazzing."


"Friends do not send flowers to each other!"


"We do in the US! Stop it guys. I need to go."


Jessica stormed out of the building to avoid the ruckus that this gorgeous president made. She saw Taeyeon leaning on her car outside the building and smiling for her. What are you doing Miss Kim? She wondered.



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