Chapter II

Make Me Believe


"Kwon Yuri!"


A certain y tan girl stopped on her tracks when she heard her name being called amidst the loud booming sound. It's too loud in the club to be sure that someone is really calling her. She looked back however and she was meet by a heavenly smile of the person she loved once, or maybe until now.


"Jessica? Is that you?" The other girl nodded with a huge smile. Yuri pulled her into a hug that the other girl gladly reciprocated.


"I missed you! Are you here for a vacation? Why didn't you contact me?" Yuri asked when she have let go of the hug.


"I'm here for good. I work here."


"Really? Great to know! We should go out sometimes! I can show you around Seoul."


"I've been here for a year now, Yuri. No need for that. But thank you for the offer." Jessica stated sincerely. "How are you, by the way? It's been three years,right?"


Kwon Yuri and Jessica Jung meet in the U.S where the latter is originally from. They were studying in the same university. Yuri took notice of Jessica's beauty and became her friend before deciding to court her. They were in a relationship for 2 
years before deciding to part ways. Jessica knows Yuri is one of the people she had loved and cherished. She also knows she's her confidante and it is great to see her again.


"Three years, yes. Been doing great, Jess. I hope you are as well." Yuri answered gently. "You rarely goes to these clubs though, what changed?"


"Nothing really. It's my friend's birthday today that's why we are here." Jessica realized she had been keeping Yuri for a while. The girls' hand has never left the door knob she's about to open. "I'm guessing someone is waiting for you inside?" Jessica teasingly asked.


Yuri laughed with Jessica's act. "She's not the kind of 'friend' you are thinking though. Do you have a minute? Come in. I'll introduce you to her. Join us for a bit."


Jessica hesitated a bit because she was thinking of her two friends downstairs that might be looking for her. But she knows she's fooling herself because those two are busy flirting around.






She sits alone on the long velvet couch, her head resting at the top with her eyes closed. She heard the knob click means which means someone came in but she doesn't seem to bother. She knows all too well that it could only be her friend Yuri. She's already a very dizzy to care.


"Hey buddy, are you okay?" She felt Yuri on her right side. "Where's everyone? Why are you alone? Aish. Those girls!"


"I let them leave. You know I don't do one night stands.I came here to drink."


Yuri's laugh made her open her eyes and look at her.




"I didn't tell you to do one night stands. I told you to enjoy."


Yuri saw Taeyeon pout which made her cute. She's drunk and Yuri is certain of that. Taeyeon looked the other way and a certain girl caught her attention. She is standing right in front of her, a long table between them. But she realizes the beauty this stranger radiates - from that y curves that is obviously on the right places, to that lightly tinted lips and her eyes that is oozing with charisma.


"Who is she?" Taeyeon asked Yuri without looking away from the stranger. Jessica felt herself burning with that intense look.


"Oh right." Yuri stood up and made her way to Jessica's side. She throw her arm over at Jessica's shoulder. "This is my friend Jessica. I meet her in the states. Jessica, this is Taeyeon. The Kim Taeyeon."


Jessica nodded and gave a slight bow. "Hi."


Taeyeon didn't bother answering but her eyes are still fixed at Jessica's with too much intensity that the latter can't do anything but just to look away.


"Boss! There's a clash downstairs!" A guy came crushing into their room, his statement directly for Yuri.




Jessica's brows twiched again. Boss? 


"It's getting worse. People had been running to get out. I suggest you stay here."


"No. I want to check it. This is my property! Damn this drunkards!" Yuri was about to step out of the room when she turned her back again for the two people inside the room. "I'm sorry Jessica, I'll just fix things up downstairs. Taeyeon will accompany you." She stated before completely storming out.


Jessica felt worried of her two friends downstairs but she knows she need not be, both are very athletic, they must have escaped. She sighed. That's why she' not fond of these places.


"You should sit down. You have been standing for a while." Jessica directed her attention when Taeyeon spoke minutes after Yuri went out of sight. She honestly did not realize she has been spacing out.


"Thank you." She said quietly then made her way to the other side of the couch. Three people between the two of them except that there are no other people inside.


"Yuri owns this place. You didn't know?" Jessica knew the other girl could only be talking to her since there's only the two of them inside the room so she don't even need to look at her to realize that.


"I didn't." Jessica simply answered.


Taeyeon raised her brows upon the response. Looks like this girl doesn't talk that much.


"Do you know me?" She shifted her seat so she can look at Jessica's way.


That question caught the other girl's attention too much that she saw her eye her from head to toe. She feel a bit uneasy with the way she look at her but she remained her composure.


"I'm sorry but am I suppose to know you?" She said it with both respect and insult. Conflicting yet that made Taeyeon smirk. This is the first time she has been treated like this. She's quite used to people bowing at her whenever she goes especially around Seoul.


"I suppose no. Of course, no." Taeyeon answered. "Why don't you take a sip?" Taeyeon made a bold move to went towards Jessica and sit besides her. The latter almost jumped in surprise when she saw Taeyeon beside her with a drink in hand.


She hesitantly accepted it before looking the other way.


"Tell me, Jessica. Do you shift the other way as well?"


Jessica showed her own smirk upon the question.


"I'd rather not answer the question Miss Kim." She took the tequila in one shot which she immediately regretted. It's too strong which made her heart beat fasten or is it really just the alcohol?


"Why not?" As if there's still too much space between them, Taeyeon moved to get herself closer to Jessica. The other shifted slightly to get more space.


"I don't like talking to strangers. I hope you don't mind." Jessica said sternly.


"Ohhh." Taeyeon actually smiled. She is surprising herself as well by not being insulted by the answer. "Right. How disrespectful of me. Allow me to introduce myself then, I'm Kim Taeyeon. President of Nyx Realty International. 25yrs old and yes I'm not straight. Not a lot of people knew it though." She started. "You are? I'd like to know your last name so I can address you properly."


She smiled the sweetest of smile to end her introduction and extended her right hand for a shake. And for the first time that night, she saw how the other girl smiled as well, lovely is a word not enough to describe it.


"Jung. Jessica Jung." Jessica accepted her hand and shaked it before letting go right away.


"Gorgeous name."


They were looking into each other's eyes with gentleness when Yuri came in. Yuri was a bit startled with the situation but she shrug it off.


"Hey guys!"


Both girls looked Yuri's way. "Yuri." Taeyeon answered as she shifted her seat. "How is it downstairs?"


Yuri walked their way and stopped right in front of Jessica.


"Better. Those bastards are out. You okay buddy? Not drunk?" Taeyeon answered with a shrug. "Jessica, I met two girls waiting for you downstairs. Are they your friends?" Jessica quickly stood up upon the question.


"Yes. Are they still here? Are they okay?"


"They are, nothing to worry about. Come on. I'll take you down there."


"Sure. Thanks."


Yuri gracefully walked her towards the door but she stopped when Jessica did just before she stepped out of the room. Jessica turned back with a smirk that can't be seen by Yuri but only made available to the President's eyes.


"Nice meeting you Miss President." She stated before stepping out.


Taeyeon was taken aback with the last reaction of the other girl. Wasn't she just acting all too unreachable awhile ago? What is that about? She smiled. Looks like she just meet a puzzle. A jaw-dropping, head-turning, gorgeous, y puzzle. Interesting.




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