Chapter V

Make Me Believe


Taeyeon watched Jessica in amazement as the latter feasted her eyes on the young president's flat. It is actually a simply decorated home with white and black as the motif but what caught her eyes ate the abstract paintings that are way too special. Those are exclusively from the best painters in the world specially delivered from Italy. There is also a white piano situated at the far end of the hall. A short stair can also be seen at the right side which lead to the master bedroom which has no door. One thing Jessica noticed is that is it a bit small from the mansion she imagined this CEO would be residing but its spacious in its own right with all the amenities available right when you enter. It's as if Taeyeon wanted it to be very, for the lack of better word, transparent.


"Take a seat Miss Jung. I'll get something for you to wear."


Jessica turned her back to look at Taeyeon.


"Miss Kim, can you not just take me home?"


Taeyeon's face became a bit dull. "Your home's a good 30 minutes from here Jessica and its raining really bad outside. Both you and I know it is not a good idea to take you home." Jessica felt guilty from imposing. She can see Taeyeon's a bit tired as well.


She was dragging her feet up the stairs, Jessica could see. So Jessica decided to stay. Looks like she has no choice anyway.


"Why are you not sitting? Are you okay?" Taeyeon asked when she came back down. She stands in front of Jessica which made the latter surprised. Was I spacing out again?


"Oh. I did not want to get your couch wet."




"Oh. Don't bother about that." Taeyeon stated. "You can take a shower first then. I'll prepare dinner at the same time."


Jessica nodded. Taeyeon stepped into the kitchen. "Where is the shower by the way?"


"Oh, right. Upstairs. I'll take you there." Jessica followed Taeyeon up to her room. It's actually as simple as it can get. She was a bit surprised. "I'm sorry I forgot about taking you here." She opened the door for Jessica. "I've never taken anyone here yet so I don't really know how to handle a guest. I'll be downstairs of you need me." She smiled genuinely before leaving Jessica alone.


Jessica stood frozen in front of the rest room for a good few seconds before getting in. She has not taken anyone here yet? Why can't she help but smile because of that?




Oh remember, we liked
We cried and also laughed
So we can go back to that time in the beginning (You)
We were always together, we became alike
I can’t even imagine fogetting you,
We were one, me and you
You you you, yeah, oh yeah



Jessica felt like time stopped as she saw Taeyeon move her way thru the kitchen while singing. She didn't know she can sing, and by singing means she can sing oh so well. She has the kind of voice that can melt anyone. Even her. Taeyeon noticed her staring when she turned back and she stopped singing. But she ended it with a small smile as if she was shy. Cute. Jessica wanted to squeal.


"Oh, hi. Was I too loud?"


"No. You were.. great."


"That's a first."




"Your first compliment to me. Thank you."


Jessica smiled shyly. She really felt like Taeyeon needed to know she's good at singing.


"Let's eat. Come on."


They were eating in front of each other, another awkward silence between them. Jessica wanted to say Taeyeon is a good cook but she can't make herself do it. That will be the second compliment and she feels like it is not right for her to compliment the other all the time. Well, how can she not if the other girl is being too perfect right now?


"You deliberately run away from me tonight, didn't you?" Jessica choked on her food with the abruptness of the statement.


"Hey, are you okay?" Taeyeon quickly stood up to be near her as she handed her water and her back.


Jessica felt burning with the little skin touch. She accepted the water and drunk it all at once.


She coughed a little bit more before nodding.


"I-i'm okay." She turned to face Taeyeon. The other has a look of concern as she continued her back which Jessica found so endearing. With what you are doing, I am not. Jessica wanted to protest.


"Are you sure?"


"Yes." Goddamn it, just go back to your chair!


"Okay." She felt relieved when Taeyeon stood up to sit on her chair again.


"I'm sorry, was I too frank?" Taeyeon asked while chewing her food. "I was just saying the truth."


"I don't know what you are talking about." Jessica feigned innocence as she continue eating.


"Liar. I told you we'll have dinner."


Jessica continued to eat while Taeyeon waited for her answer.




"What if I don't want to go with you?" Jessica carefully asked looking straight into the other girls' eyes.


"You are here. That's not true."


"You basically kidnapped me."


"Didn't I save you?" Taeyeon made a mental note of thanking Miss Lee tomorrow. She did a great job.


"By saving meaning forcing to have dinner with you and staying for the night?"


"Well would you rather stay the night out cold than in my bed?"


"In where?"




"Where will I sleep?"


"In my bed. Beside me." Taeyeon stated calmly as if that's the most normal thing in the world.


"What? Why?"


"Why what?"


"Why in your bed?"


"Can you see any other bed here? I only have one."


"I can take the couch."


"You won't fit there. They are small."


"I'll take the floor."


"They are dirty. My housekeeper hasn't been around to clean them for two weeks now."


"You planned this."




"You planned this."


"What? Are you seriously thinking I'll make a move on you while you are sleeping?" Jessica did not answer.


"Aren't you too confident Miss Jung?"


"I am. Do you have problems with that?"


Taeyeon laughed hard with Jessica's answer. Of course the girl has all the reason to be confident, she's really beautiful and y but Taeyeon found annoying her much better than anything else.


"I'm still taking the couch." Jessica said when Taeyeon cant stop her laughter.


"Would you stop?"


"Haha. W-what?" Taeyeon asked while still laughing. "You're funny. How can I stop?"


Jessica glared at Taeyeon. She can't help but think the girl is really enjoying right now.


Taeyeon held her laughter back upon seeing the glare in Jessica's eyes.


"Okay. Okay. I'll stop now." Taeyeon is still trying to hold back her laughter.


Jessica stood up of her chair feeling irritated and she slammed her body in the couch.


"Like a boss." Taeyeon whispered. She can't help but be amaze that the girl is acting all bossy right now in her home like a girlfriend.


Girlfriend. She likes the sound of it with Jessica.




Jessica settled herself in the couch while Taeyeon busied herself in the kitchen and in the other parts of the flat. She's still a bit irritated of the young President so she did not really care what the girl is doing. She tried laying in the couch but she really can't be comfortable with it. It's just actually a two seater couch. She felt like Taeyeon doesn't really want to accept visitors here because of the small space she has given in the living room. She noticed while she was upstairs the the bedroom is the biggest of all the places in the house.

She sighed. She didn't have a choice anyway. She nested like a fetus inside a mother's womb trying to fell asleep. She felt Taeyeon in front of her when a blanket was placed atop her body covering her from foot to her neck. That was nice of her, at least.


She slowly opened her eyes to look for the other girl. She was a bit surprise when she saw Taeyeon on the couch in front of the other side in the same position as her.


"What are you doing?" Jessica asked.


Taeyeon looked up to her. "Sleeping."


"Why are you there?"


"I kissed my bed goodbye tonight."




"I told her I'll miss her for tonight. She's sad but she agreed." Taeyeon smiled for her.


"What? You're weird."


"Hahaha. Seriously, isn't it obvious that I will sleep here. Why do keep asking?"


"B-but why?"


"I don't know. Maybe so I can be beside you?" Taeyeon answered nonchalantly not really knowing the giddiness that her answer caused to Jessica. The other girl blushed.


"Go back to bed Taeyeon. I'm okay here."


"Why don't you take the bed instead? You're my guest afterall." Jessica can't help but admire Taeyeon's gentleness. She has been displaying it since this morning even if she has been annoying her as well.


"I'm fine, Taeyeon. Look at you, you can't even make yourself comfortable."


"Oh, so you're really concerned about me? I like that." Taeyeon started with a grin on her face.


Jessica glared at the other girl. Why can't she have a normal conversation with this person?


"Whatever." Jessica answered. She turned her back as she lay opposite the annoying President.


She heard Taeyeon chuckle for a bit before everything went quiet again. Her consciousness was slowly fading as she drift away to dreamland but she can still hear the other occupant of the house struggle as she toss around the small couch to find a comfortable position to sleep. Jessica turned around to check the other girl. She saw her trying to make herself comfortable in the small couch but heard no word of frustration from the other girl. She must be really patient.


Jessica felt guilty upon seeing the young President. She must not be used to it.




"Hmmmm?" she hummed her response without looking back to Jessica.


"I'll sleep with you."










A loud bang was heard inside the pension house. A young President lay flat on her stomach as she stare blankly at the girl on top of the couch several footsteps away from her.


"OMG! Are you okay?" Taeyeon was all red and Jessica noticed that. What's with the reaction?


"W-what did you say?" Jessica dropped to her knees to get in front of the other girl.


"Huh?" Jessica asked clueless. "I'll sleep with you."


"Are you serious?" Taeyeon swallowed the lump that suddenly built up on .


"Why.. what's wrong-" Jessica stopped mid-sentence when she realized the reaction from the other girl. She hit her hard at the back instead of giving the girl a hand to stand up.




"What the hell are you thinking Kim Taeyeon?" Jessica stood up as she can't hide her face that is all red.


"You started it!"


Taeyeon helped herself to sit on the floor.


"I mean.. let's sleep on the bed."


"There's a big difference on sleeping with someone and sleeping beside someone, you know." Taeyeon pointed out.


"." Jessica rolled her eyes. "I'll take the bed. Stay there if you want then."


Jessica hurriedly walked to the stairs and made her way to the bedroom.


Taeyeon can't still contain her heart that is beating abnormally faster than ever before. What the hell heart?


She looked up to see Jessica on her bedroom. "Again, like a boss." She smiled.



The song is titled Gemini from Taeyeon's first mini album.

Listen to it while checking out the english translation guys.. It's too Taengsic. :(



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