Chapter I

Make Me Believe


Since the young CEO took over the Multi-Million Dollar company Nyx Realty International, nothing has been going their way. Series of downfall and failed projects has been the new image of this ever glorious company as of right now. And yet another questionable project is on the way with the construction of a very ambitious 7 hectares luxury casino-hotel in the suburbs of Jeju Island with a jaw dropping $145 Million budget. Is this yet another failed project? Who knows. But critics believe it will be and so as yours truly. Perhaps we need to consider the fact that a 25 year old CEO is handling this over 75years company whose decisions are showing as nothing but a kid's. Perhaps we need to ask how capable can an heir be if she is nothing but a spoiled princess? Looks like Ms. Kim has a lot of contemplating to do if she wants to save her ever 'growing' company. - Hera18


Taeyeon closed her Macbook with so much force that the other person inside her luxurious office almost jumped in surprise. She clenched her fist in anger.


"Who the hell is this Hera18?! Who does she think she is?!" She exclaimed. Her secretary gulped. "What has the I.T. department found so far?" She directed her intense eyes towards Secretary Lee.


"Miss Kim, the I.T department has been trying hard to trace the IP address of this blogger to no avail. They are still working on it but it seems like we are tracking someone that is very computer literate."


Taeyeon stood up of her chair and backfaced her Secretary. She went over to the glass wall behind her to see the view of Seoul. She still has her jaws tightened.


"Let the I.T. department know I need an information within the day or they pack their things up." She sternly commanded.


"But Miss-"


"No buts Secretary Lee. I need an answer today." This person needs to know she is digging her own grave, deep.


"Will do, Ms. President."


Taeyeon has never been insecure all her life. Being born literally as a princess from the wealthiest family of all of South Korea: She has been the person people will die for just to be her friend, all guys will do everything just to win her over and all girls are envy of. But this blogger is staining her reputation hard since she has taken over her father's legacy. And it doesn't help that she has quite a number of follower.


She needs to know who this person is. She needs to know what kind of mess she is putting herself into.


"And cancel all my meetings today. You may leave."


Secretary Lee bowed before she went out of her boss's office. Lee Sunny knows her boss' statement is far from not being serious. She took a deep breathe. What am I going to do with the I.T department?


Heels shuffling can be heard inside the President's office before she was seen out of it. Taeyeon knows she needed a drink. And she needs it now.





Jessica stepped out of her cubicle when she felt hunger creeping in inside her stomach. She looked at the clock hanging on the wall of the publication company where she is working. 3:00PM.


I haven't eaten lunch yet.


She grabbed the sandwich she prepared for in the morning and went to the pantry at the corner of their floor.


She was halfway on her sandwich when she heard someone barged into the pantry.




"Yah! I almost choke!" She exclaimed over her always smiling friend - Choi SooYoung.


"Oops. Sorry. Was just excited to see you." SooYoung sat in front of her.


Jessica rolled her eyes. "We see each other each day."


"But you rarely talk to us. Or party with us." She knows that but she's just not into socializing.


"So?" Jessica asked. Uninterested.


"So you will come with us tonight." SooYoung winked at her friend who have one of her brows arched upward. 




"I'll take no 'No' for today sica." SooYoung stood up to walk towards her. She put her hand over Jessica's shoulder. "Today is my birthday."


Jessica felt guilty she didn't know.


Guess I don't have a choice today.





Jessica checked her self again on the body mirror attached to the wall of her small apartment. Jessica has been living alone in this small apartment for a year now.


She smiled upon seeing herself. She doesn't need anyone to tell her that she's beautiful. She's aware. Guys have been lining up to be her lover but she declined all of them.


She knows herself too well to realize she's into girls. She have had several girlfriends since highschool and her friends are aware of it.


She stepped out of her apartment wearing a black lacy dress resting just above her knees and a cut that almost made her cleavage visible but not quite. y yet conservative. She smiled with that. Just like her.


Jessica found her friends table at one of the corner of the club. It's too noisy for her liking but she smiled upon seeing her friends. SooYoung immediately kissed her on the cheek as she greeted her a Happy Birthday thru the loud music.


"You're gorgeous Sica!" One of her friends who is equally gorgeous as she is, Yoona stated.


"Let's dance girls!"


The group of three made their way to the middle of the dance floor. Jessica was having a great time dancing with her friends and smiling to strangers, that she know wants her, when a certain someone caught her attention.


Her eyebrows meet for a few seconds before a smile slowly crept into her thin lips.


Is that her?



Chapter I is out. :)


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