I see you everywhere


One blind. Two seeing. Three idiots. Four lessons. Five moments. Six stars. Seven kisses. Eight blankets. Nine months. Ten dreams. One hundred Faults. A thousand years. A million wishes.


Thought i'd write something for once. 

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Chapter 7: this chapter was fun! taekai pillow fight is so cute. I also love sehun in this story. esp when he was making fun of kai's voice lol. there is just one small mistake in “The music is way too loud, the neighbors might here," it should be hear not here. other than that i didnt see any other mistakes. I really liked this chapter and i can't wait for more!
Chen_Thunder #2
Chapter 7: SUBSCRIBE !!!!
starkey #3
Chapter 6: Nooo majinkiiiii!!!! Wae???!!!!!!! Damnit that was the closest thing to their first skinship and I was bubbly and smiling like an idiot and jinki came and....nooooo!!!!!
woosansweetkins #4
Chapter 6: Aww I hate cutiebunny Jinki in this chapter.Lol ah it will be really good if they kissing... but this chapter is great.
Chapter 6: Man, the moment was great and all..way to ruin their time jinki..well done!
I see the fic progressing a lil, taemin is still hesitating but the way he acted tells me that he likes jongin too.hes just playin safe, didnt he? So cute..i want moar..jkjk...nice update ^-^
Chapter 6: Damn it jinki why did u have to ruin the moment!!!
woosansweetkins #7
Chapter 5: Oh yessss.... Why do you cut there? I want to know taemin's answer.. cant wait for next chapter . .. fighthing~~
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Chapter 4: Its sad... Jongin may have to get out of his house to his father understand what he feels .
Chapter 4: Thank you for all the amazing comments! :)
Chapter 3: Aw cute chapter! Can't wait for more. And jongin is so cute crushing over taemin like that hehe