Unexpected Delivery

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Be careful what you wish for, or it might show up on your doorstep with a whole lot more than you expected! Ryu Inhee had always dreamed of having her very own family, but when a newborn baby accompanied by a good looking man arrives on her doorstep, she’s thinking she's got more than what she wished for. 




“Hi,” he said to the woman, approaching and speaking with caution. Ryu Inhee, he thought her name was. “Is everything okay?” He couldn't help but ask—not when she was standing there with a distressed baby and looking as if she'd just been thunderstruck.

Her black hair was pulled back into a loose ponytail so shiny that he could almost feel the warmth of the sunlight reflecting off it. Her eyes were dark grey, clear and wide—but filled with a shock and a panic that stopped him short.

She stared at him blankly and he held out his hands in a show of innocence. “I'm Jongin,” he said, realising she had no idea who he was. “Kim Jongin—Songju's brother. She said to drop by and pick up my keys?”

“Oh, God,” she said. “I'd completely forgotten.”

But still she didn't move. Her eyes did, though, dropping to his vest and running shorts, moving as far down as his ankles before her eyes met his again. There was interest there, he could see, even behind her confusion and distress.


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