About Me

Hae-joo's not really a name I usually go by, it's just the username I happened to use. Most of those who I personally talk to will call me Aika. Again, not an actual name. But if you happen to read this and wanna talk to me, feel free and just call me Aika. There's really no need for any formalities and such ^^

My top three groups are Exo, Infinite and BAP. My ultimate bias is Chen, followed by Sunggyu and the third changes everytime. At the time I'm writing this, it's alternating between Sungyeol and Xiumin~

If you're one of my readers, you'd notice some of my older stories, particularly Our Time Has Come, have a bit of an archaic style of sentence structure. I love English Literature, so that really influenced the writing. I never really stick to one style, but the main genre is definitely romance.

Hope everyone's loving the stories, and thanks for reading this! ^^

I've got an FB account, click here and add me! Don't be shy to talk, I'd really like to know all of you~