Life is Certainly Strange


Dive into a world where my daydreams of Girls' Generation becomes a reality. And by reality I mean, writing up oneshots about them.

Shall we begin?


Since my head likes to create made-up stories about the girls, I thought to myself, 'why not make a story collection dedicated to them?'. I know, I'm such a genius. *clearly sarcasm, do not take that seriously*

Also, I know I have two stories that are ongoing but... I decided to put them on hiatus mode. School has been extremely stressful, a lot of things are happening in life and I'm constantly fearing about what I wanna be in the future. So until I find the time to update those two fanfics, you guys can enjoy the stories here. Okay? :)

Hope you guys like my collection!

ALSO: if you guys wanna contribute to this collection, just let me know via PM! Alrighty?


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frans89 #1
Chapter 4: “I think, you should start loving the one you really want to love in the first place.” and i cried :'(
Poohbear209 #2
Chapter 4: Aww this is sad, but make it taengsic then lol
Marcela101 #3
Chapter 4: Noooo! Why author-nim why?T-T
Chapter 3: please update soon
Chapter 3: All aboard everyone we're going on a Feels Trip! Aww...everything was so cute and funny but OT9 rocked it all. :D
mzlyod #6
Chapter 3: Yeahhh for Taengsic... Taengsic is love...
kapowpigen #7
Chapter 2: I want the royal couple annd soosun!!
I personally liked when Sunny shouted that sica should look at her ^_^
mzlyod #8
Onboard for Taengsic's ride.