Skype Chat (Taengsic/OT9) - Part. I

Life is Certainly Strange

[Skype Chat]

- Part. I -


A yawn made its escape through Taeyeon's mouth, her hand covering it due to reflex and the fact that she was taught by her mom to know basic manners. "When is she going to be online again?"

Yuri shrugged tiredly, yawning after a couple of seconds while she leaned herself against Taeyeon's petite body by the side. "This is why I sometimes never trust her with these kinds of things."

"Look guys, I know we're all tired as hell. Because I am too," Tiffany murmured against Taeyeon's back. The three girls decided to lay themselves in the comfort of the living room couch. Apparently, their closest (yet, a pain in the ) friend who was outside of Korea wanted to talk to them through Skype. Hearing the idea certainly thrilled them to the core seeing that it's been months since they last contacted with their pal, so they planned out when and what time should they start their little session. "But this is Jessi we're talking about here. We already know how she likes to show up fashionably late to almost everything."

Yoona laughed as she was making her way to the living room with Hyoyeon and Sunny behind her bringing in refilled bowls of chips and spaghetti (pasta was considered a snack for Im Yoona). "You make it sound like Sica unnie's a bad person."

"Isn't it true, though?" Sooyoung came walking in from the hallway with Seohyun in front of her, both of them wearing matching Winnie the Pooh onesies. The sight was truely odd, catching the other girls' attention as they stared at SooSeo weirdly. Sooyoung caught their looks and raised an eyebrow. "Why are y'all looking at me like that?"

"Nah, I think the real question is why are you two dressed the same? Did something happen when you both showered together? Are you two a couple now?" Hyoyeon teased them delightfully, carefully hiding her smirk that was trying to show.

"W-Wha.. Unnie, what are you talking abou-" Seohyun didn't get to finish her sentence when she felt a pair of arms wrapping themselves around her waist. "Yah, unnie!"

"Oh yeah, Hyo, me and Seo are definitely dating! I love her, she loves me, right babe?" Sooyoung joined in on the act, winking her eyes at Seohyun playfully. 

The younger girl gave the older one a threatening look as she said, "Call me that again and I'll punch you in the face."

Sooyoung chuckled at the cold look Seohyun gave to her and retreated her hands from the girl's waist. "Looks like someone forgot that she's the maknae.” Everyone laughed in advance, seeing that Seohyun had her cheeks turn to a bright shade of red. “Hey, Taeng, is she online yet?”

Taeyeon shook her head while rubbing her eyes tiredly. “Nope, still offline...” She focused back on the screen, blinking her eyes a couple of times when she saw the status icon of Jessica’s profile turned green with a checkmark on the middle. “Guys, guys! She’s online!”

In an instant, everyone started squeezing themselves onto the couch as they tried to get a better view of the laptop screen. Taeyeon, not minding the commotion around her, started to type in the chatbox.


Kim Taeyeon: look who FINALLY decided to show up... you


“Soo, for god’s sake, stop squishing me!” Yuri whined, trying to push the girl away from her as the weight was too much for her. Sooyoung, being the she is, didn’t give in and instead leaned onto Yuri even more.

“GUYS, can some of you PLEASE get off the ing couch right now!?” Tiffany exclaimed frustratingly, earning groans and curses from the girls who weren’t originally sitting on the couch since the very beginning.

After pushing one another a couple of times and numberous of screaming later, the arrangement was changed with Taeyeon, Tiffany, Yuri, Seohyun and Sunny sitting on the couch while Sooyoung, Yoona and Hyoyeon were standing behind it. All of them watched intently at the laptop screen, waiting for a reply from Jessica.

A few moments later, she replied.


Jessica Jung: oh please, i had to take a shower okay? now hurry up and call me

Kim Taeyeon: um no, you call

Jessica Jung: omg tae just FREAKING CALL ITS SO SIMPLE

Kim Taeyeon: then why dont u start the call since its soooo simple?

Jessica Jung: ...

Jessica Jung: ugh fine

[Jessica Jung calling...]


It wasn’t long until the icon popped up on the screen, catching everyone’s full attention. The girls excluding Taeyeon started shouting at the leader to accept the call, in which the girl eagerly does so. The screen changes into call mode, displaying Jessica’s profile picture for a moment before it buffers for a bit and changing to the webcam.

Jessica’s webcam was slightly pixelated for a second until it showed a clear view of the Jung herself. Wearing a white, oversized T-shirt and black gym shorts, the girls noticed that the proclaimed ‘ice princess’ was sitting cross-legged on a hotel bed. The girl had her chin resting on the base of her palm, her bored eyes looking at something else at the screen before realizing that the skype call has been answered. “Oh it’s on- oh my God, hey guys! Wassup!”

“Jessi guuurl, wassup?”

“Yo, Sica, can you see me?”

“Don’t look at Hyo, Sica, look at your Sooyoungie!”


“Sica unnie, can you see Yoongie?!”

“Unnie, I’m here!”


Taeyeon decided to not make a ruckus like everyone else. Her eyes were only focused at Jessica who was laughing uncontrollably with a hand holding onto her stomach. The leader couldn’t help but shed tears of joy. It really has been so long since she last saw Jessica. And she really, really missed her.

Leave a comment on whatcha think and what's your favorite part on this first part! Personally, Jessica's 'oh ' reaction when she realized the skype call was starting is my favorite but I like all of it tho. Meh, maybe I just miss OT9 too much...

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frans89 #1
Chapter 4: “I think, you should start loving the one you really want to love in the first place.” and i cried :'(
Poohbear209 #2
Chapter 4: Aww this is sad, but make it taengsic then lol
Marcela101 #3
Chapter 4: Noooo! Why author-nim why?T-T
Chapter 3: please update soon
Chapter 3: All aboard everyone we're going on a Feels Trip! Aww...everything was so cute and funny but OT9 rocked it all. :D
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Chapter 3: Yeahhh for Taengsic... Taengsic is love...
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Chapter 2: I want the royal couple annd soosun!!
I personally liked when Sunny shouted that sica should look at her ^_^
mzlyod #8
Onboard for Taengsic's ride.