I am his Maid


I struggled trying to free myself from his tight grip. But it was no use. The more I struggled the tighter his grip got. 

I was already to tired from all this tidying, carrying and undressing that I stopped and just lay there.. His half body touching my back every time he breathed in. His hot breath tickling my neck every time he breathed out.. I was just laying there not knowing what to do... 

After a time my eyelids started to get heavier and eventually I fell asleep..


End of POV



Next morning:

Hankyung opened his eyes and saw a person sleeping next to him.. Her bangs were covering her face, so he wiped them away. He smiled brightly as he recognized the beautiful person and closed his eyes again.




He shots up shocked "Yah! Chicken?! Why are you sleeping in my bed?!" And he kicked him out.. With a loud bang Heechul landed on the floor. 

"What. the. hell. is. wrong with you..??" He asked in a dangerously low tone.. Slowly he stood up and turned to Hankyung, his long hair covering almost his whole face. Sadako!!! The room started to fill with a very dark aura.. Hankyung got scared by that sudden change of Heechul. He never saw him like that before. It seriously scared him. He gulped as Heechul started to move in his direction. Afraid he moved backwards over the bed while Heechul kept coming closer. Heechul crawled over the bed to Hankyung who was already leaning against the headboard. 

Their faces were already really close when Heechul started to speak again. "You were the one who hugged my all night long, not letting me go even for a second. You were the one who was constantly whining 'Jessica Jessica why?!' into my ear like a small kid I haven't slept all night" He smacked Hankyungs head. A second later as like every energy of this world had left his body, he slumped onto the mattress and fell asleep again. 

Hankyung stared at him for a while dumbfounded, his head aches like hell. Not because Heechul smacked him, but also because of his hangover. He looked at his clock.. It was already time to wake up for school... He reached for a special bell and ringed it. A second later a maid entered surprised that her Master was already awake. 

"Bring me some water and something against the head ache. We're not going to school today." He looked at the tired guy next to him.

He sat up in his bed and let the blanket slide of his body. 

The raising sun warming his skin delicately instead. He looked out of the window trying to remember memories from last night. 

He laughed as he heard Heechul snore next to him. He sure must be exhausted.. 

He drank the medicine the maid brought him.

He was to tired to be mad at Heechul or to do something against them sleeping in the same bed.. So he just lay back next to Heechul. Soon after he fell asleep.



Few hours later Heechul opened his eyes slowly.. He felt a grip on his waist. He was exhausted from last night. He rubbed his eyes yawning and cuddled deeper into the pillow. The grip on his waist getting tighter. With one eye he exanimate the room. Large, a desk, a door, a huge window with a balcony, light curtains, the bright sun flooding in... This was not the guestroom. Plus there was that weird grip on his waist. 

He turned his head to see Hankyung laying next to him. His hand gripping his waist. Heechul smiled and turned his whole body to be able to look at Hankyung fully. 

He looked so calm, gently while sleeping. Not like when he is awake and has that arrogant look plastered on his face... 

But wait.. why is he sleeping next to me? Heechul thought.. 

. . . 

Suddenly he remembered what happened the night before. Cursing he abruptly sat up "! We missed school!" 

Hankyung stirred in his sleep, opened his eyes and sat up annoyed next to Heechul. "Yah! What the hell are you doing??!!" 

"You idiot! Go, stand up!!  We're leaving right now!" "Where?!" He was pissed. It's not easy to wake him in the morning but that was to much.  

"Because of you we missed school!!" Hankyung raised his eyebrows "I know." He let himself fall back onto the mattress pulling Heechul with him.

They landed both facing each other. A bit to close... "You haven't slept all night and I had an hangover. So I told them to let us sleep."

Heechul was taken aback..  

For the next moments they just lay there, Heechul observing Hankyung while he just lay there with closed eyes. Much to Heechul's surprise he felt comfortable laying there with him on the bed, no awkwardness, no distance, no anger. 

Heechul smiled and closed his eyes too, enjoying the moment.


"Heechul.." It was the very first time Hankyung called him by his real name. "Hum?" Hankyung opened his eyes and looked into Heechuls.

. . . They looked into each others eyes for some time before Hankyung spoke again a bit taken aback.

"Never mind" And closed them again. 

Heechul felt disappointed, although he didn't exactly know what he expected Hankyung to say. Or what he wanted him to say. 

The nice mood got awkward for an instance. 


"I-I'll go and make something to eat"  "Ok. Just don't burn it again" he teased smiling.

"You'll still have to eat it!" Heechul said playfully trying to lighten the mood.

"yeah yeah"

Few minutes later Hankyung got up and went to take a shower. 

As he entered his room again he was greeted by James. "Good morning Young Master" "Morning James. What's up?" ".. It's time" Hankyungs expression turned serious. After thinking for a minute with a shirt in his hand, he nodded and put on the shirt. 

"Fine. Prepare the things." 




For a few minutes Hankyung stared dumbfounded at his plate.   "Y-yahh. Are you serious?.."

 "Eat!" Heechul stood by his side with his hands resting on his hips.

"How can I eat that? It's completely burned!!" Hankyung looked up at Heechul with big eyes while pointing at his burned breakfast.

"You said you'll eat this so eat!!"   "I don't want to!!" Hankyung whined earning a death glare 

"Eat!" Heechul smirked

"..." Han actually got scared by Heechuls sudden change in attitude. He shrinks, I am the dominant  and regained his composure immediately.

"..." He pouted looking at his plate and made Heechul chuckle.

"Fine. Here" He gave him a good plate of food "I was just kidding. I burned it on purpose"

"Y-yah..." he was relieved that he didn't had to eat it and sighed "You scared me".  Heechul sat down opposite of him and ate his plate of Beijing Fried Rice silently smiling.

"Woah!" Hankyung screamed

"Is it that bad? I-I'll make something else i-if you don't like it" Heechul stuttered suddenly feeling vulnerable.

 "What did you do?"  

"I-I added another ingredient. Don't eat it if you don't like i- "

"No it's great!" Heechul raised his eyebrow in surprise. "I-I-I mean not bad for your first time alone." Heechul sat back in his chair and started eating again. He was smiling inwardly since he managed to make something to eat which Hankyung liked. It was a pleasurable feeling to know that he liked it. It made him happy.  

But suddenly an other feeling crept up in him.

After a time of eating Heechul broke the silence "I'm sorry"

"For what?" Hankyung stopped and looked at Heechul

"...being a bother to you..."  


"You know, I can pay you back as soon as I get the money. You don't have to let me work for you. It's just bad if I do."

 "I could have fired you a long time already. You're annoying, irritating, crazy, loud..."   His voice was serious and somehow it hurt Heechul to hear him talking like that. So he whispered faintly "You could have"          

"But I didn't right?"  Hankyung answered with alight smile on his lips.                 

  "Why?" Heechul didn't understand.

Hankyung looked at him for a moment before shaking his head "I don't know. I just don't feel like it"

Heechul looked back on his plate "You're weird"  

The latter laughed  "You're not a bit better."

"Yah! how can you say that?! I'm not that much of an as you!!"

 "What?! Who do you call !? I'm not!" Heechul raised his eyebrow again.

"..maybe a bit..." Hankyung lowered his voice and played with a grain of rice.

"You are. Excuse what I will say. You treat your maids like trash. Even me. Tell me, do you even remember one of their names?"

"I do! There is. ahhh... well.."


"So what? They are here for work not to chat with me!"                    

Hankyung was taken aback by that and looked at Heechul startled. Heechul finished his meal, took their plates and did the dishes. 

"See? You are an ."

The other one was still sitting at the table thinking about what Heechul had just said.

"I'm sorry"             "For what?"                 "Always treating you that bad. I don't mean it like that.."  

Heechul chuckled . "You don't have to apologize. I'm your maid. Your wish is my command, Young Master."

"You know, that sounds odd..."  

 "That's how it works" Heechul shrugged..


Lame and short chapter. I'm sorry not writing for such a long time!!.

I'll try to update tomorrow! 



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