I am his Maid


Due to the large debts of his parents, Heechul searches for a job. Hankyung, the son of a wealthy family suggests him a job as a maid in his house. Since Heechul doesn't has an other option, he accepts the offer, and soon works in the luxurious mansion dressed in a maid uniform. Leaving pride and embarrassment aside he does his work ignoring some hateful or sarcastic comments by other maids. 

The job goes well.. wouldn't there be the Young Master himself. Slowly Heechul starts to develop feelings for his master who -as fate wants it-  is in love with Jessica. As if it wouldn't be enough Hankyung asks him to fake-date him to make Jessica jealous…






Main:  Hanchul

Side: Eunhae, Sibum, Kyuchul (!!), HankyungxJessica


Main Characters:

Heechul: (19)


- works as Hankyungs Maid due to the high debts of his parents

- cares for his family very much and is willing to do everything to help them

- he seems noisy, crazy and cocky at first, but once you get to know him, he shows you his real caring personality

-he starts falling for Hankyung




Hankyung: (18) 


- son of a wealthy family in Korea

- offered Heechul a job, even though he doesn't know nor like him much in the beginning

- bossy "arrogant, egoistic, moneyloving-bastard" 

- still he cares for Heechul (more or less)

- an ambivalent character

- the most popular guy at school

- in love with Jessica!!!


Siwon: (18)

- He is Hankyungs bbf and neighbour

- visits the same school as him

- nice and caring

- one of the most popular guys at school

Jessica: (17) 

- she is Hankyungs childhood friend and love

- she is very popular with guys and enjoys the attention she gets from them



Other characters:

Kibum: (17) Heechuls bbf, a good actor, seems cold but is very caring, 

Donghae: (17) Heechul's bbf, get's often bullied by others in school, got protected by Heechul, he is like a
younger brother to Heechul and thus very close with him.

Eunhyuk: (18) Hankyungs close friend, one of the most popular guys in school after Hankyung, Korea's number
one dancer, handsome, likes to party a lot, womanizer

Nana: (21) One of Hankyungs maids, she fastly befriended with Heechul and supports him in every way since
she knows how it is to work for such a rich 'bastard', she reminds Heechul of his sister, she likes art very much

Uee (18): insults Heechul constantly in school, slaps him and makes his school life bothersome.



I'm sorry guys! Work is keeping me busy... I'll try to update soon!

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Heerella1 #1
Chapter 50: I was so shock but please my dear author nim update juseyoooooo
imnobody930817 #2
Hello, I'm a new reader. This fic was so awesome and so are you. I hope you update soon authornim. I can't wait for the continuation. The April fool part really fool me successfully. I was so sad coz you decide to kill heenim. I hate you for making me sad but after knowing it's just a lie, thank God, i felt relieved and i love you again. Huhuhu. Actually i'm KyuChul Shipper who was once a part of Hanchul shipper. Ahahaha. So i love it you make Kyuhyun fall in love for Heechul and put some moments for them even though it kind of sad since Heenim rejected him but as everyone else i'm rooting for Hanchul here. Sorry Kyu, maybe next time you can be the main pairing with Heenim. Ahah
armyofelf #3
Chapter 50: OMG I HATE U I HATE U I HATE U! My entire face is wet with tears then I read April Fools. I know it's been a long time since you last updated, but please please update! I wanna know what happens next!!!
Chapter 50: Omg no
I had the ultimate heart attack like OMG this is one if those really sad fics in the which the main character dies
I was on the verge of crying
And then I read April fools and I was like
shiramira #5
Chapter 50: Please continues this story~~i want to know the ending.......
Chapter 50: Bbut...It seems like it's the end already. You're not updating for two years. I somehow became sad.
3dgirl #7
Chapter 50: Omg u made me cry ... acactually I cant stop crying right now ur soooo mean TT_TT
3dgirl #8
Chapter 43: chapter 34 : han do u feel it already ?! I hate this Jessica aiiiish soo mean & jalousie ... hannie will love chula after all ^^
3dgirl #9
Chapter 36: Chapter 36 : okaaaay first Jessica & now nana it's complicated now ... * han ur maid loves u *
3dgirl #10
Chapter 31: Chapter 31 : wooooooooow plz plz plz make han feels in love already & don't tell me he kissed him because of Jessica