Home is Where You Are


Luhan is lost and homeless and Sehun is there to remind him that he doesn’t have to be


Author’s note: This is an entry to bottomlu's ficfest. This prompt is by Lehunn. It's wolfau \O/

I have always wanted to write a hunhan wolf!au but just never had the proper push for it. Thank you to bottomlu for offering this opportunity and Lehunn for the beautiful prompt (I hope I gave it justice). Most of all, thank you to Lee for being my beta and Jan for pushing me to do this.

Enjoy! Click next to find the link to the fic.


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Chapter 1: I'd say this is among the first wolf au fics I have ever read and I am sorry I didn't comment or anything. Now that I came back to re-read it, let me thank you for such a wonderful story. It's nice for the way your omega is written doesn't type cast them as weak and dependent. I love how his opinion is valued by Junmyeon's pack and that Sehun being possessive and insecure that Luhan is gonna leave him is endearing, like really. Thanks for bringing the 2 packs altogether in the end!
fenvip #2
just wonderful :(((( i knew it was you when i first read it on LJ!
I don't really like reading wolf related fics but this one is sooo beautiful that it became one of my most favorite fic ever. Right balance of everything that makes a beautiful fic. Thank you so much for sharing! Kudos to you!
at some point i almost cried TT wonderful story TT
Awwww I absolutely loved it! You have such amazing writing skills and such wonderful ideas! Thank you for sharing your stories with us! HunHan for the win~ Great twoshot ^-^ God I can't stop the feels from consuming me XD I'm glad the two packs merged into one~ SO CUTE!
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Hi there! It has been a while since I last read EXO fanfics (partially cause I was busy and partially cause of the whole controversy about members leaving). Just wanna express my thankfulness for yet another great story written by you! Somehow it is healing to read about luhan x sehun. Brings back a lot of wonderful memories! Keep the stories going author-nim! Your fanfics have always been a real joy to read. Thank you ^^
reverse #7
SQUEALLLSSS Omg I didn't know you participated in bottomlu Im so excited! And its wolfau god \O/ indeed. Can I snuggle you *^*
fishynator #8
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I am so ready for my heart to be broken in 10 million different ways. Haven't started reading it yet, but I'll do so sometime (hopefully in the near future) over on LJ! :)
gaviotta1 #10
Chapter 1: This story was so beautiful and sweet i really loved it thank you author-nim