Imagine Me and You


Luhan deems his life ordinary. Until he sees what's not there.


*author's note: really really long and angsty hunhan so please read with caution. like, fluff some pillows, grab a few snacks and a drink. this is going to be one long read.




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hunhen #1
Omg im crying TT it was so beautiful *-* i love your selu stories
Chapter 1: damn awesome!
I loved it so bloody much....plz plz keep on writing hunhan fics....u r really amazing ^^~
Ohluhan101 #4
I loved it with my heart. Thank you
Chapter 1: Thank you very much for this, I enjoyed reading every bit of it!
HunHan = <333
Chapter 1: really really good i swear... but I really have to study now i have exams tomorrow math and eng TT^TT but dude hunhan ff is tempting
oh my god I remember reading this on ao3 but I didn't know who wrote it because anything other than aff and wattpad is too confusing for me but I loved this. I cried a bit because I get emotional easily but this became one of my favorites. I promise you that if you become a published writer, I will buy all your books no matter how broke I am because your writing is so beautiful.
alamela040401 #8
Chapter 1: This is beautiful...Thank you! :)
bigbigbigbear #9
Thank you so much for continue writing hunhan. I am in tears when I see your upload. You are the best!