Puppy Love


a not so ordinary, ordinary coffee shop au


A/N: This was something for KaisooFicRec's celebration for reaching 10k followers. It's a bit old but if you haven't read it, here you go.


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Chapter 1: So much fun to read!! I can see Nini rescuing dogs and having a dog cafe. Adorable story - thank you for sharing!!
So cute!!!
knytvsprncss #3
Chapter 1: . This is so fluffy and all and. I'm dead.
Chapter 1: OMO! You're baaaack!
Your fluffy little is killing me, okaaay?

And i miss you a lot :)
julee22 #5
Chapter 1: It's simple and cute. Very straight forward writing that still holds some intrigue so that it's not bland.
This is cute and all fluffy<3 thank you and i love youuuu, so uhm i hope you have something for hunhan *whisper "sequel"* lol
Such a cute story!! Sungjae
deserved that punch at the end. I hope he understood
not to ever come close to Kyungsoo nor Jongin ^-^
Great story! Thank you~
oh my gad! this is so freaking cuutteeee!!
Wow,.. . you must love your reader so much.
Even when you're busy with your wedding you're still give us a story.
And I love this. i miss your writing about another ship. (but please do not stop writing Hunhan).
and for nth time..
sobyrt22 #10
Chapter 1: alksjflakjf this was so cute and fluffy!! (and slightly angsty, how i like it ><)
you're obviously a hunhan master (and one of my absolute faves), but i love that you also write kaisoo (and REALLY GOOD kaisoo too *-*) and even some krisoo, all pairings I love, so thank you! I don't know if it's just me, but it feels like i've only been reading a lot of kaisoo angst these days T_T this refreshed me tons! Jongin was really endearing here :') and YAS ponytail!chanyeol!! I loved that hairstyle on him!
Thank you for writing this :3