Second chances


TimeTravellerAU! Wonshik is a scientist and Taekwoon is his fiance. Taekwoon dies because of an accident and Wonshik makes a time machine to save him. But, things don't go exactly as he planned them to go. Will Wonshik be able to save his beloved?



beempty gave me a few suggestions for angsty Wontaek fanfictions, because I was struggling to come up with my own and I really liked all of the suggestions that I've gotten. This one really seemed the most interesting to me, so I've chosen it to write a fanfiction about it. The fanfiction won't have that many chapters -I think- but hopefully you'll like it ^o^/


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Chapter 5: Wow!!!What a tragic, rollercoaster ride of a story! My heart aches as to how many times Taekwoon died. And the worst ache was for Wonshik. How he sacrificed his happiness for Taekwoon. It's just so sad. In the end they can ne ver be together?! It's just so tragic. :((((((((((((((
Chapter 5: That was... sad and beautiful. Istg I cried everytime Taekwoon died omg ;;_;;
No more wontaek omg but at least Taekwoon's happy :")
shinya-sama #3
Chapter 5: Oh my, this made me cry way more than I had anticipated. Well done, even though it broke my heart T-T
KenVigivesmelife #4
Chapter 5: Oh my gaawwd I'm bawling my eyes out. This story is just so sad and angsty and I love it so much, Well done author-nim, well done!
Chapter 5: It's just fate that Taekwoon and Wonshik were not meant to be together........ *cries a river*
Chapter 5: This is so great... *still crying*
Chapter 5: why did it have to end like this
im sad
i hate

time traveler AUs are products of satan
Aikosan #8
Chapter 4: I don't know why but this reminds me of that one anime movie where the girl can timetravel and that the Numbers on her wrist are the numbers of how many times she still have left before she can't timetravel no more because that was really beautiful and sad movie
Chapter 4: OMG this chapter really gots me... just those last lines omg... I really feel like crying and I never had that feeling before when reading fanficitions like this... my gosh you really did a great job to hit me with all those feels.
Shadowdragon #10
Chapter 4: many tears...