Straight as a ruler


Joonmyun would tell anybody who was willing to listen that he wasn’t gay. Yixing’s job is to prove him otherwise.




Kim Jongin- a newly qualified vet who has an unhealthy obsession for cakes and dogs

Do Kyungsoo- an up-and-coming pastry chef who happens to be allergic to dogs

Kim Jongdae- Joonmyun's cousin. Makes his money tutoring students and is always too happy for his own good

Oh Sehun- the totally legal student Jongdae tutors who has no idea what he's gotten himself in for

(With special guest appearances scattered throughout!)


I really shouldn't be doing this because I have two other stories in progress right now, but- and trust me when I say this- the image of an incredibly cheesy scene popped into my mind and when you almost have one chapter written in the hopes of getting to this scene with new character springing up... I just had to share it lest it rot away on Word forever. So yeah... hopefully you'll enjoy!!

As always, credit for the poster and background goes to vanillashinju from the ever amazing BAMF Productions!

*sigh* Guys... EXO/Baekhyun antis really need to get a life...

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114 streak #1
Chapter 40: Woo! That was a roller coaster of emotions but it was sooooo good i loved it a lot~ thanks for writing this! <3
114 streak #2
Chapter 8: Okay i am seriously loving this so far! <3
cgao753 #3
XxIchiya #4
Chapter 40: .... Speechless.... This story is greaaaat! I'm really happy that there's such a story... I'm sad that it has ended but I'm glad you continued writing... Good luck at school/ university whatever (I at writing such stuff?)... and I'm hoping that you if you come up with any other idea of a ff and decided to write it... I want you to let me know... ILL BE SURE TO READ❤❤❤❤ THANK YOU!
Yukina07 #5
Chapter 40: I love this story and I'm sad to see it end. If you ever get time, it would be fun to read a little epilogue of where the guys are at like a year from now or something. But if not, this was a good ending and it feels like loose ends were tied up. Thank you for sharing this with us!
Sulay1001 #6
Chapter 40: The wnding was so good, so romantic, and so sweet! I can't stop smiling! Thank you for writing this amazing fic! It was so good and i really love it!
metheevilgenius #7
Chapter 40: Loved this story x given me so much joy as a sulay shipper. Thank you authornim x
cgao753 #8
Chapter 38: LMAO UR A/N ENDING THOOOOOO tbh tho same bc life throws at u and you just gotta do something with it honestly *huge eye rolls* ALSO BOI joonmyeon has finally done it. can we all say we were proud of him bc lmao it did take him a while for this realization to happen and hey ITS CUTE EVEN THO IT CHEESY
Gyu2su #9
Chapter 38: It would had been funny if as Junmyeon says "STOP", Yixing and the boyfriend of the bride say "I OBJECT". Haha sorry, I sometimes imagine the lamest scenes.
Chapter 38: I thought Yixing was going to burst into the Church and shout “I object” or Junmyeon not turning up to the wedding and instead goes to the airport to stop yixing, but I’m glad ithe wedding was stopped this way. It gives closure for Soojung as well.