Cute Family One Shots


It's just something that hit me @ 2:23 AM on August 18,2015. I thought that the bois should have children and make it cute and fluffy..if I can.


(n)Choice Update Story:

When an author on an online reading website updates whenever he or she wants to.

My story will be kinda like that. Due to the fact that I want them to be long and sweet and too cute for the boys. SO, READ READ READ..

[My EXO Ships in here are gonna be ChanKai, SeBaek, XiuRis, SuHan, XingDae and TaoSoo (we need more Taosoo!)]

[My SHINee ships are Jongkey and Ontae!!]

[My Bts Ships are YoonSeok, TaeJin and JiKook!]

i'm trying for something tbs related so hold tight's been throwing around so it'll [probably] be out next week?
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