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hi, if you've scrolled you would know i'm sophia :)

i've finally decided to revamp a lil so a bit about me is that i'm from portland, oregon and i'm vietnamese and i was born in 1999. i'm studying to become a dietician and it's going pretty good!!

i'm a bit of a veteran on here, both in kpop and just a bit of my age lol i think i was in middle school when i started here ; u ; so a lot of people i know on here are around the same age as me haha, i haven't met many toddler kpoppies yet. i'm not aggressively active, but i am here online because i don't log out and check on things. so do feel free to add me as a friend or make an ad on my wall. do talk to me!! if you'd like, i don't bite haha

i don't really write that often, but i when i do, i don't update frequently otl i do love a good applyfic, so you'll probably see my applying a lot or occasionally writing my own. i'm not that great but i do love making characters. my stories aren't that great nor do they have chapters lmao, but i do like to write what i would like to read. so u know, fluff and romance ahaha 

since i like applyfics so much, feel free to add me!! please, i really love applyfic friends, and i want to make more lol since all my friends that used to be on here religiously have died, please make my aff poppin' againnnn i long for it!!! and don't be afraid to talk to me, i just ask for someone entertaining to talk to and just some people to be my applyfic friends uwuwuwu pleasee i will love u

i have a couple of hobbies that really aren't that interesting but i really like lettering, playing on the ds and u know, ur typical weeb and koreaboo lmao take note that those r slurs of the actual meaning. i'm not a *weeb* or a *koreaboo* i promise lol i like dancing and singing but i'm not that gr8 so whateva lmao

anyway, bye. applauds if u read thru it all! much luv