Does it have too many details in my explanation? Should I tone it down?

  • Yes, please?
  • Not really!

Personal Message

Isn't it weird that they put user's Personal Message way at the bottom of the Profile page? It's weird.

If you want to ask anything, just ask. (

Or send a tweet. (@worthlessmoon)

About Me

I'm themoonishers in AFF and worthlessmoon or thebearishers on twitter.
I at explaining about myself so...

The point is I'm here because I love reading fanfictions and I also write as well because mostly I just can't help my delusional mind from creating various of scenarios with my OTP. Talking about OTP, I'm a moonsun and seulrene shipper. Isn't it obvious by now? Lmao. They're the main OTPs in my fics so you'll see them a lot from me.

There you go, I guess.

I also want to show off my personal logo- #shameless