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just a normal uni girl spending her time procrastinating, writing and fangirling during her free-time. currently majoring in anthropology and minoring in classical archaeology.


isn't on as much as before due to university and internships but still come online occasionally to check out what is up (and update lol)


a huge fan of exo, nct, vixx, seventeen, f(x) & red velvet.
writes mostly about exo, but sometimes about nct if i feel like it














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important milestones dates (~ ̄▽ ̄)~ :
- The HeartBreaker, featured on September 7th 2014
- 10k unique subs on March 24th 2016
- You're my Wonderwall, featured on June 24th 2016

- Dusk, featured on July 30th 2018
- 15k unique subs on December 31st 2019

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Crossing Through Memories  
- Wanted for Error

- Semper Fidelis

- Playboy

- Crown Shyness

- Dumb, Numb and Looking for Love

Thank You for the Memories 

Beyond our Thoughts

Covered by Your Grace

- You're My Wonderwall (★) 


Chanyeol - Muse in My Ears      


Lilac Dreams

Rose de Versailles



- He's a Man 
- You're a Work of Art

- Oh Boy




- Cold Deck



Lu Han   Blessing in Disguise - The HeartBreaker (★)      


Dusk (★)

Crossing Through Memories 

- Sempir Fidelis
- Gloom

Midnight Circus
- Oh Boy 
Early Bird

- What a Man

Frost Flower



- However Improbable  


Lee Jongsuk


Midnight Circus  


Draco Malfoy

Wonderland Asylum




- Cold Deck