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Seoul City Vice

To catch a thief, you've got to think like a thief. When a priceless painting goes missing, detective Kang Seulgi is tasked with getting it back. But to find it, she's got to enlist the help of Seoul's smartest - and prettiest - criminal.

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It may be a little crazy

By Sunhee15 Published
Tags  infinite   myungsoo   niel   teentop   you   boyfriendband   jeongmin 
Characters You L SungYeol Hoya Infinite Teen top Niel
With 41 chapters, 1 votes, 8160 views, 29 comments, 33200 words
Status Completed

This is my first fanfic....ENJOY <3  This is a lovestory between you and Infinite's Myungsoo when your descision was to audition to see him in the agency everyday. Your lovestory came true with an uncertain secret which hurt you and brought pain to your life.

YoungMin, I'm Your Boyfriend

Tags  minwoo      youngmin   kwangmin   boyfriendband   jeongmin   twincest 
Characters YoungMin, MinWoo, KwangMin, Donghyun, JeongMin, HyunSeong, all of Boyfriend *has gotten a new idea so juuust wait and see*
With 22 chapters, 2 votes, 228 subscribers, 16730 views, 415 comments, 20070 words
Status [M]


By kimsd96 Published
Tags  minwoo   youngmin   kwangmin   boyfriendband   donghyun   hyunseong   jeongmin 
Characters You, DongHyun, HyunSeong, JeongMin, YoungMin, KwangMin, and MinWoo
With 23 chapters, 2 votes, 454 subscribers, 22160 views, 400 comments, 24252 words

Need a boyfriend as soon as possible? No problem! Just rent one! How does it work? Well, I'll tell you how. It's a simple service where you call, we answer. You tell us what kind of boyfriend you want, we send it to you. Worried that we won't have the type you want? Still not a problem. Not when we have 6 beautiful boys just for you. Nothing's impossible here. Even if you need twins, we have them! All you need to do is give us your type and the price. What? You thought this was free? Nope. W

"Would You Be My Girlfriend?"

By KpopLuver4ever Published
Tags  minwoo   you   youngmin   kwangmin   donghyun   hyunseong   jeongmin 
Characters You, YoungMin, KwangMin, Minwoo, Jeongmin, Donghyun, Hyunseong
With 24 chapters, 1 votes, 217 subscribers, 11000 views, 317 comments, 12264 words
Status Completed

Hi guys! KpopLuver4ever has another story for you. ^^ Featuring a new boy band group: Boyfriend. Hope you enjoy reading. Please subscribe, comment, and add me as a friend. ^^   You Smart Shy Cute Somewhat secluded Easy to love Easy to make friends with (even though you don't talk much) Loves her brothers Your six brothers: Ca

Leap Year Baby (On Temporary Hiatus And In Process Of Revision)

By MyxSarang Published
Tags  minwoo   youngmin   kwangmin   boyfriendband   donghyun   hyunseong   jeongmin 
Characters Hyun Ae(OC), Hana(OC), Young Min, Kwang Min, Min Woo, Jeong Min, Hyun Seong, Dong Hyun
With 1 chapters, 98 subscribers, 6880 views, 82 comments, 19149 words

One hundred and fifty-two... One hundred and fifty-two days before leap year. One hundred and fifty-two days is all they have to change the president of Starship's niece from a tough, tomboy who always speaks her mind to the sweet and cheerful girl she used to be. It all had to be done before February 29th. Leap Year. Which also happens to be the girl's birthday. This is so much work and they only had just debuted. The things we do to reach our dreams.

Alice in Boyfriend Land

By ElephantsandCrayons4 Published
Tags  minwoo   youngmin   kwangmin   boyfriendband   donghyun   hyunseong   jeongmin 
Characters Minwoo, Youngmin, Kwangmin, Jeongmin, Hyunseong, Donghyun, Alice (fictional); Minor appearances from Key (SHINee), Minho (SHINee), and a few others!
With 21 chapters, 150 subscribers, 7280 views, 146 comments, 24096 words

All her life Alice wanted a change. She was tired of being forced to grow up and she wanted nothing more than to escape the world she lived in. Everything changes for Alice one day when she chases a boy dressed as a rabbit and falls down a hole. And what's waiting for her on the other side? Well, six cute boys of course~! And for some reason, they're all in love with her.

You're my dream boyfriend.

By ilovexx Published
Tags  minwoo   youngmin   kwangmin   boyfriendband   donghyun   hyunseong   jeongmin 
Characters Park Minyoung & Boyfriend.
With 5 chapters, 111 subscribers, 2790 views, 74 comments, 8349 words
Status [M]

One Fine Spring Day

By bubblekpop Published
Tags  hyunseung   minwoo   youngmin   kwangmin   boyfriendband   donghyun   jeongmin 
Characters You, Boyfriend & other minor characters
With 52 chapters, 89 subscribers, 7480 views, 150 comments, 33959 words
Status Completed

It all started in a One Fine Spring Day. I was walking alone at the bench, observing the green nature. I need to inhale some fresh air before I finish Senior Year. I need to renew my mind for all the past memories I've been through. I need to concentrate on myself from now on, I don't need to concentrate to love. I need to move on from my dark past, my struggles with my ex-boyfriend, No Minwoo. He changed a lot when he studied at Starship University

Hello! Boyfriend [Hiatus]

By rottenpizza Published
Tags  minwoo   youngmin   kwangmin   boyfriendband   donghyun   hyunseong   jeongmin 
Characters Hyemi(You), Boyfriend, Hyerin
With 13 chapters, 49 comments, 9548 words
Status [M]

BOYFRIEND: Milk and Oreo

By popmystery Published
Tags  minwoo   youngmin   kwangmin   boyfriendband   jeongmin   boyfriend   romanace 
Characters Minwoo, Youngmin, Kwangmin, Jeongmin, Donghyun, Hyunseong, BOYFRIEND, SISTAR, Bora, Hyorin, Dasom, Soyou,
With 13 chapters, 51 subscribers, 7590 views, 52 comments, 15978 words

No MinWoo dislikes school and thinks it's no fun at all. But after he decides to transfer into another school, his whole life changed. He met this guy with a twin and three others. Being lovely as a Milk, he now finds out he's in

"Would You Be My Wife?" Sequel to: "Would You Be My Girlfriend?"

By KpopLuver4ever Published
Tags  minwoo   you   youngmin   kwangmin   donghyun   hyunseong   jeongmin 
Characters You, YoungMin, KwangMin, Minwoo, Jeongmin, Donghyun, Hyunseong
With 26 chapters, 134 subscribers, 7620 views, 339 comments, 12605 words
Status Completed

Hey guys, KpopLuver4ever has another story for you. "Would You Be My Wife?" The sequel to "Would You Be My Girlfriend?" If you haven't read "Would You Be My Girlfriend?" yet, then I suggest you do before reading this one. Here's the link:

Life with 6... Boyfriends?

By whatsup123 Published
Tags  nominwoo   romance   youngmin   kwangmin   boyfriendband   hyunseong   jeongmin 
Characters Kim Yoonji (Angie), Boy Friend members, Yoonji's uncle: Kim Jihoon, other random people I have not thought about yet. :)
With 26 chapters, 87 subscribers, 3938 views, 90 comments, 15241 words
Status Friends Only

 Yoonji (Angie) has led a pretty normal life... She is already 14 going on 15 this year and she hasn't had much life changing experiences. Living under the shelter of her parent's wealth and care, she didn't have anything to worry about. Then one day....

My Fake Boyfriends.. or so I thought.

By --babysehun Published
Tags  minwoo   you   youngmin   kwangmin   boyfriendband   jeongmin 
Characters You/ Kim ~~~~ and Boyfriend
With 36 chapters, 1 votes, 313 subscribers, 15030 views, 410 comments, 19694 words
Status Completed

You got picked to be the girlfriend of.. BOYFRIEND! What happens if this love story, being broadcast on TV.. becomes real love? What will you do if those 6 cute 'BOYFRIENDS' realise their love for you?

Cinderella gone wrong: Gongju's story

By staryheart Published
Tags  minwoo   seunghyun   you   youngmin   kwangmin   donghyun   jeongmin 
With 8 chapters, 19 comments, 5092 words

In this fanfic Gongju's story turns upside down. Her father doesn't die. Her step-mother is the greatest person in the wrold. Her step-sisters are like their mother. Instead of being treated as a peasant, Gongju is treat as a princess and is spoiled whenever, where ever.

semi Cinderella girl

By ambzchan Published
Tags  kpop   romance   you   boyfriendband   jeongmin 
Characters you jeongmin kpop artist
With 6 subscribers, 546 views, 1 comments, 424 words

im new at writing stories .this will be my 1th story ever i hope you enjoy it Justine choi (you)is extremely smart sweet rich she has a heart of gold her dad is the owner of the hugest company in the planet her mom is a famous designer in the world she graduated from all courses she took when she was 10 she's 16now she has 5 brother 4 older 1 younger the 4 older has their own company her aunts and uncles are the president of the music industry except one everyone loves her because of h

Just Like Hyung-deul (One-Shot)

By eunpaeshi Published
Tags  minwoo   youngmin   kwangmin   boyfriendband   donghyun   hyunseong   jeongmin 
Characters minwoo youngmin kwangmin hyunseong donghyun jeongmin boyfriend
With 1 chapters, 4 votes, 13 subscribers, 2900 views, 16 comments, 818 words
Status Completed

This is my first one shot ~ and was supposed to be  EunHae-Kyumin-Yewook but... i'm sooo into BOYFRIEND ♥ right now. haha! (~useulbwa~ blow me KISS.! oh so SWEET~! iLIKE that :">)   The boys had already debuted here ^^ Pairings ♥ :: Youngmin x Minwoo Kwangmin x Jeongmin Donghyun x Hyunseong it's like, the youngster - the middle ones - the oldies :))) hahaha! got inspired while fixing up my

Boyfriend's Girlfriend?

By YuukiMassu Published
Tags  kpop   minwoo   romance   youngmin   boyfriendband   jeongmin 
Characters Lee Jeongmin, No Minwoo, Jung Kyomin (OC), Han Hye Shin (OC), BOYFRIEND, and other kpop artists..
With 34 chapters, 1 votes, 12650 views, 69 comments, 22407 words

Annyeong~! this is my second fanfiction and now it's about Starship Ent.'s BOYFRIEND! hope you like it! Comment and Subscribe... No silent readers, please. = ) Jung Kyo Min (OC) ,  Minwoo, Youngmin, Kwangmin, Jeongmin, Han Hye Shin (OC) Characters: Jung Kyo Min (fictional)

My First Love

By youngminniex3 Published
Tags  apink   romance   you   youngmin   kwangmin   boyfriendband   jeongmin 
Characters you & YoungMin & Namjoo from Apink(:
With 36 chapters, 109 subscribers, 7040 views, 163 comments, 32117 words
Status Completed

Who would ever think that moving to Seoul's Elite High school would change your entire life.. You were just a country-girl going to a normal high school but all of that changed when your dad arranged you to go to that rich school in Seoul. Who knew that you would meet your mom that left you long ago, and who knew that you would find your first love there...and the Prince Charming that captures your heart would actually be your past's mom's new husband's son? :O 

She's In Love With My Hyung!

By chicken_oppa Published
Tags  minwoo   onew   shinee   youngmin   kwangmin   boyfriendband   jeongmin 
Characters Minho, Taemin, Jonghyun, Key Onew, Boyfriend, Kwangmin, Youngmin, Minwoo, Jeongmin, Hyunseong, Donghyun, Random Korean Stars, OFCs
With 4 chapters, 2 votes, 30 subscribers, 2930 views, 21 comments, 7925 words

Daejin High School's silliest queenka was in love with Onew from the leaf on his head to the dirt under his toes without the knowledge of Onew. One day, Onew's little brother Jeongmin went to school and he started making the queenka's life miserable by threatening her that he shall tell his older brother that a bully is in love with him if she won't obey his biddings.