Tiffany and Jessica H.o. celebrate their 10-year long friendship with selcas


Girls' Generation Tiffany recently UPDATEDarrow-10x10.png her Instagram with a selca featuring her long time friend Jessica H.o. 

On January 23, Tiffany wrote on her Instagram, "friends for more than a DECADE !! trying to be a gangster like my girl @jessicah_o soo good to catch up hope you rock it on #unprettyrapstar.


In the attached picture Tiffany can be seen posing with her friend and fellow celebrity Jessica H.o, decked out in sunglasses and smiles. The hashtag #unprettyrapstar refers to 'Show Me the Money's female rapper spin-off series 'Unpretty Rapstar' which will be premiering soon on the 29th. 




Jessica Ho:



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