[NOTICE] Taking Niya's Place

/Waves Like Ken/ / Stand Like Leo/ /Talk like Hyuk/ Annyeonghasaeyo. BYULBIT (STARLIGHT) Kim Sai imnida. This is my first blog writing since Niya push me to write it. As you can see at the title, I will taking her place as the author N' her AFF ACC will be mine! Hahaha! ! /Laugh like Hongbin/


Lemme introduce maself, Ma name is Sai N'  I'm from Penang, Malaysia. I am STARLIGHT since Rock Ur Body BUT being a hardcore STARLIGHT since ETERNITY. I am Ravi biased but ma friend push me to like Hongbin on Error era N' now I am RABEAN/HONGSIK shipper. I finish high school N' now I am 19 (20) years old. BANGAPTA YEOROBUN! ! !


*Please continue to support me N' Niya's fanfics. Follow me on twitter @wonsik_lalala . GUMAWO! Pyororonggg~~~~ PPYONG! /Bows like N/ /Smile like Ravi/* 


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