Stealling Picture? WHAT DO YOU GET?! :

::::: Ku mengharapkan Ramadan kali ini penuh makna, agar dapat ku lalui dengan sempurna~~~~ Selangkah, demi selangkah~~~~~~ ::::: It's still in Ramadan. Alhamdulillah.. :) hope all we do the good things will be eccept by Allah.. Amin Ya Rabbal Alamin.. Anyway, I'n not talking about Ramadan or Eid for now, I just want to share with you guys about my friend (Not a Kpoper) 's photo had been 'used' by somebody else. Imagine, somebody else from other country take your picture from your fb acc and make it as her/his pic. It's same with stealling the other pic! Seriously it might be risk if you using your real pic as your avatar or DP. But I saw 77% of Kpopers most of it using their bias pic as their avatar. The others just using their ownself pic. But sometimes, it might be risk too. Imagine, you had a pic that you edit and cut then combined with your bias pic and upload it as your avatar. Kpoppers will understand that you edited the pic but what about the non-kpoppers? They will bash you or they will comment what we didn't think befor we edit the pic. "You are not mahram yet but you both hugging". Wow! Thats scarsm, isn't it? So for you guys, I think using your bias pic is a good way to protect yourself by somebody else that can take your pic without excuse. I use Leeteuk's pic on twitter and anime pic on fb. But if you want to upload your pic on the social netwook, make sure be carefull with your pics too cause everything can be happend. So, be safe, be carefull & don't let the other people take our picture.. :) ::::: Ramadan ini, bulan yang sangat indah~~~ Panjatkan doa pada Allah~~~ Lupa dah lagu puasa ni :::::


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