Am I wrong?! //Part.2//

//Sorry for 2nd part because I using a phone just not so hope you guys understand// But after she didn't reply my tweet, something happen.. I saw her tweets with the caption "For a second time, I give up with my own fandom #.bye".. Give up? Is it just because of me? WHAT AM I DOING??! AM I WRONG ABOUT THE PREVIOUS TWEETS?! At that time, I feel sorry for her. Maybe it's really my fault so I tweet "I'm sorry." for twice.. But I don't think she will forgive me even I start to hiatus on twitter. ::::: Adik, kalau adik tengah baca blog akak ni, even akak tak tahu username adik, akak minta maaf sangat-sangat.. Tweet akak dah buat adik terguris hati.. Akak harap adik masih jadi ELF walaupun akak bukan lagi peminat KPOP suatu hari nanti.. Akak minta maaf sangat-sangat. Akak tahu, akak ni tak pandai dalam bab-bab fanwar macam adik, akak pun tak nak hati adik terluka lagi dah.. Biar akak berhenti jadi Kpoper. Tapi akak dah tunaikan janji akak untuk menjadi ELF dari mula hingga akhir.......... Dan mungkin inilah pengakhirannya.. Thanks for everything.. Gumawo keurigo mianhaeyo.. :'') ::::: Back to fanwar between EXOstan & ELF, I think it should over. I respect EXOstan even I am an ELF, I have my classmate also an EXOstan and I respect them. They also respect my fandom and my idol. It's better if we just finish this fanwar. I know why Chanyeol featuring on Henry's song. It's not about SM, it's about their friendship between Chanyeol and Henry. Even Chanyeol also play akustic guitar with Henry for '1-4-3 Akustic Version'.. SM/Youngmin just produce their song and make a money for their afford. (If I not wrong). Ryeowook and D.O are friends since D.O still in trainee and he respect his sunbae and it is Ryeowook until they together sang together on 'Missing You'.. At the same time, on SUKIRA, even Ryeonggu sad because a call from the haters, Dyo is the first one to make Ryeonggu keep calm and say "It's not your fault, don't worry.", (If I not mistaken but if it is, I'm sorry)... //To Be Continued//


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