Am I wrong?! //Part.1//

Sorry if I use Manglish (Malay + English) for some parts but I have to say this.. AM I WRONG?! It's starts since last night, I saw someone tweet on Twitter about an Immature EXOstan write a bad comment on Henry's Fantastic MV on YT. So, in my mind.. Why EXOstan and ELF can't be together like other hoobae and sunbae from another company.. So I tweet on Twitter "I look at Hottest and GOT7stan are okay, I AM and A.R.M.Y (also) okay, (same with) VIP and WINNERstan are okay, but ELF and EXOstan, fanwar everyday." .. 'Everyday' had a meaning.. For example, you are ELF and when you go to school, some immature EXOstan are bashing SJ and you also start to bash EXO until it became a small fanwar. Fanwar not sometimes, it's everyday! Got it? Maybe for kpoppers that always open the social media will said "Oh! Sometimes they had a fanwar.". NO! You wrong.. Everyday is a fanwar even a small fanwar out from the social media and not all fandoms knows it even a part of them have a small fanwar out of Twitter or FB. Am I wrong about this? The real story is, I had a dongsaeng on Twitter and I call her 'Adik' insted of younger sister, she saw my tweet that I wrote at above then tweet back "It's not an everyday even about us (ELF), (the question is,) EXOstan aren't fanwar with us only, they also had a fanwar with the other fandoms too.". To be honest, I talked about the fandoms of artist under the same company (SMEnt.) and not about fanwar with the other artist from another company and that's why I list the artist on the same company like JYP, BigHint and also YG artist on my tweet. 'Brothers on the same company' is a key. So I tweet back "It's true, but think again, how many they (EXOstan) and the other fandoms fanwar, how many they (EXOstan) and us (ELF) fanwar?". But then, she tweet for me "But who's start first?". I tried to be carefull and tweet to her, "I know they (EXOstan) start it first, but try imagine. What if the other fandoms from the other company saw our fanwar, Isn't it shamed?". //To be continued//


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