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Im so sorry that lately all i ing rant about is my fandom in complete turmoil. Anyways, someone randomly shared this video and now I can't stop watching it repeatedly. At first this made me cry because hey it is OT12 all in one stage, one group towards a common objective. Ah, happy times. Those were the days. But when I replayed it, it hit me like, why should i be upset, this video highlighted the glorious 2years OT12 had. They sure had come a long way since their debut. They had accomplished so much, trend-idol. So no, i refuse to be sad because I just wanna treasure these memories of OT12 together. It was a very good two-year journey for both ot12 and their fans and i wont tarnish that over being bitter and upset. Yes, it would be very ideal to think its still OT12 in the future but who said it wont be as fun and memorable with just ot11 then yifan as a solo right? I wont take sides as both ot11 and yifan need our support. Who said you cant support both? You can stan ot12, and be a fan of future ot11 and yifan. They will always be our OT12, adorable alien dorks from exoplanet. We Are One! Saranghaja!
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