[INFO] EXO's FILMING THEIR NEW MUSIC VIDEO! *Kai & Luhan will have kiss scenes


At this very moment, EXO is currently filming their newest music video at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies!!





But then again...this could be for a CF or sth ._.



080313 News of EXO recording at Hankuk Academy of Foreign Studies] 

#1 Kai kissed a girl wearing school uniform, the girl seems to be a trainee 
#2 M members came too so it's not to shoot for IVY CLUB 
#3 There's no music played 
#4 Kris is still nowhere to be seen 
#5 If it's for MV, it'll be released after around 3 weeks


(Like....Kim Jongin did what?? I think I-----) T______T



‎[080313 Recording news]

#1 Other than Kris, all of EXO members attended the recording.

#2 Luhan is wearing school uniform, all of the other members are wearing light, cool clothing

#3 The lead actress today seems to be a trainee or an actress

#4 Luhan and Kai will have kissing scenes

#5 There's no music being played, only shooting is going on, the atmosphere seems good.

CR: TaOPAZ via 怒怒est_





So...that's why Chanyeol's hiding his hair. XD



Do you guys see something here?

there goes Kai...kissing a girl?


And they said....that there are pretty girls in the set in uniform...Some are assuming that those girls are going to appear in the mv, and are SM trainees....like..... 


but..without Kris?





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Fans cried in frnt of the SM building.....and they made Kai feel very guilty. WHAT ABOUT POOR KYUNGSOO, HUH??? HOW DO YOU THINK HE FEELS??
hana55 #2
They shoot when kris away back to canada n it explain why kris is not there. Im so thankful not kris kiss that girl. But what's wrong with Sm make kai n luhan kiss that girl? I pity that girl too. You know exo sesaeng fans is so scary . If that girl is really sm trainee before she debute she will make a lot of haters. I think sm make wrong move to make a rookies like exo do that coz kai n luhan fans will get hurt because that kiss scene. From what i know super junior never had kiss scene in their mv because they didn't want Elf will get hurt n they respect elf feelings...so what really SM intention make them do this?
euniceloveexo #3
It's better if Luhan will kiss Sehun. Like-- da-ef! I'll hunt the girl who'll kiss Luhan! >_<
Aigoo. I'm pretty sure that this is for TTBY, not an MV.

I think he just kissed the girl on the cheeks? I mean maybe!
Can't wait for their comeback, kissing a girl or not doesn't matter but really, wtf is with channie's hais?I can't recognise him O_o
SawakoShawol #7
Waa! No.... kai kissing other girl .... I cnt. Awch.
rhienz03 #8
I have heard that the girl is Chanyeol's ex-girlfriend. Is that true?
rhienz03 #9
I have heard that the girl is Chanyeol's ex-girlfriend. Is that true?
i prefer them to go gay
Kai NG-ed around 10 times while kissing the girl, which lead to a bunch of delay with the recording. Luhan and Kai will be the ones in the love triangle with the same girl. Kris is supposedly attending some family matters(my friend who lives in the same neighborhood as Kris' family saw him once but never again). The girl they are kissing its a trainee, so no need to worry guys. The title track of the song isn't wolf, its going to be included in the album but its not the mv since it doesn't fit the highschool concept but if it is then... SM, you are in deep ____.


You all should know that this is their job to. Kissing others unwillingly just for the sake of the MV, if Kai had been able to, he wouldn't kiss the girl. I'm sure about it.

>> Luhan and Kai will have kissing scenes

haha.. emergerd.. KaiLu
I was kinda distracted when I saw the title and didn't read it properly, which led to a stupid mistake of reading "Kai and Luhan will have a kiss scene". Hahahaha XDDD you should've seen my face when I though the two of them would kiss each other in the MV. Oh god. OTL.
And kyaaaaaaahhhh luhan's pic! >\\\\<
LOL, I'm probably the only one who doesn't mind a kiss scene. As long as the girl's pretty, it's fine.
Chanyeol's hair!!!!aifeeguohtu1!!!and Kyungsoo ah,dun be sad!!T_T
and where is Kris??SM,what are u planing to do??!!!