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Personal Message

Hello! ;)

If you've stumbled onto my profile, I guess you've read and enjoyed one of my fanfics. Thank you for that!

I generally accept all friend requests, and I really appreciate any messages and comments from you guys and read them all, but I hope you understand that between uni. family, friends, work, reading and writing  there's not enough time to reply to everything. But I really read everything because you guys, my readers and followers, are most precious to me. <3

If you're curious about me, I have many random AFF blog posts where I talk about the most random stuff and update you guys on my life. You can also follow me on instagram where I'm florescence__, or on tumblr therealitywewant.tumblr.com. I also have an AFF fashion/beauty blog called Youth --> click here to get to it , and a tumblr blog and wordpress blog  also for fashion/beauty.


These are my longer and completed fanfics:


Touch of Fear      (school life, slice of life, drama, romance, angst) Sehun, OC

Flower of Despair (drama, romance, angst, tragedy) Luhan, OC

Heart of Ice         (drama, historical, romance) Luhan, OC

Florescence of Love (school life, romance, slice of life) Baekhyun, OC


And these are currently on-going:

Bittersweet    (school life, drama, angst, romance) Luhan, OC            Spin-off to ToF, but can be read as stand-alone

mnemonic     (school life, slice of life, nostalgia)  Yixing, OC