This one goes out to all the______


honestly can’t wait ‘till MAMA & 2012 is over, no more fighting on who is the best rookie group cause THEY WONT BE ROOKIES ANYMORE, 

seriously some people are annoying as , Even if your oppa doesnt win, they arent gonna think anything less of you, They already know you love them with your soul, 

One thing im NOT looking forward to is when there is an actual winner and a loser, i guarantee the losing side will Flip Monkey start accusing the other side of cheating as if they havent already

Honestly i hope to God, Busker Busker wins just to show you guys how annoying you were, their songs are like fresh hand-dripped coffee 


anyways, all you annoying idiots are on my list



Sorry i rant, people are annoying, and i dont expect anyone to actually read this so BAM


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I love this post.
I knew busker busker would win. They are the super digital sales rookies before lee hi. Some exo and b.a.p fangirl are too ignorant to realize it. i just hate that some babys and exotics are bringing the band down -_-