Homework & Good company...

Well then, It's 3 am in the morning. Monday morning, actually, which I was supposed to sleep all day long 'cuz I don't have work tomorrow and since I'll travel to Nuevo Laredo, Tamps., on tuesday. BUT as I was saying it's 3:02 am and I'm still here because I was doing some homework shich I didn't do on friday or saturday or even on sunday!!

I was slacking off because I hadn't motivation all weekend! Even worst, one of me girl-friends got married on saturday and you know I wasn't going to miss that, right? So I started two tasks which I was supposed to hand on friday and saturday, BUT I talk to the teacher and aske for permission to deliver them after 8am on monday because I have to travel and a familiar issue (I was talking about my girl's wedding, but anyway) SO, she said yes.

But after coming home (because since a year ago I've been living alone in Reynosa, Tamps, because of work)... Back to business, I came to Monterrey to the wedding and of course to rest a bit, but I just can't!! I have so much things roaming around my head and this feelings which are pretty messed up aren't helping at all. 

Anyway, listening to ShinHwa and Super Junior have been soothing my heart. I even wrote a fic about Hyesung and Eric (RicSung couple! YAY!) and I'km writing some more but it is still unfinished. I hope tomorrow I can post it.

So... I keep going. My bed is calling me.



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