What's great about Shinhwa and made me become a faithful fan.

Okay , guys , here how i started to talk about Shinhwa. 

- I started to know them since their Music video " Run " , i get addicted to this song ( the beat , the lyrics , the concept ). And after that Minwoo and Hyesung immediately become my favorite solo artist. 

- I used to like many Kpop group , maybe DBSK can rank high in my list but am not that addicted with them as become a fan club. I admit i was hurt when i know that they will disband and  i hope Shinhwa will never break my heart. I dont really believed that Kpop group can be as real brother or sister as they promised , all seem faked to me. But Shinhwa 14th anniversery prove it to me and  i become theri fan club Shinhwa Changjo . Shinhwa is very amazing guys. 

-Each of the members got talent and skill , passionate about music , and work hard. I must say that Eric and Minwoo is very passionate about music. They stayed up at night to compose Changjo songs. Work hard for melody , etc. I want to say that i loved them forever and ever. 

- May i asked , how many group out there care about their fans as Shinhwa do? , before they leave for malitry duty , they composed Changjo a cheerful song , Once in a life time instead of dance catching song. The meaning of the song really touch me , i may face many problem in life but listen to this song again and again , my mood change and help me to stand up again. 

everyday i pray...to help me through the day...
to make myself stronger...
and i pray...

so long i've waiting for my dreams to come to life
believe that faith would make them come true

and when i close my eyes in my heart i knew that someone was..
gonna listen my prayers.. somehow i knew

beneath the stars at night i promise i would always try
and now i know it was worth the while

although it's hard sometimes you know that my love is always on your side
you can make it happen just believe

once in a life time fly to the stars

there's no denying just believe in who you are

once in your life time let me take you there
cause you dont have to feel all alone you know

i will be there

through all the joy and pain my dreams wont fade they sill remain
rainy days always come and go

but love is always there i know as long as you are here with me
that eventually you'll see u oh~~

once in a life time fly to the stars

there's no denying just believe in who you are

once in your life time let me take you there
cause you dont have to feel all alone you know

i will be there

don't you ever let go or shed a tear

(no baby no more cry)

i'll be there so have no fear

(i will pray for you and me tonight)

when the moment's right
you'll know inside it's time
inside you always knew
dreams can come true

once in a life time.

- Beside this song they still have many songs for their fans in their album to cheer them up. 

- I loved Shinhwa for everything they show , yes , nobody perfect , they show us their disadvantage , they dont try to hide us. Shinhwa made me tears. 

- I'm very happy that i get to know Shinhwa , the percouis six mans of my life. 

- As Changjo , i keep my promise to support them until my day end. 

1. If u have a chance to met them face to face , what u want to tell them?  ( Write in the comment below ) 

- For me : Thank you for existed and made great songs for us. 

They are not legend for nothing guys. 


Thank u for read my blog , Today my mother saw Eric on Shinhwa Broadcast ep 35 , lolzzz.......u know she said , i watching an Arab drama. Ok.....i dont really get it why other people can see Eric look like Arab? hahaha.

Hope a nice day guys.


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illias #1
It's true about only them being able to pull that concept but they always pull off new concepts every time... that some older fans get embarrassed about.. I actually like their concept for the newest album. Got that really mysterious feeling.. (not the ones that other bands are trying to give but tad bit different mysterious.. Like a real myth) In korean SC's opinion, they are legend in all sorts of ways.. Legend in a sense of being the longest working band, being the first to show manliness as k-pop boy band.. etc etc.. Even the legend in being the noisiest band that is so difficult to interview.. ^^ God, I love their traits..
illias #2
It's quite funny how you said that you liked the concept of Run... That album and the mv are what lots of Korean SCs consider as one of the worst concepts... ㅋㅋ For goodness sake, Hyesung grew his beard!! (As HS biased SC, I personally dreaded the concept.. Beard, beard!!!)

Anyway, it's very rare for groups to stay that long. It's true and I really like how they are being true about themselves in media more so recently. (e.g. HS becoming Jung Philgyo in front of camera.. That was rare in the past...) Every members cares about SC in different ways. Minwoo is the one who shows it most openly but nevertheless other members take care of fans as much. Dongwan has several episodes that clearly shows how he cares about SCs' well-being. I'm not a long-term SC compared to others (only 8 years) but I can see the strong bond between the singer and fans and I really admire it. It's really amazing but some new fans that started to like Shinhwa this year don't know it clearly and some of them are a tad bit rude to them.. ^^;; I hope they will understand it soon.. It's quite different from other fandoms.. (in personal opinion and not sure about international fandoms..)

p.s- even Korean fans say that Eric has this Middle East Asian feeling in his look.. And I'm afraid of watching SB ep about acting villain... Oh gosh... I really don't want to watch HS's attempts to act... I mean real act...

If I have a chance to meet them face to face, I will tell them this:
Thanks to you that I didn't forget Korean and I will always support you each fully (even marriage) as you all did to me without knowing.
Eric is walking David statue..he does look like Arabian..i want to say i love all of them!Lol..i love that song..