Ahhh. They're Becoming Addicting. Shinhwa.


See these 6 handsome men. Well... I think they're becoming my new obsession. Right now I cannot get Perfect Man out my head, I listened to it for the first time a few days ago and it sounds like proper 90's music (despite it being released in 2003) and I love it. I've been looking up all the old performances, the variety show's they were on, the music videos and simply just been watching Shinhwa for the past 4 days without a break. Ahhhh. They are legends. Beyond legends. And they've aged so well. Don't you think?

I'll be honest, I'd heard of Shinhwa when I first got into k-pop (2008) but I never really looked into any of the older groups, at the time I was somewhat obsessed with Super Junior and only had eyes for Siwon *nods* He's still one of my main bias. Anyway... I started to look into them when I fell in love with Venus and also the fact Andy was related to Teen Top somewhat edged me on (considering Teen Top is like my ultimate bias group ever).

So this is where I am. Completely obsessed with them. And Perfect Man has been stuck in my head for... 3 days now. No joke it's worse than when JJ Project's Bounce was stuck in my head. Obviously I don't mind it being in there... it's a very good song. I'm obsessed with 90's music or 90's style music and like I said this song really screams the 90's for me. I'm a 90's baby so I grew up with Backstreet Boys, NSYNC, NKOTB, Take That, Westlife, Boyzone and other groups and since getting into kpop it's relit the boyband flame I used to be obsessed with.

I love Andy (A.k.a ZomDy). He's so shy and cute and handsome and amazing. For some reason I automatically relate him to Changjo (No, not their fanclub) but Teen Top's maknae Changjo. They both seem quiet shy but will occasionally come out of their shells. Ahhh. Cute.

Anyway... I just wanted to vent out my new love for Shinhwa. I shall go off now to research some more. And probably get another stomach ache from laughing too much... honestly these guys are amazing~! They're so funny.

I shall go now. Saranghae Shinhwa. New Changjo alert (Now I mean the fanclub) Keke

Hmpf. I'll just pretends it's me touching him up to vent out my jealousy.
I can't believe I'm fangirling over a 31 year old. Oh well... as you do. He
is hot afterall. Hehe.


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Is it just me??But many ELFs respect SHINHWA and becoming a fan.Its betetr loving and respecting them than moving onto EXO,its the truth,sorry if yourean EXOtic.
WAAHHH Thats exactly the same here in every aspect except my suju fave is Heechul and in Shinhwa it is Shin HyeSung oppa <3
Jup!!! They are terribly funny and I am still asking myself everytime I watch Shinwha Broadcast:
How old are you??? They make laugh non-stop^^
yeah i agree with you PERFECT MAN is soo NICE and ADDICTING,have you seen Teen Top dance to that??

i also like them even though they are old because of their age they are still handsome...AAAHHH!!