story gift requests for christmas or new years!!

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hello asianfanfics!!

i have decided that i will accept story gift requests for stories that i will post on christmas day or a little after new years depending on completion and my availability to give story gifts to people on here and to spread some joy around this website!!so if you are interested in receiving a gift story from me..please click on this link to request for a story!!please note that just because you submit the form does not mean that you are going to get a story automatically..i will decide at some point which story requests i will accept or reject..and honestly even i do not know what the criteria for approval will just depend on how i am feeling..also please note i will only select 24 stories from the ones that are submitted..and please let your friends know and let us get this party started!!i just want to say that i am not the greatest writer and that i am just a newbie starting off and i kind of want to explore my comfort zones and see what i can anyways..i hope you all consider submitting a story request and that you all have a star day!!goodbyes!!



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Wishing you a goodluck! I'll try to submit a request too if I come up with a good story 🤗
I will definitely submit a request as well! I gotta come up with a good plot >_<
Hello! I submitted a request! Good luck with writing and thank you for doing this. I hope you have a great day. 😊
wishing you all the best and will try to help spread the word!! =]
This is definitely a great start. Good luck!! 🌷

so my friend also made is the link!!

give her some love also!!

oh and..there is no limit to how many story requests you can submit to me!!

goodbye!!have a star day!!

This is nice. Definitely a good practice!!
This is nice 😀😄
I'm looking forward to the story! Thank you 💛