◟♡ ˒ ─  THE POWER OF LYON KANG (30%, open for collab!)

—  i present to you: lyon kang, criminal-ish mastermind capable of almost destroying an entire villain organization, incapable of making soup.
—  is he a pokemon trainer? a pokemon coordinator? a freelance detective of sorts ready to foil the latest team rocket ploy? it depends on his mood. he wants to try them all given everything's a new experience to him but if there's any title that fits him to a t, it'd be "adventurer at heart."
—  still largely a wip! i noted some main points in lyon's background for reference but will definitely be reworking this section in the future. 
—  lastly, open for collabs as always!
—  collabs to add: sen's jet, anne's inigo, sien's triton
LYON KANG his new alias after betraying team rocket and, more importantly, betraying his father. 
ALEXANDER HWANG his birth name. currently, none of his new companions are aware of his identity as the former successor to a criminal organization and he'd like to keep it that way until he develops a stronger relationship with them in the future—assuming the secret stays safe with him until then. 
LITTLE BOSS he's always directly addressed as 'sir' by the underlings but it doesn't mean he's unaware of their nickname for him when they think he's not listening.
TEAM ROCKET TRAITOR many know of the recent events that have befallen the organization, but likely none outside of its members know the traitor's true identity. regardless if most don't know it's actually lyon who single-handedly caused team rocket so much ruin, just hearing rumors credit the destruction to the act of a single unknown insider brings him a great deal of satisfaction.
RICH KID growing up in luxury has both skewed his perception of money and rendered him lacking in certain basic survival skills, and though most are unaware of the details about lyon's background, it's quite clear he came from an affluent family.  
BIRTHDATE april 14 (21).
BIRTHPLACE celadon city, kanto.
HOMETOWN snowpoint city, sinnoh.
UALITY biual
INSPIRATION tbz's the stealer & thrill ride era + gojo satoru from jujutsu kaisen + khun aguero agnis from tower of god.
FACE CLAIM the boyz's juyeon
BACKUP nct's jeno
HEIGHT & WEIGHT 187 cm & 73 kg
STYLE hoenn's predominantly warmer climate is well welcomed by lyon after living in snowpoint city for years, and naturally, his closet reflects the change in temperature. his typical outfits comprise of some combination of a casual button down, a tank top or sleeveless tee, and shorts or track pants with an even mix of bright colors and neutral hues. caps and sunglasses are also common accessories he wears, though the former are more for shielding his face in populated areas to make him less easily identifiable should a team rocket member be among the crowd. 
aries, entp-a, chaotic neutral, slytherin.
POS. adventurous, charismatic, fun-loving, playful, self-confident, witty.
NEU. calculating, composed, curious, lax, philosophical, sly.
NEG. cocky, enigmatic, manipulative, private, unforgiving, vindictive.
from his charming smile to his cool composure, it is clear at first glance that lyon carries himself with confidence, yet even with his playful tone and carefree demeanor, there is an undeniable air of mystery that accompanies this self-proclaimed novice adventurer from sinnoh. 

raised to become the future leader of a criminal organization, lyon possesses numerous qualities befitting of the perfect successor. among his greatest strengths are his intelligence and analytical mind, and in combination with his meticulous attention to detail, he has proven himself worthy of his informal title as a master strategist—one who never stops thinking and observing despite his nonchalant nature, one who always strives to be three steps ahead of his opponent.  

lyon's inclination to assess everything in the world extends not only to the individuals and events around him, but also to the values and motivations that stem from within him. it is likely this level of self-awareness that allows him to experience growth at a rather commendable pace, for his approach to introspection is largely similar to how he analyzes the strengths and weaknesses of different pokemon and their trainers in battle–a combination of smaller details with broader trends, followed by potential reasons behind these actions and behaviors. these observations allow him to make logical inferences based on different people's behavioral patterns, and in turn, lyon utilizes this knowledge to influence the direction of certain events for whatever outcome he desires. to some, this can be incredibly manipulative. to others, it can be a valuable asset.

as 'alexander hwang', he is a force to be reckoned with, his name both revered and feared throughout team rocket and maybe even beyond. there is power to his presence, commanding yet poised, and despite having a position that grants him nearly free reign over the organization’s underlings, his leadership style and overall personality contrast greatly with those of his father. unlike the latter's ill temperament, alexander very seldomly lashes out in anger or annoyance at failure or incompetence, and for this, it is unsurprising that he became one of the more favored superiors in the organization. 

even so, it would be a lie to say his stoic nature never comes off as intimidating. cool and level-headed, alexander is a master at masking his emotions behind a lax but knowing smile, calm but crafty as if possessing some hidden information others are unaware of, which may often be true.
his real thoughts can be difficult to gauge because he is unlikely to openly express his emotions, but when something or someone does test his patience, the signs are subtle but consistent: slightly knitted brows, crossed arms, and a detached stare. it is easy to mistaken his irritation or anger for disinterest but the most tell-tale indication of the former would be the added tension and grit to his voice. his demeanor grows much colder, no explosive outbursts but instead a frosty, tranquil fury. 
as 'lyon kang', he is an enigma hidden behind a carefree smile and friendly, albeit mischievous persona. a lover of fun and adventure, he is now free to live life by his own terms, no longer bound to the criminal organization he had been raised to take leadership of. given his upbringing, personal freedom is an ideal he heavily values and so now with his new opportunity to explore the world, lyon's wish has become to travel to all the regions, open to all experiences and to (almost) anyone who wishes to adventure alongside him. 
at first glance, it is unlikely one would expect lyon to be a former team rocket member, let alone the successor to its leadership.
he is confident and charismatic, yes, but his presence no longer exudes the domineering and intimidating aura it once had during his team rocket days—by choice, of course, at least when he isn't serious during battles. lyon is playful and full of mischief, always one for bantering with and teasing his new companions, but there is no malice behind his words. if anything, the teasing may show his fondness. 
lyon is also extremely protective of his friends and once he considers someone as such, he can't help but want to look over their well-being and help them achieve their dreams. whether it's as a mentor figure of sorts who can help coach someone on pokemon battle strategies or as a lover who will devote himself to protecting his partner's happiness, lyon is immensely loyal and caring and protective towards those he deems important to him. while these sentiments may not be obvious, they are hinted through his habits of stepping in front of his companions or taking command of a situation when he perceives a potential threat or danger—and it is in these situations when his new companions can catch a glimpse into what lies beneath the carefree nature of 'lyon kang', a persona that instead more closely aligns with the almost terrifying force that is 'alexander hwang'. 
at his worst, he is unrelenting, unyielding, and unforgiving. 
his overwhelming confidence can easily pass off as cockiness, and while he is very easygoing and unserious when it comes to friendly competition, merely winning will no longer suffice should anyone be brave (or foolish) enough to intentionally provoke him. if it's a challenge they want, then lyon shall deliver, and in scenarios where his opponent isn't someone he considers a friend, lyon will accept nothing short of absolute, indisputable victory. this also extends beyond just pokemon battles, with the prime example being his betrayal of team rocket. 
many would describe alexander as ambitious but in truth, his motivations for climbing the ranks were dictated by vengence more than by ambition.
in truth, he has never seen himself as a truly good person, and while many of his principles and actions can be perceived as kind, lyon thinks this kindness is more of a byproduct of his own selfish desires than from a good moral compass. coming from a criminal background, much of his past actions can be described as dubious at best, and although he does not actively strive for repetence, lyon does hope to put this former life behind him and live the rest of his life by his own terms, happy and free with his new companions.
—  lyon kang, previously known as alexander hwang.
—  former successor to a criminal organization, raised to inherit the team rocket leadership from his father only to spend six years planning his eventual betrayal.
—  growing up, he developed immense resentment towards his father for forcing him into a future he had no say over. as the leader of team rocket, wealth and profit came above all for his father, and so material goods and rare or powerful pokemon became easy gifts to replace familial warmth. 
—  about one month before the story begins, lyon carried out the plan he'd been perfecting for half a decade since he and his dad relocated to snowpoint city, sinnoh where team rocket had established their newest research base. with the influence and trust he'd earned from both his dad and from the organization, lyon pulled strings to relocate a majority of pokemon captured (and illegally obtained) by team rocket to the sinnoh base where he would later release them all on the day he finally carried out his plan, alongside massive document leaks before essentially vanishing from their radar. 

—  upon first impression, he exudes charisma and power with a bit of mysterious aura, only for others to find out he lacks almost all basic survival skills—terrible at cooking, terrible at navigating, terrible at setting camp. it's a blessing he found companions to travel with because he's a comical disaster on his own. 
—  despite appearing incompetent in the wilderness, lyon transforms completely in the face of battle. his confidence and intelligence make him an extremely formidable opponent, and while he lacks experience in a proper pokemon gym setting, he's definitely no beginner to battling. strategy is, after all, one of his greatest strengths. 
—  other than to explore more of the world, part of lyon's reason for coming to hoenn is to return his absol back to its original home. funny enough, it's actually by getting (ridiculously) lost on the way to route 120 that lyon encounters the main cast. 

—  as an enemy, lyon is a menace at best and a nightmare at worst, shown through his constant meddling with any criminal organization he encounters thanks to his own grudge against team rocket. as an ally, however, he's protective and friendly, always open to giving advice and even becoming a mentor figure of sorts when it comes to training pokemon and strategizing for battles. 
—  if asked why he wished to leave team rocket so adamantly, his simplified answer would be because serving and leading such an incompetent organization is a waste of his time. and if asked why he pledged so many years of his life planning a grand ploy to betray his father, his simplified answer would be because leaving the organization would not be enough for his father would never allow it, likely ready to do any means necessary to bring him back. naturally, doing irreversible damage to the organization would be his best course of action as it would deplete their resources and cause a mess they'd need to immediately address, therefore delaying and hindering their search for him after his departure. 
—  but in truth, his motive for bringing ruins to team rocket runs much deeper than wanting to avoid wasting time on an organization he cared little to none about. 
—  lyon's betrayal came after years of growing up in a household devoid of familial warmth. his father's obsession with wealth came at the expense of others, and since he was young, lyon had accepted that his worth was measured by how much profit he could bring to his father. he was merely an investment, locked into a pre-determined future. and lyon was too good for that. and so he struck where it would hurt the most. 
LIKES traveling, summer weather, pools and beaches, iced drinks, museums, festivals and celebrations
DISLIKES cold weather, rain, team rocket, villain organizations in general, mundanity and repetition
HOBBIES analyzing battles, watching pokemon contests, exploring, working out, photography
HABITS teasing and provoking others, observing/analyzing people and events
— theme songs: enhypen's "blessed-cursed" & "future perfect" + seventeen's "hot"
— his favorite compliment: is when someone tells him they'd hate to have him as an enemy.
— philosophy towards pokemon: personal freedom is his main motivation for leaving team rocket, and it's also his reason for wanting to release the pokemon captured by the organization; this includes those he'd received as gifts and grew up with, unless they express a genuine desire to stay with him. despite being raised to view pokemon as means to wealth and power, he's very caring and gentle towards them and will not catch or keep any pokemon that do not wish to stay with him.
— character playlist: here.
RELATIONSHIPS include name, age, occupation, role in your character's life (family? friend? foe?) and a brief relationship with your character. also include face claim for any character that isn’t a family member
(welcome to the interview section, answer in your character's pov! if you want, you can pretend like this is aiden interviewing you for a scenario.)
I SEE. WHAT ARE YOUR OPINIONS ON TRAVELING WITH OTHERS? as in, do you enjoy the company or would rather travel by yourself? are they more of a leader or team follower in group settings?
PARTNER POKEMON include nickname (if any), gender, relationship, nature or a short personality, and where your pokemon met/received them. feel free to add any more info! this will be the pokemon i focus on the most in the story
male, blaze ability, serious nature.
INFO evolved from combusken. lyon's first pokemon, gifted by his father at an early age for his birthday.  
MOVES blaze kick, quick attack, sky uppercut, fire punch.
—  here.
—  here.
—  here.
THE TEAM any other pokemon on the team? same info as above, except please indicate if your character has yet to met them and will meet them later in the story
female, competitive ability, calm nature.
INFO here.
MOVES water pulse, hydro pump, captivate, recover.
—  here.
—  here.
—  here.
male, intimidate ability, rash nature.
INFO here.
MOVES dragon tail, dragon breath, zen headbutt, protect.
—  here.
—  here.
—  here.
female, own tempo ability, relaxed nature.
INFO here.
MOVES ice fang, wide guard, body slam, blizzard.
—  here.
—  here.
—  here.
male, super luck ability, lonely nature.
INFO here.
MOVES night slash, future sight, double team, perish song.
—  here.
—  here.
—  here.
male, steadfast ability, adamant nature.
INFO here
MOVES force palm, rock smash, endure, reversal.
—  here.
—  here.
—  here.
JOURNEY HISTORY what has your character been doing before meeting up with the main squad? have they been just camping out in a forest trying to find some pokemon? or have they not started off yet and the squad will be the catalyst for your character starting their own journey?
DREAM currently, he has no dream of becoming a pokemon champion, top coordinator, or any other similarly accomplished title. after so long, the newfound freedom he's always yearned for has finally been achieved, and if one were to ask him about his greatest desire as of now, his answer would be to explore the world and experience all the wonders it has to offer. 
TRIVIA pokemon trivia! some things u can discuss if they have a favorite and least favorite typing, if they're scared of any pokemon, if they've met a legendary or want to, are they good at making poffins?
— here: here.
— here: here.
— here: here.
FULL NAME aiden kim.
BIRTHDATE december 10 (twenty).
HOMETOWN littleroot, hoenn.
FACE CLAIM txt's yeonjun.
HOW YOU MET first meeting. please make it clear if the two have met yet or will meet sometime in the journey
LOVE STORY how the two's story will unfold after the first meeting. if you don't have a clear idea yet, talk about general relationship and how it'll develop along with any specific interactions that you want to have
RELATIONSHIP STATEMENT can be an entire song, lyric, or a quote that reflects their relationship
—  enhypen 'not for sale'
—  baekhyun 'candy'
—  taeyong & seulgi 'rose'
—  nct 127 'welcome to my playground'
—  enhypen 'tfw'
—  seventeen 'our dawn is hotter than day'
—  nct 127 'road trip'
— here: here.
— here: here.
— here: here.


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