. WARNINGS: child abandonment, bullying, implied (mild) paranoia, mentions of homophobia and underage drinking.


han yooseong

"the highest form of knowledge is empathy."

— george eliot


FULL NAME han yooseong


kim yooseong his previous legal name, which was changed after his adoption to reflect his adoptive father's surname.



number one a title he's had since his first year in high school. though he's always been in the top of his class, it wasn't until after yooseong completely withdrew from his former friend group at the end of his first year that he propelled upward to scoring the best among his classmates. seeing he very rarely dropped (and only temporarily, if ever), it was only a matter of time before he became known as the indisputable number one among his cohort. this position only solidified when he not only received the highest csat score in his school but also placed within the nation's top 1%.

teacher's pet the more negative version of his previous nickname, used especially during middle school though he still heard it every now and then during high school. after their fallout, woojin and his friends call yooseong this 'jokingly', but even those who are unaware of said fallout can sense tension in their interactions and a shift in their relationship. 


DOB 01/20/2003 (19)

BIRTHPLACE gwangju, south korea

HOMETOWN gwangju, south korea


NATIONALITY south korean





korean, 한국어 fluent; his native tongue. originally from gwangju, he speaks with a light jeolla diallect, subtle but still a telltale that he did not grow up in jeju. 

english, 영어 intermediate; yooseong's writing skills and reading comprehension are well above average due to after school tutoring sessions, though his pronounciation is still laced with an accent. his in-person conversation skills aren't bad either, but it's definitely much easier for him to read and write english than it is for him to speak it.


FACECLAIM enhypen's heeseung

BACKUP enhypen's sunghoon


HEIGHT 182 cm (6'0")

WEIGHT 64 kg (142 lbs)


APPEARANCE with his stoic expression and composed demeanor, yooseong's image is commonly described as cold and detached by his current and former peers, if not, at the very least indifferent. as with his wardrobe, yooseong keeps his appearance simple with no modifications like piercings and tattoos, both due to personal preference and to maintain a professional appearance for clinicals. though he places little significance in brand name clothes and expensive cosmetics (more specifically, cologne and skincare products), he is well-groomed and puts in effort to look clean and refreshed every morning for class, as opposed to others who show up seemingly after rolling out of bed. 


yooseong's daily look takes no more than 15 minutes to prepare—black hair neatly combed and parted down the middle but generally unstyled, and a casual outfit he can wear comfortably throughout the day. for special events, however, he'll spend more time in front of the mirror to style his hair, either brushing his bangs up or parting it down the side with gel instead.


STYLE  wardrobe (will add description soon!)


CHILDHOOD  2003-2016

in the present day, those who meet yooseong can't help but believe he is destined for greatness and success, but it was after nearly two decades of hearing he was only destined for failure that he could achieve what he has today. 


since (presumably) shortly after his birth, yooseong was abandoned at the honam children's home in gwangju, south korea where he lived until age 15. among about forty other children, yooseong was one of the most distant and reserved,  and perhaps it was his initially intimidating nature combined with unluckiness that he remained in the orphanage as many others came and went. the older he grew, the lower his prospects of adoption became, and by the end of primary school, he had accepted the harsh truth that he would likely age out of the welfare system and be left to fend on his own.


even so, yooseong held no ill will towards those who were more fortunate than him, who had left the honam children's home with a new family while he stayed. there was always an undeniable tinge of envy, yes, for anyone in their circumstances all dreamed of finding a family too, but to wallow in self-pity and despair would do nothing to change yooseong's reality, though at some point he had understood those feelings as well. what he needed to focus on was fulfilling his role as an older brother to the younger children and completing his chores to help keep the orphanage running smoothly. he can only hope his future will be brighter than his past and present, whether it be by aspiration and hard work or sheer luck and opportune timing. 


MIDDLE SCHOOL  2016-2019


characterized as the period of the most change for yooseong, these three years not only marked the beginning of his dream but also the time he met those who'd later become his family. 

due to his unconventional upbringing, it was only expected that he faced much discrimination in school, as it was common knowledge many of the kids from honam children's home historically attended the same elementary, middle, and high schools. other students typically either isolated or outrightly ridiculed him and the other honam children, but with a social hierarchy that emphasized bloodline and tradition as core family values, yooseong was deemed inferior because he came from neither. in the eyes of others, he was worth less than most of his peers, and this mindset was only further reinforced by his classmates' parents urging them to avoid the honam children,  solely under the presumption that the absence of parental guidance made them bad influences on their peers. 


the older yooseong grew, the more aware he became of his circumstances and the hierarchy forced upon him, and while he didn't understand the specific nuances of society at this young age, it still felt deeply unfair that his worth was determined by circumstances lying beyond his control. the closest he experienced to empathy or sympathy or compassion was the pity of his teachers, but even then he knew they had little expectation of him and his future.

and so the older yooseong became, not only did his awareness grow but so did his anger and frustration. it was as if nobody outside of honam believed in him, and gradually, this anger and frustration manifested into a quiet but intense yearning for acknowledgement and respect—yet most of all, what he desired most was to hear the words "i'm sorry" and "i was wrong" from those who had no faith in him, who had ridiculed and isolated and made him feel as if he was undeserving of kindness and respect. this desire fueled him with determination to prove he was capable of success, and so marked the beginning of his endless pursuit of a better education for a brighter future. 


from midway into his 7th grade year and onward, yooseong dedicated all his energy and time into his studies beyond just completing his required homework. though difficult at first, he started powering through his class workbooks and textbooks, reading sections and writing notes for chapters that would be presented in the upcoming lesson. this helped him follow lectures better during class, though what benefited him even more was spending hours answering practice questions outside of what was officially assigned. on some evenings, he worked through 50 questions in his grammar book and on other evenings, he solved 30 problems from his math textbook. even then, there were inevitably concepts he still had difficulties grasping, so it was only logical he'd ask for help from his teachers. 


but it seemed like the adults responsible for guiding him towards a better future through education had already believed he was inherently destined for failure and stagnation, and as a result, they did little to encourage or help him outside of what was required in the classroom. excuses and half-hearted comments of encouragement were usually their responses to his requests for their time after school, accompanied by "you've already been improving, don't worry about these sections" and "i can't work with you today but just read the chapter and explanation again". part of him wanted to be understanding that they had their own obligations after work, but the more realistic (or perhaps pessimistic) side of him knew they thought he wasn't worth their time. unlike students with promising futures and parents who invested in their education, yooseong didn't have the luxury of attending cram school, and even with his best efforts and all his hard work, his resources remained limited—restricted, beyond his control. once again, his anger and frustration returned, but this time it also manifested into a sense of desperation.

the first time a teacher finally reached out to him, it was surprisingly none of his current instructors and instead an 8th grade math teacher named mrs. baek haeun. for the past month, she had heard of his relentless requests for additional help from the 7th grade instructors in the staff lounge, and what they saw as persistence, she couldn't help but admire as perseverance. it was mrs. baek who started staying after school to tutor yooseong twice a week for the rest of the year, and it was also her who later became his 8th grade homeroom and math instructor.

without doubt, mrs. baek's role as yooseong's unofficial mentor left the most significant impact on his life during this time, and even after he advanced another year to 9th grade, she remained his mentor who not only helped elevate his math skills past his current grade level but also listened to his concerns beyond just his academic performance. perhaps for the first time, yooseong felt heard. he talked about his hardships with growing up without a conventional family, and he talked about his dream to become a doctor in the future—once because he believed it would ensure him the respect and recognition he'd always wanted, but now because he genuinely wanted to bring care and support to those who shared his circumstances and felt left behind by society.

to surpass people's expectations of him by having a successful future had been his main goal in the past 3 years, but now that he was starting to understand the bigger picture, what now seemed more meaningful would be to one day bring greater awareness and change to the welfare system. though he'd always believed it, mrs. baek had truly shown him that those born into his circumstances weren't inherently destined for failure and stagnation, but it was instead the system around them that withheld opportunities for growth from them. with proper resources and encouragement, they could also thrive and truly enjoy life, and through her kindness and sincere belief in him, she not only gave him hope but also the drive to achieve success and one day break through the stigma. after 3 years, mrs. baek had become closest to the maternal figure yooseong never had, and with less than a year before his middle school graduation, he couldn't help but want to stay under her guidance for longer. it was merely wishful thinking though, especially when she revealed she'd accepted a new job and her family would be moving shortly after the end of the academic year. 

"i heard jeju is beautiful," was yooseong's first reaction to hearing the news, and albeit disheartened at the thought of never seeing his favorite teacher again after his graduation and her move, he had already accepted what would likely be reality. "i remember you mentioning eunhee loved beaches. what are her thoughts on moving there?"

glancing over at the framed family photo at the corner of her desk, mrs. baek gave a small smile at the question. "she's a bit sad about leaving her friends here, but she understands, though it hasn't stopped her from asking questions ever since we told her." 

"mm, questions? like what?"

"like 'will yooseong come with us?' to which i answered, 'only if he wants to.'"

"me...? oh... i wish i could visit jeju but i don't think i can afford it." 


"not to visit exactly, but to come live with us. permanently. as a family." 

these were the words he'd always dreamt of hearing, and he listened frozen in shock and hopeful disbelief as she explained how this discussion started last year with her family, how she had grown to deeply care for yooseong almost like a mother would, and if he would allow it, she would like to adopt him and look after him and help make his dream of becoming a doctor come true. 

with the bond they'd formed over the past several years, yooseong's answer came as a resounding yes. to say there were no challenges in arranging the adoption process would be a lie, and truthfully, there were moments in which yooseong feared these complications would cause his soon-to-be family to hesitate and rethink their decision; but march 2019 marked the month he could officially call mrs. baek haeun's family his own, and shortly after his graduation, thus commenced their move to jeju city. 

HIGH SCHOOL  2019-2022

with such major changes to yooseong's life came a period of adjustment, but true to their word, haeun and her husband jeongho regarded yooseong as their own son, placing his well-being and education among their highest priorities. to say their family was comfortably well-off would be an overstatement, but haeun's job as a teacher and jeongho's as an office worker were enough to fund yooseong's (and his adoptive sister eunhee's) cram school classes with the tradeoff of limited vacations and splurges. 

but some things never change as even in jeju, his upbringing and family background remained an issue that followed him there. within his first year at the new school, rumors that his parents 'weren't truly his parents' began to spread. the exact sources were unknown but considering he looked nothing like them and the school staff likely talked amongst themselves regarding his situation, it was only a matter of time before news started to spread. fortunately, whatever true thoughts his classmates had were hidden, if there was any ill will at all. nobody outrightly treated him with disdain or distrust here and maybe it was because he now had a family as his support system or maybe they were just more subtle at this age, but nevertheless yooseong kept to himself as always, quietly focusing on his studies and quickly rising as the top student in his class. 


two months into his 10th year marked the first time he was approached by what would soon become his main friend group. ahn woojin and lee nahee, both of whom rivaled him in academic performance, had invited him to join a group project, and maybe he should've recognized a warning flag when they chose him over their other friends but he accepted anyway. though their meetups to work on the project involved more socializing than yooseong was ever used to, the two seemed rather friendly and before he knew it, discussions about their assignment turned into casual conversations about their interests and upcoming events. what came as a surprise though was woojin and nahee's invitation to join them for the premiere of an upcoming movie, and from then on, yooseong was pulled into their friend group and he couldn't help but feel joy and relief. after so long of feeling loneliness, he was now leaving the house more, not just to attend cram school but also to meet with friends who accepted him into their circle and enjoyed their time with him. it seemed like everything was finally falling into place. he had a family who loved him, friends who cared about him, and perhaps most foreign of all, a blossoming first love in the form of nahee who seemed to reciprocate his feelings.

his afternoons and weekends were no longer spent couped up in cram school and his room just studying—sometimes they went out for boba or bbq or karaoke and maybe even threw some parties, but the outings typically ended with yooseong walking nahee back home, and eventually he considered her, woojin, and a newcomer into the group named hyunwoo as his closest friends. the bond they shared fostered the trust he placed in them, and when he finally felt comfortable with revealing everything about his family background and circumstances, they all listened attentively and treated him no different than they'd always had. because of this, he truly believed his friends were here to stay, but it was the end of their first year that the charade dropped and everything fell apart.

yooseong still remembers the moment he left cram school one evening to see 8 missed phone calls from nahee, who immediately answered frantically when he finally called back. 

"yooseong, please don't listen to hyunwoo, please i can explain everything."

"why, what's wrong? are you alright? sorry, i just left tutoring, i can meet you if you w—" 

"yes! let's meet up, right now, just please don't believe anthing hyunwoo says until i tell you everything, please." 

nothing could prepare yooseong when he finally stood face-to-face with nahee and listened with increasing shock and disbelief and a kindling anger as nahee revealed the real reason why she and woojin first invited yooseong to their group 7 months ago—to pretend and befriend him, to dig and see if the rumors about his non-blood relation with his parents were true, and (as yooseong later found out from hyunwoo) to distract him from his studies so that woojin could claim his spot as top student of their class. 

"i'm sorry for everything," was nahee's closing statement. "the more i got to know you, the more i realized i started to genuinely like you. i made a mistake and so did the others. the pressure woojin feels from his parents to be the best in class got the better of him but he realizes now that he was wrong and so do i. so please, forgive me, forgive us, you're our friend now and we care about you. we made a mistake and we're so sorry." 

a silence fell between them as yooseong remained unmoving, staring at nahee with an unreadable expression that did nothing to convey the turmoil ripping him apart from within. when he finally spoke, only bitter coldness greeted her, the warmth that he once showed now completely absent from his tone: "you all knowingly deceived me because you thought it would benefit you. do you think intentionally hurting someone is a mistake?"

"we didn't mean to—"

"no, you clearly meant to lie to me. and you clearly meant to hurt me. it doesn't matter now that you're sorry because to want to deceive me in the first place means you had no respect for me or regard for my feelings. i don't forgive you or woojin or anyone else no matter how much you apologize. leave me alone and never think i'll consider you anything more than a disgusting person." 

nobody except his parents knew the reason why yooseong was absent from school for the remainder of the week. to nahee and woojin and hyunwoo, it must've seemed like he did so out of rage but in truth, it was because the truth left him devastated, uncontrollably sobbing from the moment he returned home that night. their betrayal left a deep wound not only because he struggled to open up about his vulnerabilities in the first place, but ultimately because he had been gradually learning that he was deserving of love and respect despite his origins. but as much as he wanted to believe it, in his mind, this betrayal proved that the only people willing to love and respect him were his family who had taken him in and encouraged him to become his best self.

for that, he owed them everything, and he would no longer let anyone deceive him and distract him from repaying his family for their support. 

the monday yooseong returned to school, it became clear he and what was now his former friend group had had a major fallout. despite some of their best efforts to reach out (mainly nahee and hyunwoo), yooseong had no interest in mending their friendship. after everything that happened, it was difficult to believe that others wouldn't also have intentions of hurting him, and so yooseong reverted to an almost more extreme version of his formerly reserved self—no longer just quiet and distant but instead a much more withdrawn nature, unwilling to allow anyone in outside of his loved ones. and with all the time to focus on his studies now, yooseong  powered through relentlessly, refusing to lose his top rank to woojin.

by the end of high school, yooseong had become the indisputable number one of his class. he received the highest csat score in his school and placed within the nation's top 1%, yet despite securing his acceptance into almost every university he applied to including yonsei and korea university, yooseong officially decided to attend jeju university because of its closeness to home and its generous scholarship in fully covering his tuition, dorms, textbooks, and more. since his parents had always encouraged him to concentrate on studying rather than working part-time to support the family, he didn't want to burden them financially even more when their lifestyle was already considered rather modest. 


the yooseong from years ago would've likely jumped at the first chance of attending such prestigious institutions like the sky universities, but the yooseong now wants to do everything he can to hold onto his family. and so in august of 2022, yooseong officially joined the freshman cohort of jeju university as a student of the college of medicine. 


PERSONA isfj-a, ravenpuff, neutral good, 6w5.

— POS attentive, caring, disciplined, empathetic, loyal, open-minded, respectful, resilient.

— NEU cautious, composed, gentle, protective, realistic.

— NEG aloof, cynical, distrustful, reserved, stoic, skeptical, unforgiving, workaholic.


with his serious demeanor, it is unsurprising that most people find yooseong cold and intimidating. calling him rude would be inaccurate given how his upbringing taught him to treat others with manners and respect—once out of necessity due to his circumstances, though now because he believes it is what people owe one another—but yooseng has always kept towards himself, and his reserved nature only developed into one much more withdrawn following the ordeal with his former friend group in high school. at first glance, perhaps it seems silly that something as trivial as high school drama became the source of his intense distrust towards others, but a deeper dive reveals it was more than a mere fallout with whom he once considered as close companions.


having always encountered some form of prejudice for his unconventional upbringing, yooseong grew up surrounded by the mentality that he was inferior to his peers solely due to the absence of his biological parents. while he never grew to genuinely believe this, he did come to accept his standing in a society that holds bloodline, lineage, and tradition as ideals. to survive meant to adapt, and to adapt meant to be realistic about his circumstances so that he may navigate through them and climb towards a better future. but even so, it didn't mean he wasn't angered by the stigma surrounding his circumstances.

it was this anger that fueled his unrelenting perseverance in going beyond what was expected of him both in class and in life, and this work ethic and disciplined approach to his responsibilities remain two of his greatest strengths in the present day, even if yooseong does sometimes fall victim to overworking himself. though a fierce believer that everyone deserves opportunities for success no matter their background, he is also well-aware of the bigger picture that different backgrounds come with different challenges. in this regard, he is open-minded in his belief that nobody's worth should be determined by circumstances beyond their control, and given his own upbringing, it is difficult to not be empathetic and understanding of others' hardships. 

with his compassion and desire to help those from unprivileged backgrounds, it seems almost contradicting that yooseong addresses people with general disinterest at best and irritation or hostility at worst, with the latter reserved for those who've wronged him or shown a blatant disregard for other people. in truth, he is a kind-hearted and humble person who is grateful for all he has now, who wants to use his experience to make a positive impact on the world. such an ambitious dream demands great time and effort, and considering he was once distracted from his goals because of his former friend group, yooseong refuses to let any friendships and other trivial matters distract him anymore, not until he graduates medical school and accomplishes his dream. at least, this is what he tells his family.

but at the root of his withdrawn nature lies a wound carved by his former friends and their betrayal from 3 years ago, one that still stings to this day and serves as the origin for his fear from opening himself up again. their fallout had left him with severe trust issues, unable to resist doubting and questioning people's intentions even when they approach him with friendliness and seemingly well intentions. yooseong never believed in stepping on others for his own benefit but it seems not everyone shared the same sentiment, and seeing the immense hurt he experienced 3 years ago still lives with him to this day, closing himself off appears to be the only guarantee in preventing a repeat of what happened before.

he doesn't want to be played a fool again for caring about those who wish for his downfall, and as of the start of this new period in his life, it will undoubtedly take time for him to place his trust in anyone else again. but once he does, yooseong will prove himself to be a fiercely loyal companion and even a selflessly devoted lover, and perhaps then, he will once again reveal the warmth that defines his character and the hidden past that defines him as the han yooseong others know today. 



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NAME han eunhee

RELATIONSHIP adoptive sister

DOB 11/27/2006 (16)

OCCUPATION high school student





fearless and outspoken, eunhee's personality is a stark contrast from yooseong, and when combined with the lack of similarities in their appearances, it makes sense that they are not blood related. even so, the familial bond they share is undeniable, and one look is all it takes to see eunhee admires yooseong as much as yooseong adores her. it almost feels like yesterday when he was back in 9th grade, eager at the prospects of being adopted into mrs. baek haeun's family yet also anxious that eunhee and her family jeongho would not like him—or worse, refuse to accept him. but unknown to his knowledge at the time, haeun had constantly talked about him at home, praising his resilience and dedication in a way that made him impossible for eunhee to not admire. 

"i don't get it, why's everyone so mean to him? he's so cool!" she had supposedly exclaimed after haeun explained yooseong's situation. 

to which haeun replied, "because some people don't want to accept those who are different from them. unfortunately, that is the sad truth."

"well, they should be kind to everyone! that's stupid." 

"eunhee! what did i say about using that word?"

"sorry... but it is..."

despite their many differences, what eunhee does share with yooseong is their sincere belief that kindness and respect are what people owe one another. she is immensely proud of having yooseong as a brother and likewise, he can't help but admire her fighting spirit and unapologetic personality. though yooseong soon moves into the campus dorms, they remain in constant contact even when yooseong doesn't visit home for the week, usually with eunhee spamming him with pictures and yooseong detailing interesting things that happened during his week. even though jju is within 25 minutes driving distance of his home, a part of him still worries about her starting her first year of high school. overall, their relationship can be summed up with this snippet of their conversation before yooseong left for jju:

"no matter what anyone tells you, don't let them dictate your worth. there may be people out there who don't want you to succeed and sometimes it's hard to ignore them, but i'll always be here to hear your worries and i'll always be ready to come home whenever you need me."

"that's nice but if people are going to not stop being mean to me, maybe i should just punch them?"

"... please don't do that."

so maybe yooseong was right to be a bit concerned with eunhee starting high school, but again, if there's anything he admires about her, it's definitely that... fighting spirit...



NAME baek haeun

RELATIONSHIP adoptive mom

DOB 03/01/1981 (41)

OCCUPATION middle school math teacher




description undoubtedly the person who made the greatest impact on yooseong's life, haeun is one of the people he holds dearest to his heart. it was thanks to her openness in helping and encouraging him in middle school that he has grown so much today, and there is only so much he can do now to express his gratitude for her compassion and support. at some point in the future, yooseong would like to buy her and jeongho a grand gift—a new house? or a new luxury car?—but as of now, the least he can do is return home regularly and help with as many chores as he can. 

unknown to yooseong, however, haeun can't help but still worry about the fallout between him and his former friends from 3 years ago. as one of the two people who consoled him the night he returned home devastated, it is evident that his withdrawn nature and unwillingness to form personal connections are direct results of said fallout. there's only so much she can do to encourage him to socialize when he had been so deeply hurt by their actions. for now, she can only continue being his support system and hope that this new period in his life will grant him opportunities to meet friends who sincerely care about him and who he trusts enough to open up to in the near future. 

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NAME ahn woojin

RELATIONSHIP former friend

DOB 2003 (19)

OCCUPATION jju student (pre-medical sciences)




description son of a cardiologist and anesthiologist, woojin hails from a well-respected and successful family, and as nahee once alluded to, it is likely this constant pressure from his family to excel that leads woojin to feel threatened by yooseong. everyone in their class had heard rumors of yooseong coming from nothing and woojin was no exception. but something about yooseong outranking him despite woojin having more expensive tutors and even a reputable lineage heavily bothered him, and it made him want to find out himself whether this rumor was true. even if it wasn't, yooseong looked like he needed friends anyway, so they'd be doing him a favor regardless. 

following the reveal that woojin had orchestrated the whole plan with befriending yooseong, woojin has apologized directly to the other, albeit visibly irritated that yooseong refuses to accept his apology. their relationship remains extremely tense to this day with woojin thinking yooseong is immaturely petty about his grudge, but seeing as they are both in the college of medicine and will inevitably have classes together, yooseong will only speak with him if deemed needed for assignments. even so, his words are curt and his attitude, cold and borderlining hostile if woojin bothers him more than necessary. it is clear that yooseong wants nothing to do with woojin, and maybe woojin would be fine with that if it weren't for that fact that yooseong continues to surpass him, unwilling to falter. it pisses him off—in his eye, yooseong needs to get over it already.



NAME lee nahee

RELATIONSHIP former friend and crush

DOB 2003 (19)

OCCUPATION jju student (pre-medical sciences)




description the youngest daughter of a cardiologist and pharmacist, nahee is woojin's long-term friend from elementary school who he ropes into befriending yooseong, and if it weren't for the fallout, nahee would've likely been who yooseong considered his first love. based on her account, she had started with merely going along with woojin's scheme only to genuinely start growing feelings for yooseong. he explained concepts that she didn't understand, he walked her home on the weekends they hung out, and he looked after her when she had pretended to be drunk at a party, all to test him in accordance to woojin's plan. the realization that he was truly a kind-hearted person despite his upbringing only strengthened the guilt she felt in deceiving him.

but yooseong doesn't forgive her, nor does he want anything further to do with her. part of her understands but the other part is hopeful for the future, and maybe this is why she tries to make small talk whenever they cross each other's paths at jju, albeit futile every time.

unknown to yooseong, nahee wasn't the only person who had developed feelings for him. she was aware that their mutual friend, hyunwoo, had too—but hyunwoo was also a kind person who was completely unaware of woojin's schemes, up until the moment he pieced everything together and says he'll tell yooseong the truth if they didn't come clean with their charade. this is the true reason why nahee frantically called yooseong that night, and also the reason why she lies about hyunwoo being knowingly involved in the plan. in the end, yooseong cuts them all off, and while their strained relationship remains a sore spot for her, at the very least hyunwoo can't have yooseong either. 


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— lo-fi his go-to background music when studying.


— sweets yooseong has always had a preference for the suguary side of things, whether it's desserts or drinks.


— coffee it wasn't until his last year of high school that he started drinking coffee, primarily to study for his csat exam. to say that he needs it to function throughout the day would be an overstatement, but with how much more frequently yooseong's starting to stop by the cafe in the morning, it's safe to say his current rate of one drink every 2-3 days will probably grow into at least one every day.

— strong scents particularly from synthetic products like heavily scented hand sanitizer and excessive cologne/perfume. light fragrances like candles, soaps, and bath products are welcomed but otherwise, he finds it stuffy and unpleasantly overwhelming.

— board games growing up with more traditional games than video games, yooseong grew a liking for the former which he often joined in with the other children at the foster home. later on during high school, on some nights his family would play games together when yooseong's and eunhee's workload weren't too heavy, which wasn't often considering how packed their schedules were from studying and after school tutoring, but these are fond memories yooseong finds himself recalling every now and then. (and if anyone asks, he's won his fair share… though more often than not, it's his mom and sister.)


— puzzles especially logic puzzles. he's always liked them ever since he was little—solving them is just so satisfying.


— mathematics his strongest subject, followed by physics—not to say he dislikes or significantly struggles with other stem courses, but there's just something so satisfying about correctly solving an entire page of math problems.

— philosophy, law, and ethics some subjects that he's most looking forward to in uni. there's more to medicine than just the hard sciences, and though possibly surprising to some, yooseong very much enjoys learning about morality and ethics, their relation to law, and so on. debates are also fascinating, not to the point that he'd like to join a club or organization for it but enough to watch with interest and find them interesting to prepare for as assignments. 



— loud noises especially screaming, yelling, and blaring music. he's not particular to the point that he needs absolute tranquility to sleep and study nor is he stingy enough to force his roommate to swear an oath of silence, but if the noise is loud enough that yooseong can hear it even with earphones in and his music on, it definitely becomes a problem.


— social media most of yooseong’s sns accounts were made for the sake of having one. if it weren’t for his sister taking pictures and convincing him to post once every blue moon, his last Instagram photo would’ve probably been three years ago.


— shopping considering he’s never considered himself fashionable, he finds shopping rather boring, only going a couple times a year whenever he actually needs new clothes to attend an event or to replace old ones. nothing yooseong chooses for himself is name brand, and though his parents may gift him something fancy for his birthday, he can't help but always feel a bit guilty about it.


— cheating because of his strong sense of integrity, though he also knows that if he were to get caught, someone of his background and position wouldn’t be granted much leeway. it’d also be disgraceful given his adoptive mom is a teacher—yooseong always thinks twice when it comes to actions that'll impact his family.


— chemistry labs it's not that he hates chemistry but rather he finds the experiments boring and the lab reports tedious.



— reading both fiction and nonfiction, though yooseong's always had a particular fondness for fantasy and adventure novels he was young. maybe it served as a form of escapism for him, and perhaps it still does. he's also recently grown a liking for webtoons, which has become one of his main forms of destressing.

— volunteering since his first year of high school, he has been volunteering at jeju city's main hospital at least 8 hours every month, typically 2 hours every wednesday evening. it doesn't sound like much at first until you factor in his rigorous schedule with cram school 6 days a week, though by the end of his final year, he had accumulated approximately 300 hours of volunteering. currently, his schedule is too packed to dedicate the same amount of time to volunteering; however, because he enjoys it and because he likes spending time with his sister, yooseong occasionally accompanies eunhee with her various sessions.



— eating candy during class specifically peppermints. he pops one in his mouth two or three times a day at the beginning of class, partially to get rid of the coffee breath but mostly because they're refreshing, especially once it hits the midday mark.


— twirling his pen or pencil, or any other writing utensil between his fingers.


— questioning people's intentions a secondary instinct whenever someone acts too friendly with him. after how his former friend group in high school treated him, yooseong's developed an intense distrust towards others, particularly when they wish to befriend him. small talk is fine but he can't help but view personal questions (or at least what he thinks is personal) as prying and uncomfortable. considering his answers were once weaponized against him, it'll require some time before yooseong can comfortably open up again.


— barely expressing emotions it’s not that he feels no emotions but rather he rarely shows them. yooseong’s are already difficult to gauge because of his default blank expression and combining this with his lack of reaction to most things—which tend to be mild even when he does react—makes him almost impossible to read. the most relaxed he appears to be is when he’s alone with his family, in which he’s visibly more happy and light-hearted; otherwise, the most others see of him is perhaps be the ghost of a smile.


— avoiding skinship: public affection is something he generally struggles with, the only exceptions being his family. it's not that he'd immediately jerk away, but most people with some level of situational awareness will notice yooseong's discomfort with physical contact from the way he subtly pulls back. 


— cleaning the dorm weekly filth and clutter are his biggest pet peeves. yooseong makes it a routine to wipe down his side of the room every friday night (or sunday if he spends the weekend back at home). 



— clowns also known as coulrophobia. clowns have always been yooseong's worst fear, and though he can't pinpoint exactly what makes them so terrifying, his earliest unpleasant memories of them were when he was an unwilling target of pranks by his elementary school classmates. 

— dentists though more specifically, dental offices and procedures. it's not as intense of a fear as his coulrophobia, but yearly trips to the dentist have always made him anxious growing up and even now he dreads his appointments, especially with his sweet tooth causing cravities every now and then. it's almost ironic that an aspiring doctor is scared of the dentist when most children are also scared of going to the doctor, but even he understands how scary having a big anesthetic needle in his mouth can be. 



— favorite color sky blue

— favorite season autumn

— favorite dessert creme brulee

— favorite foods homemade samgyetang

— favorite musical artists the rose, day6, bolbbalgan4, and 10cm

— favorite music genres lo-fi is his go-to background music when studying, though he would consider indie rock and indie pop to be his favorite genre.

— favorite coffee order iced caramel macchiato. considering how quickly the costs rack up though, yooseong usually opts for the cheapest coffee options in the food court and dining halls instead.

— favorite manhwas solo leveling is his number one series, followed by tower of god with khun (from the latter) being one of his favorite fictional characters ever. on most evenings, yooseong winds down in bed with reading webtoon chapters/episodes before calling it a night, and as of the beginning of his first semester, he's currently reading tower of god, omniscient reader's vietpoint, and sweet home. though he's always grateful to receive anything, a perfect gift for him would be physical copies and merch of his favorite manhwas. 


— study habits the ipad his parents gifted him for his birthday right before entering university is probably the most expensive thing to his name, so naturally, yooseong not only takes meticulous care of it but also uses it enough for his money’s worth. from taking electronic notes to viewing e-textbooks, his academic life is practically all in this device.


— study habits (pt 2) to-do lists and the calendar app keep yooseong on top of his responsibilities. he’s one of the people who prefers knocking tasks out of the way several days and even weeks ahead of time if possible, the latter particularly when it comes to essays and projects. procrastinating isn’t in his vocabulary—yooseong needs to have an early start or he’ll start feeling rushed and irritated.


— shower schedule mostly in the evenings, though he'll also take one in the morning before important events such as interviews and job fairs. considering chungsam hall residents share communal showers, ideally he's able to claim a stall right after the janitorial staff finishes cleaning.


— bad at navigation for some reason, his sense of direction is quite terrible. if it wasn't for yooseong mapping out his route to class several times before the start of the semester, he would’ve absolutely been late on his first day. unsurprisingly, this means he won't be learning the entire map of jju anytime soon.


— visits back home depending on his workload for the upcoming week, he'll visit back home and stay until sunday at least once a month, though usually two or three times. there's always food yooseong brings back to the dorms by the end of the weekend too, which probably lasts him for a good couple of days. if his relationship with his roommate improves, he'll consider offering to share.


— dating history nonexistent. his crushes throughout middle school never amounted to anything, and the closest yooseong came to a relationship was mutual flirting with someone in his high school friend group—at least until he discovered said group only befriended him to distract him from his studies and essentially use him as entertainment for some joke. needless to say, yooseong cut off all ties to the group after this discovery.


— dating history (pt 2) the farthest he's gone was kissing two people in high school: lee nahee who he once romantically liked from his former friend group, and his current roommate choi hyunwoo during a game of spin the bottle in their first year of high school.

— uality yooseong's past crushes have always been girls but considering he's closed himself off since early high school, there's been limited opportunities for him to better understand his uality. he can definitely admit he's found people of the opposite gender physically attractive and it wasn't like he disliked his first kiss being with a boy (more specifically, hyunwoo during spin the bottle in their 10th grade year), though yooseong didn't think much of it at the time due to his feelings for nahee. at the current moment, he'd identify himself as straight but as his freshman year progresses, he might consider himself bicurious... and by the end of the year? probably biual.

— appetite yooseong's never had a big appetite, and his food portions tend to be smaller than average compared to other young men his age and built. he also tends to skip breakfast, though he does try to snack on a granola bar or fruit gummies or konjac jelly sometime between his morning classes and lunch.

— cooking skills he's no godly chef by any means but years of catering to his sister's food cravings have made him at least relatively proficient in the kitchen. per eunhee's words: carbonara, kimchi jjigae, omurice, and japanese curry are yooseong's best dishes. 

— alcohol tolerance very lightweight. his first real experience with alcohol was during a high school party with his former friend group, in which they convinced him to try a soju cocktail that made him tipsy relatively quickly. though nothing serious or bad happened, he regrets it in hindsight but at least with the knowledge that his tolerance is bad, he avoids alcohol unless in the company of someone he trusts. with that said, if he is comfortable with drinking around someone, it's a sign he trusts them and considers them a friend. 

— fragrances mainly for special occasions, yooseong's favorite and most frequently used cologne smells of sandalwood and bergamot. on the daily though, the scent of peppermint (and later coffee) lingers on him from how much he consumes them, as well as how long he spends studying at the cafe sometimes. 



— the rose   'definition of ugly is'
— txt  'trust fund baby'
— xdinary heroes  'dear h'
— bolbbalgan4  'to my youth'
— le sserafim  'good parts'
— d.o.  'that's okay'
— v  'inner child'
— tba  more to come


MAJOR pre-medical sciences/medicine

MINOR child and human welfare


ROOM PREFERENCES a single room would be most ideal but realistically speaking, he would like a double room as it's fully covered by his scholarship and likely not as noisy as a triple. at the very minimum, his roommate(s) should be respectful and considerate of his space, like not snooping around his belongings and being relatively quiet while he’s studying. someone who is clean and organized would also be heavily preferred, but as long as their mess is on their side of the room, yooseong will turn a blind eye—within reason, of course.


SCHEDULE on weekdays, yooseong’s day starts bright and early around 6-7 am, with his first class usually starting between 8-9 am. his semester load is 20 credit hours a week with lectures and labs usually ending early-to-mid afternoon, and as someone who’s more of an early bird than a night owl, he’s usually in bed before 11 pm to get 7 hours of sleep—at least when it’s not midterms week.


on weekends, he still starts his day earlier than most on their off days, preferring to be up by 8 am and in bed by midnight for a good 8 hours of rest. if on campus, yooseong likes changing his study environment, usually altering between his room, the library, and the campus cafes.

he also visits home an average of twice a month, usually leaving friday after class and returning sunday noon/afternoon. whenever he is home with family, he still spends most of the day studying and keeping up with his assignments but does reserve some evenings for quality time with his parents and sister, sometimes eating out at restaurants or driving out to the beach. whether yooseong’s back home or in the dorms though, he designates a significant of time to assignments, studying, and weekly chores like laundry and cleaning.


having also joined the medical students association (msa) at the beginning of the year, yooseong is extremely active in the organization from early on due his plans in running for future secretary or treasurer; as a result, he attends every monthly meeting plus most socials and fundraising events depending on his schedule.  


DIRECTION  with yooseong's closed off nature, it is unlikely that he'll initiate any interactions unless needed for his class or organization. situations that would force him to (somewhat) socialize would be if he was assigned a lab partner or group project team, as well as attending and organizing events for the medical students association. however, while yooseong keeps to himself, he will help anyone in need, be it someone who fell on the sidewalk or somehow sustained an injury, someone who got -faced drunk and is clearly having trouble walking, someone who is crying in the corner of the library, etc. he wants to mind his own business and ignore them but can't help but observe and wonder if he should intervene, though the latter will likely win out depending on the situation. yooseong doesn't intentionally show his caring and warm side but it slips out anyway, and maybe this will draw people towards him, even if he reacts skeptical or guarded at first. 

one of the most important developments in his first year will also be his resolution with former friend hyunwoo, catalyzed by them becoming roommates. as of now, their relationship remains extremely strained with yooseong (wrongfully, but understandably) believing hyunwoo knowingly engaged in deceiving him based on nahee's account. though hyunwoo also tried to share his side of the story, there was no way of yooseong knowing which was true, causing him to cut off everyone from his former friend group. but even the bitterness yooseong feels from their past history isn't enough to make him leave hyunwoo passed out in a drunken mess in the hallway or on the dorm floor, nor is it enough for yooseong to not return a favor whenever hyunwoo looks after him somehow too. their gradually improving relation will have yooseong reevaluating if hyunwoo was capable of intentionally hurting him 3 years ago, especially after discovering hyunwoo had feelings for him that nahee knew about.

following hyunwoo and yooseong's resolution, the latter will be more willing to talk to new people thanks to him meeting hyunwoo's friends and accompanying hyunwoo to events he'd never previously attend by himself (ie. parties, sports games, festivals, etc.). however, he'll also still have to navigate with woojin and nahee sharing some of his classes, especially with them trying to reach out (bother) him again after seeing him 'forgive' hyunwoo. 


hello! welcome to the jeju university family! can you tell me a bit about yourself?

“i’m yooseong, nice to meet you. i am majoring in pre-medical sciences with a minor in child and human welfare, and my main aspiration is to become a pediatrician.”

out of all the colleges in korea, why did you pick jeju university and why your major?

“i moved to jeju city at the start of high school, so this was the closest to home. my scholarships here also cover more than tuition and dorms so i would have some excess compared to if i attended yonsei. those were my two main reasons for choosing jeju university. as for my major, i was accepted into the school of medicine and will be studying pre-medical sciences for my first two years before advancing to medicine for the remaining four years.

however, i think if i truly want to make a difference in the community, a minor in child and human welfare studies would help me better understand different issues surrounding children’s health, especially those who come from adverse childhood experiences.”

where do you see yourself in 10 years?

“a licensed pediatrician, likely working in a hospital but i would like to one day own a private practice.”

what would you say are your biggest strengths and weaknesses?

“i would say my biggest strengths are my determination and resilience. growing up in a foster home was my biggest adversity, but it also became the greatest source of my drive to push forward. in truth, even as a kid, i knew that none of my teachers had many expectations for me because of my upbringing, or more specifically, the absence of parental figures in my life. they never outrightly expressed any ill will or disgust towards me unlike some of my classmates, but even so i could sense their pity—that i would likely never amount to anything because i had no guidance or support from a family, because with all of these odds working against me, there was little chance of success in my future. their expectations that i would fail angered me, and that anger became my driving force that’s brought me to where i am now because i will succeed and i will seek to change the welfare system for the better.

maybe that’s my greatest weakness—i imagine some people might view me as too idealistic, but i want people to know that those who share circumstances like mine were never destined for failure and stagnation. with the proper resources and encouragement, we can also thrive.” there’s a pause before yooseong sighs and relaxes the tension in his shoulders. “sorry... i got a bit worked up.”

as a freshman you will reside in chungsam hall, what do you look for in a roommate? any lifestyle habits that you find intolerable?

“i’d like someone who overall respects my space and privacy. as long as we're considerate of each other and willing to communicate and compromise, i’ll be content even if our lifestyles and preferences may differ. for what i find intolerable: dirtiness and filth, constant presence of guests especially without agreement or a notice, and overall a basic lack of respect and consideration for others.”

what are you looking forward to the most as an incoming freshman?

“completing my first year of the medical program.” there’s a pause before yooseong realizes the interviewer is waiting for him to continue. “oh. no, that’s it.”


roommates / ex-friends
choi hyunwoo

click photo for his app!

NAME choi hyunwoo

DOB 03/30/2003 (19)

HOMETOWN seogwipo, south korea


NATIONALITY south korean

OCCUPATION jju student (composition)




FACECLAIM enhypen's jay

BACKUP enhypen's jake


LOVE STORY format however you like but make sure to include their first meeting, development, and ending. you can also make it brief and leave it all up to me if you wish.

INTERACTIONS how do they interact in public? what about in private? 

ENDING happy ending with #hyunseong! in which they've reconciled after their three-year long misunderstanding



— here include any tidbits not mentioned above or little things that i should know about them like their favorite spot on campus to go on dates or any other info i should know about their lover.

— yooseong's love language acts of service. not one of many words or expressions, yooseong's affection manifests in quiet and subtle ways: waking up early to prepare breakfast, folding laundry and ironing clothes, running errands before asked, remembering important dates from doctor appointments to anniversaries, etc. 

— upgraded closet given yooseong's never been particularly fashionable, it's thanks to hyunwoo that the former's style has improved since they've worked out their conflict. while part of it involves shopping trips to expand yooseong's casual wardrobe with denim and what would would be considered more 'boyfriend' or 'college party attire' (in other words, hyunwoo's style), the other part involves borrowing hoodies and accessories from hyunwoo's closet itself. 

— more tba
— more tba
— more tba


— cix  'save me, kill me'
— xdinary heroes  'good enough'
— newjeans  'hurt'
— le sserafim  'sour grapes'
— nct dream  'moon'
— v  'christmas tree'
— txt  'wishlist'
— the rose  'yes'


COMMENTS hello, thank you for taking the time to read yooseong’s app! i just wanted to clear up some things as the korean medical school system seems pretty different from that of the western, but i read that historically, the curriculum is 6 years long with years 1-2 being more general studies (pre-medical sciences) and years 3-6 being more medical/clinical based (medicine/medical sciences), so i used this system when referencing yooseong’s education path. please let me know if you’d like me to change/clarify anything!

as mentioned by hyunwoo's writer haru, yooseong's l/i section with hyunwoo is also currently a wip but once the information is filled out, we'll be sure to let you know. other than that, thank you again for reading and i hope you like my boy!


— first college party  in which yooseong accompanies hyunwoo because he's seen how terribly hyunwoo handles his alcohol—not that yooseong handles his any better, but at least he's there to prevent hyunwoo from doing anything questionable. it'll also give yooseong a chance to meet and get to know other people, which can definitely improve his social life even if he's still a bit reserved and guarded.

— tba  more coming soon!


PASSWORD oh taekwon—not only is he a stem major who yooseong can (maybe) ask for resources from, but he's also someone who seems the least likely to bother yooseong about socializing as part of the university experience. thank god.


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