I Got Covid



Unfortunate it has happened, I caught covid. As an essential worker, I had tried to be so careful over the last two years. I'd even gotten x2 doses of the vaccine and was scheduled for my booster next week. Sadly myself and seven co-workers all contracted the virus (so far testing positive). 

I've been very ill the past few days, lots of sleep and rest. Lots of comfort foods and chilling on the couch/ bed. 

Currently, I am in self-isolation until Sunday. Hopefully, my symptoms clear up by then so my roommates can come home.

I am trying to get some work done on some stories, but I've been very tired, fevering and had some brain fog thanks to the virus.

Please let me know if you're waiting on a chapter and I will see what I can do for it while I have this time off uni and work.




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nikki_cro #1
Probably will have COVID brain for a while. Yes it's a real thing. .. lol. Take care girlfriend and I hope you get to cook those pears 🍐!
Take good care. Speedy recovery
So sorry to hear about this; I hope you recover as soon as possible. Please don't force yourself to work while you're showing symptoms and feeling sick. It should be your first priority to heal up and get enough rest. Take care of yourself, and I hope you recover as quickly as you can!