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can we pretend that airplanes in the night skies are like shooting stars?

FULL NAME Kim Yooyoung 김유영 (金俞榮, meaning “to allow glory to come through)
yang seyeon 양세연 the name she was given to at birth. After legally changing her name, she no longer goes by this name.
karina her English name. She went by this name during her stay in the US. Although she now primarily goes by her Korean name, Yooyoung, she retained Karina as her given English name, and uses it when necessary.
youngie 영이, yooyoungie 유영이 terms of endearment used when addressing her. The former is primarily used by her brothers, while the latter is primarily used by her parents.
yeongwonhi 영원히 a term meaning ‘forever’ in Korean, which also happens to be a play on her Korean name. This is mainly used by her friends to address her, and at times, her classmates.
the beauty of snu she has been bestowed this title since her sophomore year of university, and this is further reinforced by her beauty, the fact that she is a part-time model, her likeable personality, and even her outstanding academic results. It is no wonder that a sizable percentage of the students studying at Seoul National University refer to her as such every now and then. Some even go a step further to label her an ‘Eternal Beauty (영원한 아름다움; yeongwonhan areumdaum)’.
miyuki 美雪, 미유키 this Japanese name is used together by Yooyoung’s best friend when referring to her at times. One such interpretation of ‘Miyuki’ is beautiful snow, an apt way to describe Yooyoung, according to her friend. It serves as another play on Yooyoung’s name, too.
DATE OF BIRTH 26 January 2000
AGE 22 (23 in Korean age)
Los Angeles, California, USA (former)
Seodaemun-gu, Seoul, South Korea (current)
OCCUPATION 4th year student at Seoul National University, majoring in Political Science; part-time model, law firm intern
korean 95% fluent. Since Yooyoung spent her early childhood living in the US, it is no wonder that she is not as familiar with Korean, speaking it less frequently as opposed to English. However; her parents made sure that she is able to speak Korean well, which is why she is still able to find her way around the language for the most part. Her proficiency in the language only increased after moving back to South Korea, since Korean is the primary language spoken there, though she struggles to express herself in Korean at times and resorts to using English to convey what she wishes to say.
english 95% fluent. As Yooyoung spent her early childhood living in the US, where English is the primary language spoken there, it is no wonder she is fluent in the language. After moving back to South Korea, she has since then forgotten some English words and phrases, but she is still able to speak and write in the language well. She is, without a doubt, far more proficient in it than many of her peers.
FACE CLAIM Yoo Jimin 유지민 (æspa)
BACK UP Kang Hyewon 강혜원 (soloist, former IZ*ONE)
True to her title as ‘The Beauty of SNU’, if there’s anything that people first notice about Yooyoung, it would be her beautiful, almond eyes that never loses their sparkle; her friendly, inviting smile; and her tall, slender figure. Standing at 168 cm and weighing 53 kg, she is certainly not befitting to the Korean standards that women should be below 50kg, but why does it matter? She is not particularly muscular, but she does have lean muscles that are obtained through exercise, which contributes to her weight in a good way. Besides, she has good body proportions, something that makes her well desired as a model, just like her brothers.

She can be spotted letting her wavy, black hair down, since she feels that she looks the prettiest that way, though she has also been seen in other hairstyles, from a ponytail to half updos and buns. She is happy to keep her hair that way, and won’t be experimenting by dyeing her hair in other colours anytime soon.

She is not one who applies makeup frequently, often having minimal to no makeup on; but if she’s already well recognised for her looks that way, imagine how she will look if she has full makeup on. In contrast, she frequently wears glasses, be it on campus or at home, given that she is myopic. However, she will switch to wearing contact lenses when the situation necessitates her to do so, examples being modelling shoots or social events. She has single lobe piercings, and hasn't thought of getting any further piercings yet. She does not have tattoos, given that she's unsure of the possibility of regretting getting her skin inked.
No matter the occasion, from grocery runs to going to classes on campus to attending parties and formal events, Yooyoung always manages to make herself look put together. She often leans to the preppy side of things in her dressing, given that she wears clothing such as shirts, turtlenecks, cardigans, blazers, skirts, jeans, pants and trench coats. Yet, she still remains casual enough to not look as though she is overdressed. She completes her look with some jewellery or a hat, a bag, and a pair of shoes which will go well with her outfit. Some may be surprised with how much clothes she appears to own, when in reality, she doesn’t own that many clothes; she just knows how to look for versatile pieces, wearing them over and over and changing up the way she puts her outfits together.  (Inspiration: Sato Harumi (model, dancer), Andrea Chong (influencer @dreachong))

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types ESFJ-T (turbulent consul), Melancholic-sanguine, 2w3, Ravenclaw, Lawful good
strengths Friendly, considerate, persuasive, ambitious, sensible
weaknesses Demanding, rigid, stubborn, workaholic, self-critical
inspiration Belle from Beauty and the Beast, Isla Chang from Slow Dancing, Mei Fang Cao (Mai Phuong Thao) from My Star Bride, Jerry from Soul, NCT’s Kun

Some people say that being up close with Yooyoung is like interacting with an angel, and it’s not hard to see why. If there’s something about her that piques others’ interest in her, it would have to be her warm smile and enthusiastic energy. She is the kind of person who can draw people in, not just through her pleasant demeanour alone, but also through her actions. If others don’t approach her first, she will take the initiative to talk to others and attempt to make them feel more comfortable. Putting people at ease is her forte, thanks to her ability to help people feel more included and have a person that they can easily approach should they need help. When it comes to needing assistance from her, she will give it, regardless of the other person being a family member, a friend, or even a stranger. It certainly isn’t a stretch to say that friendliness and kindness is in Yooyoung’s blood, and it shows.

It seems as though Yooyoung knows exactly what to do or what to say, no matter the circumstances. How does she achieve that? Through being able to put herself in others’ shoes, and always keeping what other people are feeling at that point in time. She will always seek to understand the emotions of others, asking after them and offering her help whenever necessary. Even if she is not in a good mood, she tries her utmost to not take her anger out on others, always remaining polite on all occasions. The last thing she will do is to inconvenience or even harm others. Even if the other person has offended her in some way or another, she will put the unpleasant experiences aside and giving them the due respect required of her.

Her abilities to know what to say isn’t just attributed to her tendencies to look out for others, but also through her ability to use words to her advantage. She isn’t someone who will blurt out what she’s thinking about at the moment. Instead, she observes her surroundings to determine whether what she says and the way she phrases her words is effective to the situation. As such, her words and tone are oftentimes noticed and picked up by others, which is useful in getting people to agree with her. This, in turn, allows her to be an effective communicator and a mediator at times (because her words are useful in de-escalating a heated situation). However, she will never use her gift of the gab to manipulate others and step on them to get ahead. She would rather a level-playing field for everyone and win something fair and square, no underhand techniques involved.

Of course, it’ll be best to put her ability to speak well to good use, and that comes in the form of her dreams to be a lawyer. The path to becoming a lawyer is not an easy one, something that Yooyoung is well aware of, but that’s not going to stop her from doing her best to reach her goals. To be able to reach her goals, though, does require some form of planning and then taking action, both of which she follows through. Not only that, at a certain point in time, she will sit down and determine where she stands; how much further she must go to achieve what she wants; and evaluate her current goals and revise them wherever necessary. She is not afraid to take risks, either, if that means she is one step closer to hitting her targets. Neither does she give up easily, persevering through the difficult moments, including the ones where something goes wrong. When that happens, she will always take responsibility for it, and that is followed by getting up and running again.

Yes, Yooyoung dreams of big things, but she always remains realistic to the environment surrounding her, making sure that what she does is reasonable and within her means. Whenever things don’t go her way, her first instinct is not to throw a tantrum or kick up a fuss. Instead, she keeps a cool head, rarely losing her temper. This allows her to look at things in a more objective manner and not let her emotions affect the decisions she makes. As such, she is often able to make good decisions and judgements based on facts, and not spend time thinking on what can be. Her level-headedness is what makes her the ideal person to turn to whenever tense or difficult situations arise, calmly helping people along in overcoming the challenges thrown at them.

Being regarded as an angel is surely a compliment, and that image is something Yooyoung strives to uphold. It isn’t a bad thing to be aware of what one is behaving at all times, but she takes this to an unhealthy level, obsessing over showing only the best sides of herself. Whenever she feels that she isn’t keeping up to her own standards in the way she acts, she will often nitpick at herself and resolve to try harder to not slip up in the future. She denies herself the chance to express her true feelings and thoughts, and this has not always done her favours. Bottling up her own feelings can be extremely taxing, after all. Furthermore, always acting in the “right” way is bound to annoy people at some point, because she either appears too perfect and this puts others around her to shame, or she is being pretentious by hiding her actual self away and replacing it with an “unnaturally good girl” image.

Being obsessed with the “right” or “appropriate” way of doing things has also made her inflexible. She goes by the book more often than not, without realising that there is more than one way to interpret a situation or go about doing things. Her inability to deviate from the conventional way of thinking or behaving has rubbed others the wrong way, some labelling her as a stick in the mud and someone bad at seeking out alternatives. Sure, there have been occasions in which she adapts accordingly, but such instances are few and far between, therefore making her a not-so-appealing person to work with despite her pleasant personality.

Besides her inflexibility, she is also headstrong. She often sticks to her own opinions, even when there is a good reason for her to think otherwise. It can be extremely difficult to convince her to consider the opinions of others, one of the prominent examples being her stance on taking a break from her work. When she is told that she has been studying very hard and she needs to get some rest, she’d agree that she has had an intense studying session. However, she disagrees on having a rest, pointing out that she still hasn’t fully grasped the concepts covered in one of her textbooks, so she has to work on understanding it fully, and only then will she think about the possibility of having break time. Other times she has been known to stick to her guns is her stance on a particular societal issue or the way of doing a certain thing, despite others not always agreeing with her standpoints (though such moments seldom come by). On a positive note, she can provide solid justifications for thinking a certain way despite the disagreement, a possible indicator of an emerging lawyer.

On the topic of working and having a break, she is known to devote much of her time into her studies, extracurricular activities and part-time work, spending much of her effort on them. However, doing so means that she often leaves little time for her to catch her breath. Sure, working and being productive isn’t bad, but one can’t be doing that all the time; it’s extremely bad for one’s health, and can turn out to be counterproductive instead. For Yooyoung, this leaves her prone to overworking, and subsequently, running herself to the ground. In order to prevent issues such as burnouts and overly high levels of stress, it is important for her to achieve work-life balance. Perhaps a good place to start off will be learning from her brothers (especially her younger brother, Yoohyun) on when is the right time to work hard and when is the right time to conserve energy and go for a break. She is making some progress, albeit reverting back to her unhealthy habit of overworking at times.

Perhaps her worst attribute is the extent to which she strives to show the best aspects of herself. Whenever she sees herself not performing up to standards, or even noticing that she has committed a minor mistake, she will be quick to beat herself up over it and wonder why she is screwing up to begin with. Not only that, when something goes wrong, she tends to find fault within herself, blaming herself first instead of holding others accountable. This is even more harmful when the faults aren’t on her but on someone else. At the end of the day, she risks placing unnecessary pressure and stress on herself, and when her high standards in carrying herself is also considered, this could be a recipe for disaster when it comes to her mental and emotional well-being.
Before there was Kim Yooyoung, there was Yang Seyeon. Before Yang Seyeon, there was her father, Yang Daesung, the heir to OEC Pharmaceutical Group, one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in not just South Korea, but also that of the world.

Yang Daesung was a capable man, showing his huge potential in running such a large company from a young age. With much progress being made to the company ever since he started working as the Head of Product Development, it is no wonder that he rose through the ranks rapidly, even becoming the acting CEO of the group when his father (the current CEO) fell ill. His talents were praised by some, but earned the scorn of others, most notably, his younger brother, Yang Daejung.

Daejung, despite being neck to neck with Daesung capabilities-wise, had never been considered as the successor to the company; after all, Daesung is the oldest son, and his talented one at that. That led him to be greatly favoured by his father, but not for too long. Having worked on his plans secretly to usurp the position of CEO from his elder brother, it is now time to put them into action.

Daesung found himself accused of embezzlement, something that he couldn’t get out of despite his vehement denials against it. The evidence planted was far too convincing to persuade anyone otherwise. Faced with outcry from the public regarding the chaebols being pardoned for their wrongdoings, in order to placate them, the police made an example of Daesung. He was sentenced to 3 and a half years’ imprisonment, on top of having to resign from his position in the company and relinquishing his shares to their father, who had given up on his eldest son in light of the scandal. Subsequently, Daejung was appointed the acting CEO of the company. And what about Daesung? Nothing will be left for him, as stated in the will that their father got someone to amend.

Daesung and his wife, Hwang Inyeon, planned to start afresh following his sentence. Taking their three young children along with her- Yang Sejong (aged 3), Yang Seyeon (aged 1) and Yang Seyoon (aged 5 months), Inyeon relocated to Los Angeles, USA. Daesung followed shortly after he was released from prison. Besides this, they also made the choice of abandoning their past as a chaebol family by legally changing their names. Despite living well in the US in the following years, neither Kim Chiyeul (formally Daesung) nor Kim Wonyoung (formally Inyeon) had plans to live in the States permanently. It's 2013- news of acting CEO Yang’s embezzlement scandal would’ve died down by then. So, the family of five made their way back to South Korea as ordinary citizens, with Kim Yooyoung (their middle child, formally Yang Seyeon) enrolling in 2nd year of middle school.

Yooyoung had been an intelligent and bright kid from a young age, sensible and never giving anyone much problems. Consistently scoring good grades in school wasn’t too much of a problem for her in the US or even in South Korea, the latter of which has a far more rigorous curriculum. Having taken an interest in law from a young age, it doesn’t come as a surprise that her dream job is being a lawyer, and to be more specific, a lawyer without borders. Her academic grades and conduct allows her to be in a good position for her to pursue her dreams of being one, since she will see herself entering Seoul National University, one of the most prestigious universities in the country.

Given how close she is to her elder brother, Yoosung, it’s no wonder she would be acquainted with friends from his social circle. One of his friends, who is 3 years older than her, happened to be Yoosung’s (and later on, Yooyoung) senior from high school, and was the welfare officer for the school’s student council club. Getting to know him better was perhaps one of the best things she could’ve ever done, because she wouldn’t have fallen in love with his intellect and compassion for people otherwise. With her confession made in the form of a single red rose and a heartfelt speech she spent time rehearsing (and her brothers being her audience, albeit her younger brother, Yoohyun, being the unwilling one), they became a couple.

The next two they spent together were definitely sweet. They communicated well, and on the rare occasions that they fought, they were able to put aside their differences and resolve their conflicts. They were one of the couples that everyone in school knew and somewhat rooted for, since anyone could tell that they were very much in love with each other.

However, even for such loving couples, there would come a day where they had to part. After fulfilling his military service, he left to study in the States, but not before the couple promised that they will try to keep in touch and visit each other whenever possible.

The thing is, a long-distance relationship is particularly challenging to maintain, and not every couple will be able to last through it. They were one of the many couples who broke up that way. Even though they were still in love with each other, her boyfriend realised a few months later that they needed to let their relationship go. They still had each other’s contacts, of course, but they have never contacted each other ever since they broke off their relationship. No longer having such an important presence in each other’s lives, it’s no surprise that they would lose contact gradually over time, to the point that Yooyoung isn’t aware that he had moved back to South Korea after his university graduation.

In the meantime, Yooyoung is still thriving academically. After being accepted to SNU’s Political Science course, she kept up her grades, to the point where she has been on the school’s honour roll every single semester. Outside of her studies, she is actively involved in school activities and has an excellent conduct grade. Heck, she’s even formed a modelling trio together with her two brothers as part of her part-time work outside of school.

Despite this, she hasn’t fully gotten over her ex-boyfriend. After all, it was the first romantic relationship she has ever been in, and no guy she’s met has truly taken her fancy ever since. It is her dream to be able to at least get some form of closure to her relationship; after all, they didn’t even break up in person, but over a phone call. So when Yoohyun suggested she apply for the South Korean reality show, Transit Love, she decided to take the chance. Opportunities like these rarely come by, so why not seize it when it is within her reach?
matcha tea she loves the fragrance and taste of it. She often drinks a cup of matcha tea to help calm her nerves and relax a little.
lip balm they are very useful for moisturising lips, no matter the occasion. They are, though, particularly useful during the colder months. The various scents they come in is a plus. That is why Yooyoung always carries a lip balm in her bag.
berets they always look classy, and go well with almost every outfit Yooyoung wears. She owns several of them in different colours, including black, brow, white and navy. She even owns berets with checkered patterns, too.
soups and stews they make warm and heartening meals, and that alone can make her extremely happy, especially on the bad days where she hopes to get a bit of comfort. She especially likes soups and stews that remind her of home. It's a bonus if it’s spicy, because she enjoys some heat in her food.
strawberries they are sweet and juicy, and even have a hint of acidity to them, something that she absolutely enjoys. This also explains her love for strawberry-flavoured drinks and desserts.
roses the reason for roses being her favourite flowers is because to her, they are beautiful flowers that have a romantic tone to them. It goes without saying that she likes red roses the most, which perhaps is the most well-known and classical of them all.
freeloaders if there is anything that is a bane to any project that she is involved in, it would have to be people who don’t pull in their own weight. Yet at the same time, they expect some form of credit for the work they didn’t do? Not gonna happen if Yooyoung can help it; she will just raise this up when the time comes for peer evaluations.
glittery lipsticks sure, they’re good for the aesthetics, but to Yooyoung, they are hardly ever practical in real life. The same applies to lipsticks in unusual colours- blue, purple, gold and black, for example.
cropped tops she doesn’t fancy the idea of exposing her midriff, feeling that it is outside of what she’s comfortable with. As such, she opts for tops that can be comfortably tucked into the bottoms she owns.
high heels she can barely walk in them, and on the occasions she has attempted to do so, her heels never fail to become sore. At times, her feet even form painful blisters. It is bad for her feet, so she would 100% wear low-heeled shoes instead.
mayonnaise and hollandaise sauce these two sauces are thick, creamy, sour, and most importantly, downright disgusting to her. If it's possible to she avoids them, she will do so to the best of her ability.
horror and science fiction movies as someone who gets startled easily, Yooyoung doesn’t enjoy being scared, which is why she avoids watching horror movies. As for sci-fi movies, she doesn’t really know how to appreciate them, so they bore her more often than not.
Drinking tea as part of her breakfast every morning
Cocking her head to one side when she doesn’t understand something
Calming herself down by counting to 10
Picking at and popping her pimples
Watching the news and reading a newspaper at least once a day
reading with the bedtime stories her parents tell her at night and the monthly library trips, it’s no wonder Yooyoung cultivated a deep interest in reading, to the point where she can be found reading a book if she isn’t already preoccupied with something else. Though she reads books of all kinds, from romance novels to science encyclopedias to atlases to law textbooks, her favourite books would have to be crime or mystery novels. It's a bonus if these books touch on the law, too.
yoga one of Yooyoung’s favourite sports hands-down besides cycling and badminton. She likes how doing yoga can help her improve her flexibility, calm her nerves and make her fitter all at one go. She makes it a point to do yoga at least twice per week.
collecting enamel pins it is extremely difficult for Yooyoung to be able to resist cute and colourful pins. Seeing them pop up on her Instagram page was what prompted her to build her own collection of enamel pins, buying new ones every few months. Some of her favourite pins are attached to her bags or hats (which she brings out), but the rest aren’t left behind either, since they’re being put on a pin board which she hangs up in her bedroom.
listening to music nothing like music to help her unwind or pass the time. The type of music she usually goes for isn’t something that is too loud or soft, somewhere in the middle. R&B and ballad songs are some of her favourites.
travelling Yooyoung enjoys exploring places outside of Seoul, be it within the country or going overseas to immerse herself in what other places have to offer. It's even better yet when she gets to do so from time to time with her family or friends.
She currently lives in a 4-room apartment in Seodaemun-gu, Seoul together with her brothers.
She obtained her driving license when she was 19 years old. She and her older brother drive a white Hyundai Elantra that their parents purchased. The siblings inherited the car following their parents’ retirement.
She is on Instagram (@yooyoungk), a privatised account with 621 followers on it. She doesn’t post too often, doing so once every 2 months or so. She usually posts pictures of herself, her family and friends, what she is doing, or even her thoughts.
She owns a desert rose she bought for herself during her first year of university. It currently sits on the balcony of her apartment, and she tends to it daily.
She can hold her liquor rather well, better than her younger brother, but not as good as her older brother. She usually can manage approximately 3 to 4 bottles of soju before she gets tipsy.
She gives her family and friends a rose/roses in a colour which she thinks best represents them.
She is one of the poster girls for Seoul National University, with a picture of her placed on one of the pillars in the school. A question she is rather used to getting is “Are you the girl on one of SNU’s pillars?”, to which she responds “yes”.
She currently uses a sunrise gold Samsung Galaxy S9 and a sandstone metal Microsoft Surface Laptop 3.
In order to prevent her from owning way more clothes than she needs, she seldom goes clothes shopping, only doing so once or twice a year. When she does find clothing she likes, she will consider how well it fits into the clothes she already owns and come back for them later if she still has an interest in them. As for the clothing she has outgrown (which doesn’t happen often), she either sells them or donate them to thrift shops.
On the days she is feeling a little lazy to dress up, she will either dress herself in a T-shirt and jeans/sweatpants, or opt for a one-piece clothing (a dress or a jumpsuit), sometimes throwing outerwear (a jacket, cardigan or blazer) over it.
She prefers sweet popcorn over salty popcorn, thus picking out the sweet ones in a bucket of popcorn she shares with her brothers while watching a movie.
She is a decent cook and can cook several simple dishes to get by, but not more than that. Her brothers are the better cooks, and if you ask her, her younger brother, Yoohyun, is the best cook among them. He cooks the most frequently and is in charge of preparing the siblings’ meals. She does try to help out whenever possible, such as preparing the food or helping with the washing up.
Between paper books and ebooks, she prefers paper books, the reason being that it gives her a more “genuine” reading experience. She is able to feel an actual book and turn its pages, and they even have a certain “smell” to them, something that a mobile phone, laptop or tablet can’t replace.
Some of the favourite places she has travelled to include Santorini, Tasmania, Phuket and Hạ Long Bay.
She was a part of SNU Students' Union’s publications committee during her first two years of university, and later was elected as the president of the union during her junior year of university. She has stepped down from her position before the start of her senior year, but she still remains involved in her club’s activities.
She has done all sorts of community service- from flag days (raising funds from passers-by) to tree planting to kitchen volunteering to bake sales to litter picking to keeping the elderly or children company. Her favourite activity would have to be spending time with the elderly or children, as she enjoys spending time with other people and listening to the stories they wish to share.
Her ex-boyfriend occasionally addressed her as naui yeongwonhan sarang (나의 영원한 사랑) when they were dating. It is a term which translates to 'my forever love' in Korean, which also serves as a play on her Korean name.
After graduating with a bachelor's degree in Political Science, she intends to enroll under SNU's law school in order to obtain a Juris Doctor (equivalent to PhD) before pursuing a career as a lawyer.
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NAME Kim Chiyeul 김치열, Kim Wonyoung 김원영
AGE 56, 54
OCC Retired
R/S Parents
With Yooyoung being the child sandwiched in between her elder brother, Yoosung, and her younger brother, Yoohyun, this is where the middle child syndrome comes into play. Sure, her parents spend time with her, doing activities together and cultivating her love for reading and seeking knowledge, but when compared to her brothers, she didn’t receive as much attention or care. However, she was the child that their parents worried about the least, since she is performing well in school and gave close to zero problems at home. Since Yoosung is the oldest of the siblings and the big brother who needs to take care of the younger ones, while Yoohyun is academically weaker as compared to Yoosung and Yooyoung, it isn’t surprising that her parents will be more concerned about them.

Caring deeply about the well-being of their children, neither parents divulged anything about their chaebol background, merely telling them that they had a bad falling out and they would not like to talk about it. Thankfully, none of the children pressed on any further, content with the way they are living right now.

They are still very close to each other, despite her parents moving away to live in the countryside following their early retirement. They are also extremely proud of what Yooyoung has achieved over the years. The siblings make it a point to visit them every week in their home and spend time with one another. On other days, she’ll be chatting with them and telling them about recent happenings over the family’s group chat on KakaoTalk.
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NAME Kim Yoosung 김유성
AGE 24
OCC 4th year student at Seoul National University, majoring in Food Science and Biotechnology; part-time model; research intern
R/S Older brother
With Yoosung being such a responsible, caring older brother to his younger siblings, it’s expected that Yoosung and Yooyoung are very close to each other from a young age. He is the person she turns to when she needs help in math and science, especially the latter, since he’s so good at it. He is also the one she turns to when she is in a bad mood and needs to vent to someone, or when she’s in need of some help or support during tough times. They do many things together, and perhaps the most notable of them would be trying out for a modelling agency while they were waiting to enter university.

It goes without saying that Yooyoung looks up to Yoosung, not just because of his good academic grades and conduct, but also because of his kind and helpful nature. Thanks to that, and also being a poster boy for SNU, he is rather well-known, much like Yooyoung, for his good looks and personality. It isn’t too difficult to find him being surrounded by a group of people, or girls fawning over his looks every now and then, something that Yooyoung teases him about on occasion (sure, she’s quite well-known herself, but she hasn’t encountered his situation yet). Even then, she still admires him, and knows that he’s got lots of potential as a food scientist following his graduation from undergraduate school and later on, graduate school, since he intends to pursue a PhD in Food Science and Biotechnology.
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NAME Kim Yoohyun 김유현
AGE 21
OCC 2nd year student at Seoul National University, majoring in Design
R/S Younger brother
When compared to Yoosung, Yooyoung isn’t as close to Yoohyun, but that doesn’t mean they’re on bad terms. As the baby of the family, it’s expected that Yoosung and Yooyoung will care and look after him more, especially in terms of his studies. As Yoohyun is academically weaker, the two older siblings often provide him homework help during the times he isn’t attending a hagwon after school. Yoosung helps him in math and science, and Yooyoung in languages and humanities.

Yooyoung admires her younger brother’s passion and talent in art, not just because of his huge potential that comes in the form of beautiful drawings and excellent grades in the subject. Art has always been her weakest subject in school, so she definitely appreciates (and maybe secretly envies) how drawing, colouring and painting comes so easily to people like him. This, of course, led to an inside joke among the both of them- if he could, he would exchange some of his talent in art for her strong academic performances.

He managed to enter SNU’s fine arts college, specifically majoring in Design, which Yooyoung thinks that it couldn’t be more suitable for him given his huge potential in it. Like his siblings, Yoohyun is a part-time model and a poster boy for SNU, but due to him being more quiet and reserved than the both of them, he’s thankful that few people actively approaches him, and even if they do, his siblings will help to direct them away from him if they happen to be nearby. He trusts his older siblings a lot, and is no stranger to confiding in Yooyoung about his problems or venting his frustration to her. In return, Yooyoung will listen to him and provide him advice wherever necessary.
plastic love by takeuchi mariya
NAME Shiraishi Seira 白石星愛
AGE 22
OCC 4th year student at Seoul National University, majoring in International Relations
R/S Best friend
If you think that Yooyoung is a sociable person who is easy to get along with, then it’s likely you have yet to meet Shiraishi Seira. She’s the life of the party, period. Confident and flamboyant are two words that fit her perfectly, though not to the point where she comes off arrogant or pretentious.

The both of them first met each other during a freshman orientation programme organised by the Department of Political Science and International Relations. They sat next to each other in the auditorium, creating a great opportunity for them to shake hands and introduce themselves. It is through their chance encounter that she learned that Seira is a Japanese-Korean, and the reason why she chose to come from Japan to Korea to study isn't just because she wishes to experience studying in another country, but to also be more in touch with her Korean heritage. With that in mind, Yooyoung decided to make Seira’s four years in South Korea as memorable as it can be.

Since then, the both of them have become the closest of friends, and that was certainly helped by sharing several modules and seeing each other on campus rather frequently. They often meet together to do all sorts of activities- having lunch, study, doing yoga, or even going on short road trips together.

If you ask Yooyoung how important Seira is to her, she will say that she’s one of the best people she’s ever met. She counts herself lucky to have found such a good friend in her, someone who will journey through the ups and downs that is life with her and stay by her side, no matter what happens. Even though they will have to part ways when Seira returns back to Japan, Yooyoung definitely will treasure the friendship they share and continue to maintain the close relationship they have after they graduate from university.
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OCC here
R/S here
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10.00-11.50 a.m. Game Theory and Politics (216A.415)
2.00-3.15 p.m. Exercise in Political Science (216A.416)
10.00-11.50 a.m. Korean Political Thought (216A.403)
2.00-3.15 p.m. Exercise in Political Science (216A.416)
10.00-12.30 p.m. Political Philosophy (216A.405)
Given that Yooyoung is a fourth year student, there no longer is a strong emphasis on the number of modules she has to take in a semester, so she settled for four modules instead. She is extremely pleased with the timetable the school has provided for her, since she only has 3 days of lessons. That also means that she can spend the rest of her time studying, working or doing her thesis, the latter of which is a requirement to graduate with first class honours.

She and her brothers study at SNU, so they will drive to school together, with Yoosung and her taking turns driving to and from school. Since she has afternoon classes on Mondays and Wednesdays, she will meet her brothers for lunch, which is made easier with the fact that they end classes around the same time. Should she have any leftover time following her lunch, she will find a place to study before going for her next classes. After classes, she will do some self studying or work on her assignments while waiting for her brothers to finish classes, and only then will they drive home together.

On Tuesdays, Thursdays and the weekends, she often spends her time at home studying, doing up her assignments, or working on her thesis, taking a break whenever necessary. She will also do her modelling work on these days, though the amount of time she spends at work is dependent on the number of bookings she has gotten for the week. She also uses this period to spend time with her brothers and friends, be it going out for meals, doing shopping, exercising, even community service. And of course, she and her brothers also go to visit their parents who are living in the countryside.

Since she is a part of SNU Students' Union, she is involved in the planning and organisation of activities for the student body. Although she doesn’t involve herself in her club’s activities as often as she used to owing to her busy schedules, she still does attend club meetings every now and then and participate in their activities.

During the holidays, she takes time off from her modelling job by taking up internships at law firms, so as to learn more about the legal profession and industry, as well as have a taste of what it’s like to work and practise law. She also goes travelling with her brothers to other countries, something that the siblings will always set aside time and money for at the end of their academic semesters.
please introduce yourself.
Yooyoung flashes a kind, friendly smile to the interviewer. “Hello, I’m Kim Yooyoung. I’m a final year student at Seoul National University, and I’m majoring in Political Science. It’s very lovely to meet you.”
what makes you want to participate in this show?
Recalling her ex-boyfriend and how loving they were to each other back when they were dating, she can’t help but let out a bittersweet smile as she clasps her hands together. “You could say that my ex-boyfriend and I didn’t really end things off in the best way.” It’s true- when they had broken up, they did so over the phone instead of doing so face to face. “I want to be able to meet him in person once more and get some closure on our relationship.”
what is the most memorable thing you remember about your relationship?
“Every single moment we spent. Really, it was that romantic.” Yooyoung’s smile turns into a fond one as she thinks of what transpired during the graduation night her high school had organised for the seniors. “For my high school prom, both of us went for a classics reimagined sort of theme, so I made a Susie Q prom dress to wear on the prom day itself. He escorted me in a tuxedo all the way to the hotel’s ballroom. You probably could say that everyone was awed,” she says, ending off with a laugh.
how did you cope with the breakup?
“Oh, it definitely was hard having to deal with it. The moment I put down my phone, I cried, and for the next few days, I wallowed in pain. I count myself lucky, since I got lots of support from my family and friends. That helped make coping with the breakup a lot easier on my part.”
who do you think is responsible for the breakup?
“The both of us.” She heaves a small sigh. “We were so in love with each other, but the long distance relationship we had wasn’t the kindest to us. And with the both of us being unable to meet for extended periods of time, I guess it came to a point where we just couldn’t deal with it and it’s better to break things off than continue that way.” She pauses, hesitating over sharing her most honest thoughts about their breakup and herself. Upon seeing the interviewer’s look of encouragement, she takes a deep breath before finally saying what she has been thinking all this while. “If you ask me if I could’ve been a better, more loving girlfriend to him, the answer’s a resounding yes.”
do you still have some leftover feelings with your ex?
“I do, I definitely do,” she says sadly. He was her first boyfriend, a very kind and loving one at that. The two years they spent together were definitely some of the happiest moments in her life to date. It has already been a couple years since they broke up, but with how memorable her first relationship with such a perfect boyfriend was, how could she have gotten over him so easily?
do you want to get back together with your ex?
“As I’ve said, all I need is to just see him in person once more and get some closure on our relationship. I don’t need to get back together with him, in all honesty. Just seeing him doing well is enough for me.” A smile makes its way to her face once more. An earnest and genuine one.
please leave a short message for your ex.
“Hey, I wonder how you have been these past few years? I’m doing well so far in university, still modelling part-time and taking up summer internships at law firms. I hope you’re doing well too, wherever you are.” Still smiling, she gives a small wave to the camera, not caring much about the possibility that he might not be shown a video of her waving at him.
After some time, I've finally finished writing Yooyoung’s app! I hope you’ve enjoyed reading as much as I’ve enjoyed writing about her. Click on the playlist to be directed to the list of songs. Do also take note of the following points as stated below.
In order to make Yooyoung's story flow better, I made some changes in the app, such that there are some differences in her story from that of the plotline. Prominent examples include (2 years instead of 1 year), the circumstances in which she lost contact with him, and the amount of time that has passed since their breakup (3 years instead of 4 years).
The embezzlement scandal is inspired by Samsung’s succession crisis, and in particular, Lee Jaeyong’s 2017 arrest and conviction.
As graduation requirements of SNU’s political science course is not easily accessible, I followed through the National University of Singapore’s graduation requirements for political science, where it states that for students to graduate with first class honours, one must pass their Honours Thesis and attain an overall CAP (cumulative average point, similar to grade point average or GPA) of 4.50 or higher.
As the list of SNU’s clubs and societies is not readily available, the club that Yooyoung’s a part of (SNU Students' Union) is made up.
Paper Hearts by Tori Kelly
Back to December by Taylor Swift
宝石 (Gemstone) by Rei 伶, Ikuta Lilas
Like a Star by Doyoung
易碎品 (Fragile) by Jones Shi 石康钧
Magic Carpet Ride by NCT 127
Playlist by Taeyeon
For You by Lee Hi, Crush
痛感 (Something 'bout you) by Eve Ai 艾怡良, Nicky Lee 李玖哲
Butterfly by Wheein, GSoul

you were born with wings. why prefer to crawl through life?

kim yooyoung

everyone has oceans to fly, if they have the heart to do it. is it reckless? maybe. but what do dreams know of boundaries?

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