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16tH NOVEMBER, 2021
Welcome to the server. admin has some spare time and wants to use it doting on you. this package includes a discord server made just for you and a 10/10 companion. hyperbeam, study sessions, playlists, cpdp, game or movie nights, plotting or ting are all do-able. only accepting boyxboy or straight pairs where admin is female. apologies to those seeking gxg, i lack experience. please be respectful to admin and understanding if replies become sporadic.

to apply just send a pm with the following information: discord id, who you'd like me to be, your fc, what you're looking for ( only, friend, fwb, plotting), your timezone, your name, pronouns and anything else you'd like me to know either about yourself or what you're applying for. 

a list of some of my fc's: nct sungchan/jaemin, ateez mingi/wooyoung, verivery kangmin, treasure jihoon/junkyu, cix yonghee, tbz eric/hyunjae, a.c.e yuchan, rv joy, aespa karina, itzy lia, twice sana/momo, somi. admin is switch sub leaning, mirrored lit, prefers casual to lit but both are options, currently streaming future by rv. 
i do hope to hear from you soon. 
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