Remember me?! I’m coming back!

Remember me?!

Hello AFf friends!! Wow it has been a while, huh? I am real sorry for that!! I have been going through quite a lot with my anxiety from covid and now a break up with my long term

Bf who is now my ex. I have decided to slowly come back on here!

I miss you guys and I miss writing!

I have a few new ideas and I may go back to working on my old ffs I have neglected.


Did y’all miss me?

I missed y’all! Lol also on another note, I am wondering if someone can make a oneshot for me? I have several ideas and I’d love for someone to write for me with me as Oc and BTS Park Jimin! Lol anyway hope y’all are safe and doing good!! 


Miss u and I’ll see u soon!!!


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I remember you! Sending you love!!!! ❤️❤️❤️
Yes! I remember you! Welcome back!
Girl, welcome back! I missed you! I thought back a few times and wondered how you were doing and I really hoped you were doing well. Its nice to have you back!
Girl, I missed you *hugs* I hope everything is going okay. Take deep breaths and take breaks when you need to. It's wonderful to see you back, and hopefully you'll have fun on here again <3