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"whatever you decide to  do , make sure it makes you happy."
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Naruto. Naruto Shippuden. Boruto.  Code Lyoko. Inuyasha. Sailor Moon.
Super Sonico. B-Project. Love Live. Fruits Basket. Kamisama's Kiss. Yuri on ice. Free!. 
Diabolik Lovers. Miss Monochrome. Plastic Memories. Angel Beats. My Little Monster.
Strike The Blood. Girlish Number. Oreimo. Dragon Crisis. New Game!.  A uHaru Ride.  
Sword Arts Online.  My Sister Is Unusual. Devil's Lane. Gakuen Babysitters. Citrus.
Demon Slayer. Death Note. Vampire Knight. Children of the Whales.  Princess Jellyfish.
Lookout.  She WasPretty. The Heirs. Heartstrings. Entertainer. Shut up Flower Boy Band.
Monster. You're Beautiful. Because it's The First Tiime. So I Married an Anti-Fan. Memories of the Alhambra. 
Part Time Idol. The Miracle. My First First Love.  
The Underwear. Hormones.  Wait, My Youth!. The Brightest Star In The Sky.  Crash Landing On You. 
The Untamed. A Little Thing Called First Love.  Accidentally In Love.
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Kali Uchis - Telepatia

Lil Nas X - Life After Salem

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