It's the last straw and I HAD ENOUGH (calling out names)

In relation to the last blogpost well it's the same issue. But this one is just pulling on every string inside of me. Maybe some of you would say "just let it be" Yes i know, i've tried and I did try but just let me write this out to get this anger and dissatisfaction out.

Plus, it's a fair share reminder to other authors out there too to be careful with this disrespectful person that just take our works for granted.

S/He subscribe, read my stories then unsubscribe w/o leaving comments. Typical, and i just had enough.

To ntgbutdreams, well done. I wish you have a good life with that indecent attitude. I've blocked you and hopefully never see you again. 

The same goes to nnajwa Exoaremyspiritanimal Ikonlove grateful89

I want to call out more names but the list is just too long and i'm so mentally unstable at the moment so maybe next time.


Fair share reminder to those doing this thing again, i won't let you be at ease. Karma exist and you just wait.

And just when I thought i want to update tonight but i dont know. Feel like and i hate it so much.



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