wow I'm really speechless that I found myself ranting out here... 

for the first time in the past 6 years of writing here, I got a report from a reader for violating the rules in here! and that is for what? for using GTAE as a tag for BUTTERFLY. 

Well from the first time that you asked for the reason behind using it even though it's a VYEON story, I explained and it's still pinned there for a really long time, that they are friends here and that you will find out their interaction later on in the coming chapters. 

I don't know why this is bothering a lot of you, but actually, I feel like being more stubborn and keep on using it to annoy them every time i update the story, since i did nothing wrong and they insisted on plugging their fingers in their ears. 

The ones that followed me from the very start, knows that i'm not from the type that seeks for attention and for viewers. 

Even If i had only one reader I would still update and write, It's not like I used this tag to seek for more subscribers or get it advertised since gtae is known more than vyeon here... 

This is the first time to feel this hurt, even though my health status is not stable yet, and I was still working on my senior project and being the busiest in my life, i found time and came here to update, but this is what I get in return?? 

It's not because of just one report, I have been attacked since ever I started writing about a couple other than GTAE. 

well I explained this before, and will say it again for those that didn't know about it, my main bais is TAEYEON and will always be her. 

So the reason I started to know about this ship, was because while checking her updates, some fans were shipping her with Jiyong and by that I got to know about this ship. 

This doesn't mean that I should only follow this ship forever, and i'm not obligated to do that as well. 

Many are messaging me to stop writing about her with someone else than G Dragon, and that I should start writing about her with him again. 

well after this i'm sorry but NO MORE GTAE STORIES from now on. If you're disappointed, well i'm sorry but I can't help it. 

Try writing and you will feel this stress that authors feel. like it been what 4? 5? years since they last interacted in? how am i supposed to make a story about them if there isn't anything that would inspire you to start a story from the first place? 

I'm going to finish these two stories and stop for a while, even though i had a new, almost finished, vyeon story to publish soon, but I'm not in the mood sorry, being attacked for doing something you love isn't cool everyone.  


Sorry for being this negative after being here for the past 6 years, but I'm not going to sit and get all this unfair treatment anymore. 

I know that there're alot of loyal readers that always were there for me, I just want to thank you for asking about my whereabouts and still wait for me, even though i was out for too long, i just hope you would enjoy the rest of the two stories and end the journey peacefully. 




Stay safe. 

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