I really missed writing here! 

I hope everyone is doing well, and safe ^^

I don't if you know this already, but I always update when I have my exams and finals near, since due to the stress, I try to run away from them, and this is my only way to do so! xD

So, I promise to update It's Only You soon, and may end it soon as well. 


But the reason I'm writing this today, is that I was going to tell you all, that I'm going to write for the first time a fanfic about a couple other GTAE. 

It been 5 years since I have been writing continuously about them, and I felt like changing things up, since I wanted to change, My SoshiBangtan feelings came up, and I started recently with drafting for a VYeon or TaeTae fanfic. 

I just love the two of them personally so much, and I don't know why, but the idea of having the two of them interact as a junior and sunbae came to my mind, and thought of picturing that into a mini kdrama written by me lol! 

I hope you would enjoy this coming fanfic, and that would fill your time as you're staying at home.

It's not like I won't write GTAE fanfics anymore. but since there's barely no interactions from the two for years already now. I can't really think of any new ideas for a new fanfic. (Since basically I almost tried every genre lol!) 


Please leave me your opinion about this, I really want to see your thoughts and reaction about this, since I didn't find many VYeon fanfics here, and I thought bringing them up in a new perspective might catch people's attention, and start loving them (as I do). 


God those two are the end of me these days!


Stay safe all! and let me hear from your more often! 

I don't bite, please befriend me!! *Shy* ^^





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