Submitting my Resignation as a Writer here...

Hello everyone~


I'm writing for you all now to tell you that unfortunately, my latest story "It's Only You" will be my last work here as a writer. 

I want to thank everyone that comforted me when I was having a hard time here, and everyone that enjoyed reading my chabby writings, and everyone that supported me through these 4 years here as a writer. 

I'm sorry for everything and hope that I didn't offended anyone from you guys! 

I'm quiting since first I can't manage writing and studying at the same time, and also by the years I found out that no one is interested in reading anymore, and I spend really most of my time researching the topics and dates and try to match my scenes with the actual schedule of both Jiyong and Taeyeon so that while reading you won't think that this is a fiction, but more it's a reality that is written. 

But with univeristy I don't think I would manage doing that anymore, since my assignments and exams are more important. 

I'm sorry about this sudden announcement, but really I have concluded towards it after thinking for months about it, so please understand my decision and hope that you would enjoy the last work at least. 

I hope you all would meet a better writters in the future that would explode your minds with amazing and better ff, and also better than that I hope that I will be able to read you new ffs about GTAE in the near future as well! ^^ 

Lastly I want to thank everyone that supported me everytime I rant about quitting here, because of you guys I was able to finish my 4th year here as a writer. 

I'm still lacking a lot, I will make sure to return back after 2-3 years with a better skills and image. I know for sure not everyone will stay here, but let's hope, since why not? :)

I would ask from you all to support my last work and anticipate for its coming chapters ^^


Lastly for real, *Okay I'm tearing up right now...* Thank you again, and hope everyone would stay healthy and soundly. 




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