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The Ill-Fated Actress
faceclaim; any height or width works! the box will always be 125 x 125.
FULL NAME Song Daiyu (宋黛玉) | Song Dayoung (송다영)
 Yuyu - Her close friends and family calls her this. It's her pet name.
 Miss Microphone - Daiyu is uber loud. She could be heard screaming fighting chants ("EVERYONE fighting!") in the practice room during dance practice.

BIRTHTOWN Jilin City, Jilin Province, China
HOMETOWN – Seoul, South Korea

 Mandarin - fluent
 Korean - fluent
Because of where she lived, she was raised to speak both languages. Jilin City is in Northeast China and borders North Korea.

BIRTHDAY & AGE – 2000.13.05
HEIGHT & WEIGHT – 166 cm & 54 kg.

FACE CLAIM – Ningning (Aespa).
BACKUP – Shuhua (G-Idle).

Daiyu is pretty relaxed with the way she dresses. She would rather wear comfy clothes on or off stage since she believes that talent shouldn't be what you looked like but rather what you can give. She likes to wear striped items and sweaters and T-shirts. Technically anything oversized. It doesn't matter the color of the stripes or the type of shirts but she rather prefers black and white colored ones. She prefers pants to shorts and skirts, even though she'll wear them if she has too. Daiyu usually prefers dark colors but will sometimes wear bright, pastel colors if she's in the mood.


TL;DR – Luck is not in her favor. Acting is her passion and wants to portray her raw, unadulterated, vulnerable, emotional and at times, ugly humanity. She wants to provoke emotions, thought, discussion, awareness, or even imagination. She wants to reminds people of times past and forgotten or give people glimpses of a possible future. But fate has it that idols with more luck (and that cost cheaper) than her get all the roles. What's a girl has to do to make her dreams come true?


Happy-go-lucky, weird, chaotic, selfless, loud, goofball, emotional, creative, observant, sarcastic

Daiyu...has emotions and a creative side that can't be contained. She always look on the bright side of things. Daiyu was also the type of girl to laugh or crack a grin at the everything, somehow finding the smallest piece of humor in everything. She found herself using that skill in a humorous way, always making sarcastic comments and jokes.  

Daiyu is considered one of the weirdest and loudest females once you've gotten to know her. She's normally calm and collected when she's with normal people of society, and seems pretty normal upon meeting her but after getting to know her after a while, she's just a happy go-lucky person. On occasion, Daiyu is seen with an annoyed, angry, or even teary face. All in front of the mirror. She's somewhat emotional but she isn't sensitive. She uses her wide range of emotions, and with her pretty face, tends to show off her acting skills to her fellow trainees and staff members.

She's known to sit in front of a TV and watch dramas and movies all day if she had the choice. People seem to think she's doing it to slack off, but in fact, she observes the actors and actresses in the drama. What emotions are they using? How did they do that awesome stunt? Wait, is she having an affair with a married man although she has a kid and husband too?

When she's with friends or people she's acquintanted with for a number of years, chaos ensues. Her chaotic side doesn't come out until she's unleashed into the wild halls of Yuehua or even hanging out with her best friend Renjun. But even doing something crazy, her laughter and loud screams are infectious that make others smile. She's mentioned to be a moodmaker and depending on the atmosphere of the room, she'll make some lame joke or pull pranks on people.


"Annyeonghaseyo. Dajiahao. I am Song Daiyu."

Daiyu was born on May 13, 2000 in Jilin City to a Chinese father and a Chinese mother as an only child. Because of where they lived, it wasn't uncommon for there to be Korean and Chinese citizens. It also wasn't uncommon for them to also speak both languages since the province she lived in bordered North Korea.

Daiyu came from a humble yet prestigious family. Her parents had a well known reputation: her father was a martial arts master that preserved the martial teachings of the Song family and her mother was a successful photographer whose photos were often auctioned at charities. At a young age, Daiyu was taught the Song family teachings and had high expectations from her father to take over the school. Daiyu didn't want to take over the family school but she pushed that idea to the back of her mind.

"I heard that Yibo got into Yuehua. He was confident about this competition."

"Really? If only Diayu had an ounce of dedication like Yibo."

After hearing that her maternal cousin Yibo, who lived in Luoyang, become a trainee at Yuehua Entertainment was intresting news. From all the times that they talked over the phone or visited each other, Yibo never mentioned that he wanted to pursue music. Her cousin clarified that he got into the company because of a dance competition.

Daiyu cried when she met up with Yibo for the last time before he flew off to South Korea to start his idol training. She was somewhat interested in the arts because of Yibo. She decided to take some lessons and although she wasn't that great, she thought she had potential. Fast forward to 2014, Daiyu heard the news that Yibo debut in a Chinese-Korean group called UNIQ. In summer of 2015, Daiyu was able to enter Yuehua Entertainment as a trainee.

"I finally made it here. Now the real work begins."

 she has never won a martial arts tournament. Always make it to the semi-finals but then loses. Glad she knows martial arts so she can incorporate them into her acting.
 she is Yibo's number 1 fan. Since she didn't get to be President for his Chinese fandom, she managed to be President of his Korean fandom. Don't let her catch you talking smack about Yibo though...her chaotic side would be unleashed.
 because she's best friends with Renjun, she tends to watch alot of NCT content. She won't tell him, but he's her bias. As to why? She thinks he's like a ray of sunshine despite being smol and feisty.
 if acting or being an idol doesn't work, her backup plan is to be a photographer like her mom or take over the family martial arts school
 Her favorite genre of dramas to watch are Wuxia, Xianxia and Saeguks. There's something about the way the dramas incorporate martial arts, the costumes and themes that make them beautiful to her eyes.
Song Chang – Father. Firm, knowledgable, determined. Daiyu has a deep bond with her father. Despite making the option of  taking over the family school as her backup plan, Daiyu willingly helps her father with the school. Despite his firm teachings, he has a very soft spot for his daughter. Though she may not have won any awards during the martial tournaments, he always praises her for how far she has done. Daiyu lives for his praises.
Wang Suyin – Mother. Bright, Creative, Caring. She loves photography and she loves to help out at charities. But her one reason to live is her daughter. Daiyu loves both her parents but if she has one parent that she was closer to, it would be her mother. On most occasions, Daiyu would assist her mom in her photo sessions as they traveled through nature.
Wang Yibo – Maternal Cousin. Loquacious, scaredy-cat, dedicated. Yibo is the most talkative member of his group UNIQ and he tends to remind everyone of that fact. Despite his overwhelming popularity, he always make time to hang out with his favorite cousin. And when she calls him, he never hesitates to answer her phone calls. Knowing that Daiyu is an aspiring actress, he gives her advice and ocassionally lets her read scripts with him. He knows that Daiyu is the president of his Korean fandom and he is a bit concerned about what she would do if someone insults him...
Huang Renjun – Best Friend. Smol, feisty, young-but-old. After finding out that they were both from Jilin City and they were both fluent in Korean and Chinese, Renjun and Daiyu stuck together like glue. Renjun seems to be more Korean than his Korean members and Daiyu always seem to laugh when he bickers with the others. Daiyu tends to join in teasing Renjun and when he tries to fight back, he only scolds Daiyu in Mandarin (with a laughing Chenle in the back). Renjun will silently judge Daiyu when she starts getting too crazy but who is he to talk? He's crazy too!
TWIN(S) –  G-Idle Shuhua

She is currently signed into Yuehua Entertainment and was told that she would be mostly promoting in China with the other female trainees. She had taken vocal and dancing lessons and keeps up with her martial arts training. In 2016, Daiyu expressed an interest to becoming an actress instead of an idol.
In 2018, Daiyu was casted in the Chinese drama "Untouchable Lovers" as a supporting role. Despite the success of the drama, she was overshadowed by other actors and actresses. As she continued to audition for more roles in China, she was often shot down since she was told she did not match the concept of the drama or that she didn't have enough experience. How was she supposed to have experience if she keeps getting declined for roles?
After talking to her company, Daiyu was encouraged to try her hand at auditioning for roles in Korea since she wasn't having any luck in landing parts in China. Beause she can easily converse in Korean, Daiyu started to audition for roles in Korea, using her Korean name Dayoung. However her biggest obstacle...idols nabbing all the roles. But why?
Idols prepare more than rookie actors for their auditions, they're ready to show individual talents, they're cheaper to cast, and they bring more media attention and international attention regardless of acting ability.
Well that wasn't in Daiyu's favor... At this rate, she would never become an actress.

Daiyu starred in a few music videos. She starred in Woodz's Different and Love Me Harder, as a request from Woodz himself. When she asked why, Woodz would only reply that he wanted to help her because of Yibo. Yibo knew she was struggling with her acting career and suggested for her to star in music videos to get more exposure. And why not start with his bandmate's songs?

A staff member from her company pitched the idea to her one day when they noticed that Daiyu looked down in the dumps. Daiyu always looked down in the dumps whenever she got news that she was declined a role. This time, she looked more pathetic than usual after being shot down for a historical drama she wanted to star in. After hearing the staff member, Daiyu confided with her cousin Wibo, who was also an idol actor, and was encouraged to audition for Dream4U.
"If you can't land any drama or movie roles, then take survival and reality programs by storm."
Realizing he was right, Daiyu auditioned for Dream4U. She might not be the strongest singer or dancer but Daiyu was planning to conquer the small screen with her visuals, emotions and creativity. And if dramas are only casting idols, then she might as well become one too.
"World! Here comes Song Daiyu!"
COMMENTS – Seems pretty short but I hope you like her! My brain pooped out and I was at work when I was creating her. I used Ningning only because she vaguely resembles an actress in that C-Drama Daiyu starred in. We need a happy-go-lucky girl here. A moodmaker of sorts.

SCENE SUGGESTIONS – hmm...I'm so bad at this haha.

SONG SUGESTIONS – Hmmm....Not sure what concepts the girls will go for, so... G-Idle's Hwaa, Twice's I Can't Stop, IZ*ONE's Panorama, Lovelyz's Destiny
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