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Rachel Oh
Top Media
The Beast
full name Rachel Oh | (korean - Oh RAhee)
date of birthJanuary 5, 1994
birthplaceSan Francisco, California
hometownSan Francisco / Seoul
backupBaby Soul
language(s)English - Fluent|Korean - semi-fluent
Normally Rachel is seen sporting hair in various shades of brown. This time, she opted to color her hair black. At the start of the show, Rachel is a bit more filled out than the other girls. She's not overly thin yet not too heavy. She's seen to have more curves (let's think Kyla, Hwasa and Ailee) than the other trainees, so it sparks some heated convos about her.
TRAITS:  independent, charismatic, challenging, confident, opportunist, goofball, focused, talkative, outgoing, sarcastic, tease, mom-aura, leader, insecure
 focused, confident, talkative, outgoing, sarcastic, tease, selfish, cold, vague, defensive 
When she was living in the States, people often saw Rachel as that shy Asian girl that usually stood in the back and observe things. Since moving to S.Korea on her own and started her training, she transformed from a jovial wallflower to a laid back jokester.  Many may see it as being a two faced girl, but that wasn't the case for Rachel. Rachel saw it as her own way of growing up and learning to survive in the indescribable world. She agreed on the fact that she wasn't running away from her problems, but conquering it by looking up to others that were breaking the typical beauty standards and to be able to live her life for her.
Her top trait was her amazing work ethic. When it came to work she was always at least 99 percent focused, putting everything she had into it. During her free time, it was nonstop murmurs of lyrics or moves for dance routines. In her mindset she was working toward a better future for her and her fellow female TOP trainees. She believed that if she worked hard enough she would finally get what she craved for. A happy ending. She fantasized that she would be able to live like those perfect girls in the books, or live happily ever after like the princesses in the fairytales. Even though she knew she would never be able to have the perfect ending, she couldn't help but daydream.
Despite the cool cold image she seemed to ooze out at first, Rachel was also the type of girl to laugh or crack a grin at everything, somehow finding the smallest piece of humor in everything. She learned to be more confident in her skills, leading into her become even more talkative and outgoing compared to usual. Rachel has a hidden way with words, and found herself using that skill in a humorous way, always making sarcastic comments and jokes. She continuously teased others and found herself feeling like laughter was music to her ears. Rachel felt she finally found out who she really was, when she saw someone smile because of her. She believed if she continued to make others smile, the world would be a better place.
Rachel truly wanted to start making others happy, believing that, that was what made her happy. She became caring and almost like a older sister who didn't stop looking out for others. She observed others and always wandered how it would be like to live in their shoes. Would it be worse? Or better? She unconsciously put others before her and always tried to tend to their problems. Even though, Rachel had a humorous side, she knew when to become serious. Since she wasn't exactly the naive girl she used to be, so she was full of advice and wise words. Rachel might be infuriating to handle since she's rather stubborn but she gets along with all the trainees. Rachel is like that one woman who is getting older and thinks its still cool for her to act all cute when it's not. She tends to play jokes on the other girls and the dorm is pretty chaotic with her around. If PD99 was a family, she'd be the dad of the group (probably?). She understands that they all come from different backgrounds, she was no exception, and treats all her members equally. She may not be the mother of the group, but as the oldest, it's also her responsilibity to take care of the younger members.
Just like every other person Rachel has her flaws. People says its contradicting to be confident yet insecure, right? Rachel doesn't think so. Although she has been training at TOP Media for 8 years and often called a powerhouse vocal if she debut, Rachel is pretty insecure when it comes to her weight. Having the training to back up her vocal skill and dancing, when the mention of her weight comes up, Rachel is at a loss of words.  It's always 'If you lost some weight, your body lines would look good' or 'If you lost some weight, you'll appeal to the general audience.' Rachel often lets others know that 'My vocals are affected with my weight.' Rachel's weight often fluctuates and she can't help it. Her company keeps her on a rigorous diet regiment, which seems to work for a few months, but then all of a sudden, she's gain weight again. At the moment, she's learn to love herself despite the hate she still gets about her weight. After all, loving yourself and being healthy is more important right?
She had to be the most stubborn woman anyone has ever met since starting her traineeship at TOP Media. Rachel is a very in-your-face kind of girl. She doesn't sugar coat things because she feels that it's just lying to people that way. Though she's blunt, she's intelligent enough to be subtle about telling someone they're stupid to their face if she feels the need for it. Rachel is very independent, not liking the idea of having to owe someone for something. If she can do it herself, then she will. As such, she's called stubborn, but she can't help it. She almost never backs away from an argument unless she sees proof that she's wrong. She often picks fights when she sees something is wrong: whether it be the cover they're performing, the wrong dance routine, etc.  and normally wouldn't let no one help her. She means well though.
Although Rachel actually found herself enjoying peoples presence and relished in the thought of friends, she never let people know too much about her, hence anything about her past. She was a bit selfish, due to the fact that she never let anyone in, but they always let her in. Rachel did this because she felt like she was the cause for all the bad things in the past and would rather not let anyone know of it. Rachel was always the type to share her thought-out opinion, but when the subject came to be about family, or first love she always kept her answers vague and short. Even though she told herself that she would be more open, she couldn't help but close off a part of her heart. Even though she did all this to start over, the memories didn't go away. (please see the updated version of her background)
She let no one in because she felt that she was saving not only her, but them from whatever pain she was bottling inside. Whenever she was going through something she always pushed it away, telling herself it was nothing to worry about, but it always seemed to come back and bite her in the . Whenever something bad happened, she would just try to be overly happy, not to cover, but overcome her pain. She tried to hold everything in, or push it away, which in the end only caused herself stress. She always persisted that she was fine and always tried to play it off. She was also very defensive when it came to her members or friends.

In short, Rachel may seem like the perfect girl, but she has a lot of secrets and is very selfless, to an annoying extent.


Born in San Francisco, California, Rachel is the oldest child born to a middle class couple. Her father is an investor and her mother is a music teacher for a public high school. Rachel also has a younger brother that is openly friendly and outgoing. Korean and English is spoken in the family but both Rachel and her brother cannot read or write in hangul.

At a young age both Rachel and her brother were exposed to music. Since their mother was a music teacher, they both had some vocal lessons but no dance experience. Both Rachel and her brother were just like any other teenagers; both had American friends, attended high school, enjoyed sports and music, and tried to live life as they always did. And although music came naturally to them, they never thought of pursuing a career in the fine arts.

Rachel was first introduced to K-pop in 2009 at the tender age of 15. Of course she heard of Korean music, but the music that usually played in her house and amongst other Koreans she talked too were mostly older songs and trot music. It took just a random click on YouTube to pique her interest as she found herself watching a music video of what would be her ultimate favorite group Beast (now Highlight). Rachel found herself becoming a fan of Beast/Highlight and their music and then with different recommendations, she eventually listened to MBLAQ, Super Junior, Big Bang, Shinhwa, Rain, and other groups and solos. She found herself falling deeper into the K-pop universe and she eventually dragged her brother into K-pop as well.

One night, her mother woke her up, saying that her younger brother was hurt. She immediately woke up and found herself running into the hospital only to see her father arguing with a doctor. She ran up and asked what happened and the doctor told her that her younger brother had gotten into a car accident with a friend and that he was in critcial condition. Rachel was frozen. She blamed it on herself since she was the older sister and should be watching her brother. It took a while for her to process it and found tears b her eyes. Her brother, Riley, was in a critical state and stayed in the ICU for two months. Rachel was still mourning over what had happened and sank deeper into her own misery. But then she remembered Riley's voice telling her never to give up. Her father's voice telling her that she was way more than she thought. Her mother telling her that one day she be able to make something beautiful out of all the darkness she went through.

Remembering all this Rachel felt tears fall down her face and noticed that her parents had been staring at her in worry. They immediately embraced her and she couldn't help but murmur that she wanted to start over. She told them she was sorry, and that she wanted to start over. She told them she wanted to start over with a new personality and mindset, that she wanted to get away from where she was now, and that this time she would do it all right. Her mother stayed in silence and her father said that she shouldn't run away from her problems. She didn't believe she was running away from her problems. Running away is committing suicide and not facing your problem. But Rachel knew what she was doing. She was conquering her problem, not running. She was going to pull a twist on god's little story for her and come out even stronger. 

Shortly after, Riley was let out of the ICU and Rachel asked for his forgiveness. What was there to forgive? Riley said that he and his friends were stupid, but he had wished that he had stayed home instead of going out. Besides, who could have predicted the future. After making a full recovery, Riley also auditioned beside his sister at various companies through their international auditions with no luck whatsoever, Rachel was eventually street-casted by a TOP Media agent and shortly joined the company in 2010. She was the first female trainee to be accepted within the company. Her brother became a trainee for FNC in 2015 due to his knowledge of instruments. 

  • loves coffee. Its like her life~ There is never a day where you don't see her with coffee
  • Is an avid fan of Hip-Hop/Rap and RnB. She likes pop music as well.
  • her ideal guy is someone with a sweet voice that can serenade her to sleep, accepts her for her, and
    not afraid to be himself with her.
  • featured in various TOP Media artists music videos and singles as a trainee but no one really paid
    attention to her
  • She's close to Teen Top's Neil and 100%'s Rockhyun. She considers them her vocal coaches
  • If she was asked who her favorite Teen Top member is, she'd say C.A.P.
  • has a carp tattoo on her lower back. She had it done to cover up a scar she had when she was younger
  • Has a Pomeranian dog called Zazzles
  • Was set to have a debut with other female TOP trainees but their debut kept getting pushed back.
  • Her favorite singers are Madonna, Celine Dion, Baek Jiyoung, and Lee Sunhee
  • Shares the same birthday as Yang Yoseob of Beast/Highlight. She is exactly 4 years younger than him
  • Has no sense of direction. If she was to go camping with people and you give her a map, she'll get
    everyone lost in a matter of seconds.
  • wants to a professional gamer if her dreams of being an idol doesn't happen
  • Owns all up to date seasons of Supernatural. Jenson Ackles is her favorite
  • Physically strong and considered a sports ace (but no one knows that...yet)
  • considered the English fairy for the other trainees. Speaks English at random moments
  • Her voice changes with her weight. She's still a strong vocalist regardless
fellow trainees
full nameHan Jinkyoung
birthdateJune 14, 1995
faceclaimkrystal (f(x))
backupirene (red velvet)
Jinkyoung is the rapper of the 3 TOP trainees. Her rapping compliments Rachel's husky vocals and her dancing is just as sharp as Hyoae's. Jinkyoung joined TOP in 2012 and trained for about 6 years. She was one of the trainees that was suppose to debut in TOP's first female group but the project was pulled. Jinkyoung looks cold and serious but in actuality, she is an absolute sweetheart. She's not as weird as Rahee or as loud as Hyoae, but Jinkyoung is normally seen with a big smile on her face. Her expressions only change when she's focused on practice and rehearsals. Jinkyoung is friendly with all the trainees but is particulary soft with her fellow TOP trainees. Rahee calls Jinkyoung, her 'chic kitten'.
full nameJung Hyoae
birthdateSeptember 19, 1996
faceclaimSeolhyun (aoA)
backupyein (lovelyz)
Hyoae is the visual amongst the 3 TOP trainees. One look at her and most people doesn't think she's very skilled. It's quite the opposite. Hsyoae joined the company in 2013 and has been training for about 5 years. She is one of the three trainees that was supposed to debut in TOP's first female group but the project was pulled. Despite being the visual, Hyoae has a stable singing voice (though not as husky/powerful as Rachel), a sharp dancer (she was actually scouted for her dancing skills), and is pretty decent in rapping. Hyoae wants to be known as a triple threat instead of just a visual. Being the youngest of the TOP trainees, Hyoae is loud and annoying (from what Rahee says) and others that come within her range, are pretty shocked. She's pretty considerate of Rachel's and Jinkyoung's feelings so when people compliment that she's pretty, she downplays herself and instead hype up the other two's strengths and skills. Rachel calls Hyoae, her 'loud monkey.'
trainee profile
TOP Media
TRAINEE YEARS8 years (2010 - present)
primary TALENTvocal
secondary talent (optional)
twingfriend's yuju
trainee life
Being in TOP Media, meant sharp knife-like dancing, strong vocals, and visuals all around. Rahee saw it first hand when she trained a few months with Teen Top before their debut in 2010 and a few years with 100% before their debut in 2012. Rachel trained morning to night, putting in about 10 hours a day, going to language school to brush up on her korean, having vocal lessons and dance practices. She was one of the first female trainees to be scouted into the company and all of a sudden, the amount of female trainees were getting smaller as the years went by. Despite that, Rachel still powered through her training. Jinkyoung joined TOP in 2012 and Hyoae joined in 2013. Other female trainees, though not many, joined after.
Rachel was training as a vocalist and since she had a husky voice with rich tones, she was mainly trained as a vocalist. She had to learn how to push herself to belt out her vocals and dance powerfully at the same time like the other main vocalists of the company. Teen Top's Neil, 100%'s Rockhyun, and even some of the members of UP10TION inspired her to sing like them.
There was talk that TOP Media was going to debut a 5 membered girl group in 2014 and Rachel was going to be in the final lineup along with Hyoae and Jinkyoung. The company was going for a girl crush image with trendy beats and knife-like dancing, considering that most of their artists went the same route. But two of the other trainees broke their contract and left the company, leaving only 3 trainees of the original lineup. TOP Media still wanted to debut a 5 member girl group but the other female trainees were not ready. So Rachel, Jinkyoung, and Hyoae were pulled from the project and the 3 had to resume training every day. Eventually, UP10TION made their debut in 2015 and the talks of debuting a girl group seemed to be in the back of everyone's mind.
Rachel, til this day, still puts in as many hours into her training. Instead of 10, she now puts in 16 hours of training everyday. She wakes up at 6am and doesn't finish her training until 10pm. Upon hearing that they were recruiting for Produce99, Rachel and the other two girls went to management and asked if they can participate. TOP Media told the girls that if they made it to the Top 9, or even the top 30, they will consider the possiblity of debuting TOP Media's first girl group.
previous experience
starred in various Teen Top's music videos: To You, Miss Right, & Missing.
starred in 100%'s Want You Back
collaboration with UP10TION's Sunyoul: Cherish
collaboration with Teen Top's Neil: Spring Love

I hope it's alright to use Ailee as a faceclaim. I used her in regards to her problems with weight and how her voice changes depending on her weight fluctuations. And the woman definitely is breaking beauty standards since she is more filled out than alot of female idols nowadays. Ailee still gets hates from people because she doesn't meet the typical beauty standards, but she still has many dedicated fans that love her for her. If not, I used Kyla as a backup since she is also more on the heavier side and she seems to be getting a lot of hate. poor baby.

I know that you reviewed a trainee with weight issues but i don't know exactly what issues she was having. I hope it was okay that i sort of used the same issue only because weight is a factor of beauty standards as well. and idols with more meat on them, considerably get more hate than love.

scene requests:  MAybe at the start of the show, when the top media trainees show up, people notice Rachel's curvier figure and they start talking about her. something along the lines of 'she's ok looking but if she lost weight, she'll be prettier.' or 'can she dance like that?'.
seat 50.
she's pretty humble about where she should sit. Rachel is probably the trainee with the most training experience and while she's a powerhouse vocal and a great dancer, she knows she's nowhere near the top 9 (she hopes she makes it so she can finally debut) and knows she's not near the bottom.


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