9 years on aff

wow i've been on this site for 9 years now, i'm amazed that i'm still able to login and have never completely forgotten about this place. i was initially 11  when i first discovered and signed up on here. my main reason for even making an account in the first place was me doing a google search on jessica and taecyeon after seeing dating rumors and being led to either  blog post or story about them. for whatever reason, i decided to make an account and amazingly i've been on here ever since (though often sporadically and after long periods away). this site's changed so much from when i initially joined 9 years ago though.  it was a lot easier to approach and talk to people back then and it felt like there was such a wider variery of stories both genrewise and character wise. now i feel like i just see the same few super popular kpop groups and the same types of stories over and over again. it's almost like this site is kpopfanfics instead of asianfanfics in regards to the stories and also roleplays only allowed korean characters. i also still find the whole 'you have to be subscribed to read my story' thing to be kinda weird and a way to forcefully make yourself popular. but hey, that's just what i personally think. i used to have a lot of friends on here but a lot of them disappeared or left this site over the years and i stopped using aff as much as well, it's pretty sad really because it doesn't seem to be easy to make friends on here anymore, at least not for me. i meet a lot of people that potentially seem like friends but  the communication usually stops or starts to be extremely sporadic and selective. i guess a lot of that has to do with how kpop changing so much over the past 9 years with new artists coming and going as well the fandom expanding to such an immense size since kpop really blew up worldwide with the 3rd gen. also, the trends and culture changing dramatically from how it used to be as well as me mainly being a 2nd generation fan. it seems as if blogs aren't as popular as they once were too,  which is typically where i met people and made 'friends'. 

i did write stories on here quite a few years ago but eventually stopped before ever finishing the stories. who knows, maybe i'll start up again one day but i've found myself being more of an avid reader of fanfiction than really writing it now.  i've wanted to get back into but i just don't feel like i'm a good enough writer to do so,  though the detailed and literate roleplaying i've done would probably be of decent help.  coding, when i started to see the cool profiles and layouts people used for profile, ropleplay characters, and stories i fell in love and wanted to learn how to do the same and slowly i started to learn. it's actually been about 6 years since i started to learn with me doing it so infrequently and going such long periods of time that i forgot how to do certain things. there's also the change in style of how layouts are made now in comparison to about 5 years ago or so, so that's also made it a bit difficult since i feel like i need to keep up with the current desisgn/style trend. while i'd definitely say i've gotten better at it now since my initial attempts at it, i'm still very far away from ever being someone who opens some type of shop or gallery. i feel like that may take another 5 or 6 years honestly since i'm so inconsistent and constantly bouncing back between coding on here/rpr and actualy web development coding. i also became interested in graphics as well and was even in a graphic design/visual communications class for 2 years and made some okayish looking things but nothing like the things i see on here. i'd like to get back into that too if adobe weren't so expensive.  well, this ended up just being me ranting/venting/rambling on about the things that i've noticed changed on this site over the course of 9 years and what amazed me and kept me coming back for all the years. 

maybe one day i'll become a decent writer, coder, and graphic designer.  one can only hope. 

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