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About Me

when advertising stories, i would prefer for them to be only but i'm open to yuri as well. 
the groups listed below are the ones i accept story ads for, if you don't follow my rules i will block you. 

groups & characters:
- bigbang (ot5)
- block b 
- imfact 
- hotshot
- speed
- topp dogg 
- madtown
- 2ne1
- girl's day
- snsd
- miss a
-  the wondergirls 
- t-ara
- sistar


rp ad rules:
- the roleplay needs to be all orientation, , or yuri , do not advertise straight only rps 
- i'd prefer places that aren't overly strict and don't have too many controlling rules in place 
- line, kkt, kik, mewe, and ig are my preferred platforms but as long as they meet the above rules the platform doesn't matter

- to prove that you actually read these rules, put the phrase 'welovekamikaze' somewhere in your ad