#RescuePH #UlyssesPH

Hi guys, if you don't know, Philippines is going through a very hard time because of the typhoons. Cities are submerged, and people are dying. I even saw pictures of dogs on a roof, and there are literal corpses floating on the waters. The government does not seem to help at all. I do not see any news outlets here in US talking about what is going on, but since I seem to have a lot of people reading my fics here on AFF, I just want to put it here that Philippines needs all the help that it can get, so please please please raise awareness in every platform that you have. If you are on twitter, please retweet that tweet. 

Here is also a carrd that I found on twitter to find out how to help: https://helptheph.carrd.co/


Please continue spreading awareness. Please pray for Philippines.

Maraming salamat po! (thank you very much).





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Gyuhee #1
Thank you author-nim for spreading awareness to what is happening to our country. We are trying to help one another by conducting a lot of donation drives and by sharing this is a big help to us 💙
Thank you for this, Angelica. Indeed, we are having a hard time right now because of a failed government leader. Everyone is trying to help each other and we're grateful to everyone, even those overseas for trying to help. <3
Damia_Song123 #3
It's a devastating news. I hope everything will turn out well for Philippines. Thank you for letting the world know about it.
dalnimssi #4
thankyou for letting us know, I have no idea about it either